Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you start doing other things you love to do?

(DISCLAIMER) I am practicing typing on the iPad. So if you find some typo errors on this post, I blame it on the iPad.
I'm too lazy at home to be productive in anything else. I know I should really be more productive. Sometimes I think it also has to do with the fact that I have two yayas/house help at home so I really don't need to do any household chores. Since there is only one child to look after, and not many chores to do at home, I would really have to exempt myself from chores otherwise I'd feel like I was overpaying them. Problem though, I am too lazy to do other things, like perhaps do some digiscrapping or some arts and crafts, or start working on the digital printing business.
I do hope I will find the energy to start an evening routine soon, though I am not really guilty that I don't do Anthony, because I also know that the time at home should also be spent with the family. And I am happy that I have lots of that time for hubby and Jess.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Here come the Rainy days

Last friday brought a a lot of rains to Metro Manila. And it was scary.  But looking at the glass half-full, we felt blessed in a lot of ways.
First, we were able to go home, though not to early, we were braver in going through the flooded roads inside our village since we were riding our Escape, rather than the black Sentra.  Now we feel that it was indeed a good choice to get this car rather that settle for a car (it cost us much more since we had to add equity to pay for the upgraded car).  But seeing that we can go through 5-6 inches of water makes if so much more worth it. For the past three years when a situation like this happens we were forced to wait it out near the village gates, where we would have to stay for 5-8 hours until the roads are passable. So for instance, if we arrived there at 6 or 7 pm and the roads aren't passable anymore, we would need to stay there for up to 2 am.  Add to the anxiety that there might be some water inside the house (will get to that later) and we're not there to help.
Second, this weekend's floods were really scary, but thank God that we were spared from an Ondoy-like situation.  Some water came into the house from underneath and there were flashfloods inside the village, but all in all the situation was manageable.  We had to do some cleaning Friday night but only the floors, we managed to lift most of the stuff out of floor level (except of course so heavy appliances) so there's no damage to any of our stuff.
Third, our office (being 10minutes away from home) was almost flooded, but thankfully it was spared. Highest level was at 35", a few inches shy of the floor levels of the plant and the office, but it didn't get into the plant.  If it did, it would mean a lot of damage and longer days and nights for everyone in the office.  So yes, I am so thankful that we were spared with that.
Life really has a way of reminding us of the many blessings we have day to day.  And this is one case where I am really thankful for the blessings (even if it is disguised as a typhoon.) :-)