Monday, June 26, 2006

i'm back

after a really, really long hibernation from the blogging world, here i am: ALIVE!!!! ahahahaha.... so many things to blog about, but i haven't had that much time or energy, or spirit, to blog. now its a great time, i'm in front of the tv, blogging, watching Speed 2, missing my husband who's in the hospital waiting for his mom who just had an operation. more on that later...

first: work. work is ok. while i have not really made so many buddies of my officemates, work-wise i think i've adjusted well enough. i'm ok with my clients, and also ok with my suppliers. so i guess i'm doing well. and its been quite fun too. fulfilling in a sense, because while i don't have any time to deal with schoolwork in the office, well, i get to have the time to do it at home. i've not been too much of a housewife though, but I know hubby will understand.

speaking of which, i'm currently making this entry in our new laptop!!! yipeeee!!!!! finally convinced myself and hubby that we need a laptop, for school and whenever we both need to use it. and we both think it was a really good buy. we bought an Asus A6R, one of the newest models, with a Celeron 1.73Ghz processor, 256MB MB, 533MHz DDR2, 60GB harddrive space. IT also has a large, 15" monitor which makes it fun to use. Well, it is pretty heavy but then, I do go for functionality, as always, so at it is, I'm very,very happy with the purchase.

on the homefront, we have a vacation (cum second honeymoon) in davao coming up this weekend. and i'm sooo happy and excited. its not something we get to do too often, to have a vacation all by ourselves. still need to do the itinerary though.

hmmm... that's all for now. next time i blog i'll be posting some pics of our davao trip.
thanks for dropping by!!!!