Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Weekday bonding time

Its 5:15 and I am waiting for my daughter and yaya to arrive so we can go to Megamall.  Somehow I like that we get to spend some hours at the mall for some bonding time (dinner + malling).  Because normally during the weekends time is spent for chores or resting at home or going places we need to go to.  And malls are usually very cramped on weekends and parking is hell.  Weekday traffic can be bad as well but at least we don't have trouble parking, and the number of people around the mall is forgiving.  I don't know yet if it will get any worse with the Christmas season, thereby we will have to cut back on the weekday visits.  I guess two or three more weeks will be ok, but by December I can forget about it with all the traffic that is Ortigas.