Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Other Woman Movie: Realizations

The other day I downloaded the movie No Other Woman (sorry to those against piracy!) and I was watching it during break times at work.  I finished it and liked the movie, then asked hubby to watch it again with me two nights ago.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie very much, and it may very well hit a spot in my top ten movies of my time (currently what's in my list are transformers - all three of them, and pretty woman - its a pretty short list now). I think the actors gave a superb performance. I'm not saying they can win best actors or actresses come awards night, but I personally think portrayed their characters very well.  The script was well written, with quite a few quotable quotes in there, and the plot was really so nice because it plays around what actually happens in real life.  That to me is the best thing.

(Spoiler Alert)
The movie plays around the lives of three individuals: Ram (Derek), Charmagne (Christine) and Cara (Anne).  Ram and Charmagne are married for 5 years, with Ram being a furniture salesman (or owner, wasn't clear in the movie) and Charmagne was a housewife.  Cara is the heiress of a successful businessman who happens to be developing a luxury resort, she's liberal and studied in NY.  Ram and Cara meet during one of the visits of Ram to the resort as he is one of the bidders for the furniture of the resort.  To cut the story short, they get into a relationship and Charmagne finds a way to confirm it, and in the end there was fighting, there was temporary separation, but all ends well as Cara leaves and Ram and Charmagne gets back together.

Being a wife myself, I feel the character of Charmagne.  And yet, I can't really blame Ram's character.  Ok, so you may think its all his fault.  I am not all for the getting into an affair is ok thing, but somehow I have come to accept the fact that men are not really that hard to spell.  An affair may not be the first thing on their minds, but offer them something in a silver platter (aka a girl saying that theirs is a non-committal relationship) and you have a guy sold.  Everyone wants freebies anyway.  So ok, in the end Cara falls in love, and apparently for the first time, and she decides to fight for Ram too.

There are soooo many realizations with this movie, I think I can't even spell them out in one post.  For one, wives can think theirs is an ideal marriage.  How do you know when there's something going on? Worse, how do you know something is amiss when your husband is acting normally anyway?  What is normal behavior?

When you're in the position of the wife who had been cheated on, how do you move on?  Or do you forgive at all?  This is a subject of discussion in the forum I'm in with mostly wives and moms.  You know what?  I've told myself over and over again that I don't mind one-night stands.  What I can't tolerate will be him getting into an affair.  I can't share him with anyone else.  But you know what, after watching that movie, I realize how much pain an affair can cause in a relationship.  I won't change my stand, but understand where the wife is coming from, having to leave the house to allow herself to heal.  I might have done the same thing, heal, then fight for him.  but that will only be after I see that he really commits to the marriage.  If he's staying just because and there is no love left, then why bother?  I'll show him what he's losing though?

In the end, I realize that more than preparing for a fight with the mistress, its important that a wife makes sure that she can be the other woman.  Be as desirable as you can be.  You can be a housewife (but not a boring housewife), a career woman, or a mom, but you have to also play the role of the mistress. That way, who would think to go astray?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost November!

The days are going by so fast nowadays.  Ever since we started the -ber months the days have been going on fast forward all of a sudden.  Not that I mind though.  I'm happy.  In two weeks we are already off to HK. Yey! Its a dream to see the excitement of my little girl on seeing the Disney characters, on seeing her happiness with the rides, stuff like that.  Last time we were there she was too young to know the characters except for Pooh, now that she's 4 years old she knows all the characters and I soooo look forward to her enjoying Disneyland.
They also declared two consecutive Mondays as holidays: October 31 and November 7. Yey for that. Time for rest and for me to fully prepare for my bazaar.
Then the bazaar weekend, Right now, at a little less than a month to go, I am down to only 17 more booths open for November and 20 for December.  Its the fastest so far, I expect bookings to flood in on the last two weeks of November, but at this point, I'm kinda hoping next week we can fill in the slots, or at least till we leave for HK.  Its not that far off anyway.  So happy.  December bazaar comes after, but I'm pretty confident about that too.
So the weekend will be spent packing up the bazaar flyers, ready for mailing by next week for most participants who did send in their address, and retrieving the addresses of those who didn't?
Overall its a happy time now.  The only downside I see right now is that unlike the past years, I'm not too keen on the halloween parties.  I guess this is mainly because we have something much more exciting to look forward to.  I don't have a costume yet for Jess.  And well, I'm not too excited about it at all.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Midweek - I want to destress!

Its only Wednesday and yet I feel like its been a long week and I can't wait for it to be over.  My Monday and Tuesday were really heavy days at work so today I just had to forget all the stress and (almost) did not any work done.  Well, part of it was having dinner with friends on a Tuesday night and getting home at 11pm to find Jess still up and wanting to play, so I really slept at past 12 already and woke up at 6am to cook food for the day.  Stress! At work I barely got anything done simply because I was way to tired to think.  My mind just hibernated.
So I'm on my way to bed now.  I got a bit of work done on the bazaar but I'm just not up to do any flyers designing this evening when I'm still on sleep mode. Hopefully tomorrow.