Thursday, November 19, 2009


Don't tell me! I've been a bad, bad girl and my last blog post has been AGES ago! not that i haven't had time to get a good thought going, its just that I have been quite busy doing legwork on the new enterprise I put up. Glad to say that the efforts have not been in vain, slowly things are working out. We were successful in the first ever bazaar I organized and I'm not in the middle of another one. Add to that, I've already made bookings at the same venue as the first for next year (February, November and December). Seriously, its not wasted effort knowing I was able to push through something huge, alone. Of course, I've had supportive friends and family who all came and visited, but I firmly believe I deserved the good results given my efforts and perseverance.

I'm still thinking of other good projects, especially for the theme for February in time for the UP Fair, and hopefully, hopefully I can come up with it soon!

Till next time!