Monday, May 31, 2010

On careers and office issues

A good friend of mine and I have been having lengthy discussions about this matter since last week.  A week ago my friend got the shock of her career when she was reassigned to a post which she didn't really like for some bogus reason she didn't really believe. Its when we realized how futile some efforts are. Even if you work the best years of your life in a company, sometimes its just not enough. There are simply times when this will be disregarded, and after all your efforts, you will end up feeling betrayed, empty, and completely demotivated.
Its a sad reality that we can't take out of the corporate world. And in our field its doubly sad because my job, being in purchasing, is based mostly on respect, trust, and integrity. I believe these are the most important things I need to do the job well. And take out one, then its all gone. For instance in the case above, if I were in my friend's shoes, how would I feel knowing the bosses have lost trust in me, and that I have lost my trust and respect for them as well. I'll end up not loving what I do, and resisting any effort for a continuing relationship with them. And an unhappy workplace is the worst there is. I mean, I envy the people who last long in working for companies they absolutely don't like. Never been one to be like that. Never will, I guess. I'll say, if you are not happy, move on. You spend more waking hours at work than you do at home, can you really live for so long doing something you hate?  Its not worth the stress, and life's to short to be bitter. Move on. You'll probably find something better, especially if you know you're good. That way, you'll live a healthier and more productive life ahead of you.
Just springing my thoughts. I definitely feel sad for my friend, and sad for the company I once trusted and loved. I wish things didn't end so badly. But then, its a good thing I've moved forward ahead of time, otherwise I may be suffering the same state now. 
Life is too short for regrets. I definitely won't live my life having any.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jess is starting school!

And finally, I got to enroll Jess to nursery at the pre-school nearby. The place itself is just a few blocks from here and is very easy to go to. Jess and yaya will just walk to school (great exercise). Now I realize though I'd have to prepare her an umbrella and a raincoat for the rainy season. Good thing last week there was a back to school sale in robinsons so I already got Jess her black shoes, rubber shoes, socks and school bag. yipee. fewer things to buy. The teacher did give a few more things on a list to buy, and I'll get to that as soon as school is nearer. She also put on the list 6 notebooks (how can nursery kids use notebooks??) and pad paper for grade 1. Not used to the idea of tests, seriously, but I guess they can make that work. Which makes me realize perhaps I'm just not teacher material. :-p
Oh, and they have a uniform, which is a dress for girls which is blue (or is it black) and white checkered - dress. love it! just imagining Jess on her uniform makes me all excited for her to go to school. School starts on June 14 and its just 2 hours a day, and there's really no pressure for her to go everyday. I take this schoolyear as just an in intro for her to go to school and enjoy it with new playmates. Doesn't matter if she doesn't learn to write or to count to a 100. :-) I'm sure she will get to that on her own phase, and I'm sure she'll be just as bright and smart as her mom and dad. :-)

Jess is now 3 years old!

Yey! Our one and only princess in now three years old.  The other week I was sorting through her kiddie pics trying to prepare for an avp or mini-movie about her 3 years, but I stopped midway coz I realized the music I put in there sucked. I'm still looking for good music to put in the AVP. Inspite of that, I was really, touched, amused and generally pleased looking back at those pics, and I realize just how much my little girl has grown up.  I won't say I'm the most "hands-on" mom on this planet, I still leave a lot of work to the yaya most of the time, but generally I still could say that I know my daughter inside and out. I can tend to her even if the yaya goes away (have proven that after taking care of her myself for more than two months this year).  But I would say, and I always will, that leaving my career, which was, I believe, a good one, was worth it, despite the financial difficulties now.  I feel that I would never trade off this one year that I have spent together with her for any promotion or higher salary. Being a mom is the best career there is. I guess, if not for me wanting her to have the best of stuff, and giving her everything we can possibly afford (without spoiling her too much), then I won't mind not going back to work.
Generally her birthday passed well enough, my in-laws generously gave what they can so we can celebrate jess' birthday (just us family). So we cooked up a few stuff. I wanted to please the little girl so I made a few surprises for her too. I got the pabitin she used last year at her party and filled it with fruitos, lollipops, nips and some chichirya, then put a few toys in there too that I got from that veinte store in Robinsons (where everything is 20bucks only).  She got to pick the stuff and food she wanted anytime (there is still some more here till now). Also found some old party hats from her first birthday and made her wear them. She also got to blow her birthday candles on the cake.
Happy birthday my baby! Mommy and Papa loves you!

Monday, May 03, 2010

God is GOOD - All the time!

And I have proven that to myself once again. And it makes me happy, and very thankful.  That despite the many problems that came my way the past year he still takes care of me and gives me hope. And has proven also that sometimes we ask for something but he gives us something more. Just because he doesn't give us exactly what we need doesn't mean he won't, he will in fact give us something that is better.

So what's this? Well, I've honestly been one of the many people who got addicted to plastics -- you know, credit cards, the things you swipe and then you instantly get what you need. Retail therapy. Oh, there were times they were useful. Like for booking flights, or for much needed groceries. Stuff like that. And CC companies are such nice entities (*evil grin here*), they will actually give you more credit so you can enjoy your life more. That is until you fall into a financial problem and they complicate your life more. So even when I stopped working, I could still pay them up when I was organizing the bazaars last year. Probably why I don't see where all my hard work went (hmmm...). And then this year, when the bazaars are seasonal and there really is no sense in working my ass of it only for it not to work out, I just reserved the bazaar idea until Q4 of the year. And then the CC problems started to surface.  Because, now, we are living under a single income, and hubby's salary is enough for our family's needs. We are after all, paying for mortgage, gas, electricity, phone, cable, housekeeper. It adds up to a whopping 35k plus a month. Add the fact that Meralco also jacked up the rates so it adds up.  And I have to prioritize, and of course, when it comes to priorities, nothing comes close to family.

So I start worrying every day (and night) about what to do with it, because short of selling my beloved Omnia, I really will not be able to pay up the minimums of these cards. And to note, I've been paying the minimums for the longest time. But I was a good account, I paid every month, 90% on time, and never failed to give them my hard earned money - until this 2010.  And so I worry, and worry some more, and plead to God to please give me a job (a high paying one so I can pay my cards....) and to please make it soon (like next week).  Then I'd get depressed that I don't get calls for interview, worry a bit more, and more....

But much as I would like to, money really doesn't grow on trees. So I failed to make the minimum payments. And then they (evil CC companies) will call me, will try to work it out, sometimes I do, for some I don't. And then I defaulted on them one by one. CC company 1 has cancelled my card, so did CC company 2 for my two cards. I still have one loan and one card still active, and hopefully I can work these out till the end if and when I find a job.  They now want me to pay in full and return the card in halves. Already did the second one, what good is a cancelled card in your wallet anyway. The pay in full part is like duh? how do you pay a card in full if you don't have the means to pay the minimum. (I am not philosophical here, merely practical).  And then days after I already got a letter from a collections company for CC company 1. Ok.... Panic mode it is. Called them up, told them I don't have a job so I can't pay and I will call the Credit Card company once I get a job. They go like -- oh ok, hope you find one soon but we can't do anything about it, it'll get transferred to another collections agency.

In fear (lots and lots of fear -- near panic and suicidal mode), I searched my best friend (Google) and came up with this blog and the matching support group for it. I realized that I'm not alone and I found virtual friends that understand my predicament. I've also come to a lot of realizations on my finances and on my future.  I'm armed with knowledge on how to deal with my problems and move on. I know I am still starting and haven't seen the worse of it, but seeing how others dealt with their problems gave me so much hope.  And no, I am not going to run away from these debts and credit card companies. I simply realize a few things. First, by paying them off with minimum I make them rich, but I don't save, and my balances don't even move. duhhh... Second, I will stop going ito financial marathons - meaning borrowing more just to pay off another. That is digging my own grave because it won't stop. Third, the money I do save from not paying these minimums, I save for my family (when I do find work), and should I be compelled (in court) to pay them CC companies, that's the time I will.  Technically, if I add up all the interests and charges I paid them in the past x number of years, I already paid them off for what I DID spend on the card, so I'll just see them in court.

And now, I actually am looking forward to meeting these collectors. Its good to be financially free and not worry about it. I am hoping to spread the word about this support group. So if you have questions, just send me a note.

And I thank HIM for showing me this. I really am blessed!