Sunday, February 22, 2009

on growing up so soon

sometimes as we see our kids grow up so soon, we realize just how fast they do actually grow up.
just last week i've been constantly groggy from lack of sleep because jessica wakes up several times during the night. we realize later on that she may have "pilay" so maritess had her checked and apparently there was something there. we though we fixed that but on thursday night she was just as frantic and clingy and I can't tell you enough how tiring that is.
on friday night I happened to realize that after all, jessica just wanted to have the bed all to herself, so I had her sleep in the couch in her room, while I slept at the floor. magically she slept so much better. I finally realized this is how she wants it, to be alone in bed, so saturday night I laid out the mattress from the pullout bed underneath her big bed, and had her sleep there instead. it worked well! she slept nicely, though she woke up in between to play. yey! so tonight after a lot of rearranging the whole house to make things fit, jessica now has her own bed, and she seemed happy about the idea. she's sleeping there at the moment, i do hope it works!!!
on the contrary, it makes me sad that jessica is already on her own bed.... makes me think she's all grown up already!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

moving forward

i did it. happy!!! i'm finally moving forward with my career.
i got the email earlier from my new employer and everything is now as it should be.
funny how things fall into place when we least expect it. this morning I was thinking that I should call the headhunter to follow up drastically, but before that could happen, I got the pre-employment requirements in my email. yey!! and what's more, I got the results of the CBC and Urine test and both results were quite good! double yey! i need that to be ok because I want to ensure I won't have any problems with my medical pre-employment exam. so immediately after I I got back to the office, i tendered my resignation. and I'm feeling happy and light ever since. it really feels good to look forward to something.
will update you once I have more details.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

my new toy

I just got my year 2009 present from hubby. year 2009 meaning, it probably represents all the gifts I am supposed to receive from him the entire year. not that it matters, this one is really to die for, and brings out the geek in me. hahaha... kidding.

Anyway, hubby and I just bought a notebook, the ultraportable and cute MSI Wind LX100sp2+. Pardon the numbers, its basically an MSI Wind. The specs are the best, as far as we have looked around, and the laptop itself is pretty handy to take anywhere. Here are its specs:

• Intel® Atom™ N270 Processor, 2 GB RAM
Genuine Windows® XP Home
• 10” Wide Screen Display
• Convenient Magnifying Capability
• Ergonomic Big-Size Keyboard and Touch Pad
• 160 GB hard disk drive
• Built-in 1.3 Mega Pixels Webcam
• Built-in High-Performance 2 Channel Stereo Speakers, and Microphone
• 802.11b/g/n Wireless Lan

We've looked around for similar models of a mini notebook that can match this size and specs, and we've really not found one that matched, at least in terms of speed and the price. There are a lot of similar priced notebooks, but most of them only at 1 GB speed. The beauty of having 2GB, for me, is that it will allow me to go back to my hobby of creating digital masterpieces (also known as digiscrapping. And since its soooo portable, I won't have a hard time carrying it about. plus, we don't have to worry about sharing it, since we now have 2 laptops at home (well, we did since I have an office laptop, but I barely use that at home, just for work and the usual web browsing --- the photoshop version installed was really ancient).

I'm just too ecstatic about this one, I really, really, really love it.
Thanks sweetheart! Love you!!!!