Sunday, May 04, 2008

on weddings

My friend, Cathy and Justin will be married soon, 2nd week of June, if I remember it right. She wasn't able to send me any save the date magnets like I would have sent out before, but I do think I was part of the entourage of the wedding. Yikes, I'm so not prepared! hahaha.... I'd have to think out a gift for her too. Tell me, what would I give to a couple who is starting out but must have everything already.
I always loved weddings! And whenever I attend one, I always want to be there in time for the bride to march, simply because I think its an essential part of the ceremony, and I want to be there to see any crying episodes or something. hehehe... call me sentimental! But I simply want to see the love in the couple, I think its really inspiring to see that.
Meanwhile, I would have to think up a nice gift for them already. Suggestions, anyone?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

digital picturebooks

i finished the layout of jessica's digital picturebook today (yey! clap clap!) am so happy. I actually thought that I won't be able to execute this part of the plan because I have yet to complete the layouts for jessica's growing up months. yesterday I was with anj in digital picturebooks and I asked the lady there what format I should use if I wanted to have the format I needed for the picturebook, and she informed me I could use .pdf files. great! Thing is though, the initial LOs I did were size 12x12. Am still thinking if I could print those LOs though and put them in picture frames for the guests to appreciate during the party, but those plans are still in the making, depending on the budget I have, worst case, the picturebook will do for the guests to look around. tomorrow I will go to megamall to have the picturebooks printed. :-)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

on eye treatment

Hubby's eyeglasses were broken yesterday. well, it was slightly cracked anyways. and hubby was still thinking if he's gonna buy already, and I asked him to avail of his optical benefit in the office. Why not? Actually, if they offered lasik treatment for free from his health benefits I would tell him to use that instead. I know lasik has a lot of good benefits and the treatment is for the longer term. Its like getting brand new eyes. worth the expense if you have the money, actually. I actually know of somebody whose kids just recently underwent the lasik treatment, and the feedback was actually great.
Maybe in time I could ask hubby to undergo the treatment. Hopefully, before he turns 40 at least.