Tuesday, November 29, 2005

4 days to go...

Waaaahhhh..... It's inevitable. bwahahaha.... 4 days to go and I'm still writing on my blog. Instead of doing the seatplan... the guestlist... the instructions.... the trivia... the intro to speakers... aaaarggghhh...
Fortunately... there were no big fighting bouts this last long weekend. Yes there were tarayan bouts, but luckily, all was back to normal after 1 minute. haha.... bless my husband to be for changing moods as often as I do. Can't blame him, I know deep inside he's pretty much excited and scared himself.
So anyway, Friday night was girls night out with my MBA barkada, had fun throughout dinner and our adventure, which I would rather not discuss at this time. Slept overnight at classmate Ara's house and in the morning went to my last class for the sem (only to find out that the take home finals will be given out on the day of my wedding. sweet!) in the afternoon, went to the apartment to find tabs eating lunch (good thing I didn't buy) so wanted to rest (sleepy!) and afterwards had a small tampo. In the end all was ok, we went to Windmills to pay the reception. Gosh. Its Php 58,077 for final payment. Ate some and went home.
Sunday was bonding time with bestfriend Murs, we just went shopping (missed going shopping with friends, I honestly rarely do that, since most of my shopping sprees are done alone...), went back to the apartment after a gruelling time grocery shopping (and bought a new mop which initiated a rather loud comment from tabs whilst murs and boyfriend was there. hahaha... we prepared pasta and ref cake, then watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Printed some more tags for my dad's office. Generally the bonding time with Murs made my day. We went home rather late (around past 10 pm) because we had to wait for the 2 men in our lives. :-) End of Sunday.
Monday we were supposed to meet with Charles (Secondary Sponsor). Charles, btw is a high school classmate and former roommate of tabs. One of the few friends who have known about our relationship since day 1. Anyways, tabs and I met after lunch, I found out his whole family was at SM North so we had lunch. Met Kathrine, younger brother Rossnie's gf, for the first time (though we text from time to time). Then got a phonecall from our Photog (Tita Ellen) about the ocular at windmills so I had to run off to meet with them, went back to sm. went around looking at pets and watches with tabs, and at 6pm met with charles and gf, Mel. Both are interns at UST Hospital. Toxic, haha. Trip down memory lane (high school days) and lots of laughter after, went home around 8pm. Slept early.
Still have to pack my clothes, hoping I can leave early tonight to pack up stuff, so mega shopping tonight for the stuff I need to pack up. Need to do a lot of stuff but generally happy I'm not so panicky and still organized. The stuff I need to do, I guess are really not avoidable. So gotta let go. :-p

Friday, November 25, 2005

8 days to go..

And I'm probably the only person who's getting married in a week's time and can blog about it. bwahahaha.... Here at the office already, still sleepy (i want coffee!!!, huhuhu--decided to quit coffee the last ten days before the weddding -- for better complexion)... Have to do some stuff for school, will be reporting tonight. And need to do some box labels and stuff.
Last night was with tabs, thank goodness he was able to come home early. hehe... do wish he'd do that everyday when we're married - early as in 8:30 pala yun. :-p not bad since I get home 6:45-7 on an ordinary, no school and no malling day. hehehehe.... Anyways, we've been arguing about finances since time immemorial of the wedding preps, and am just happy we were able to sort things out. Feeling a little guilty though kasi lagi ko sya naaway (pressure???). So right now, I'm resolving to not fight with him anymore!!!! At least until after we tie the knot. teeheehee.... I really am enjoying our times together lately, when we can chat more when we are at the apartment (he lives there, remember?). The benefits of no TV! :-p Anyways last night he was at the CR cleaning up because he was going home, and he calls me to get him a towel, and I say, "para kang may yaya!" This is of course a joke. hehehehe.... and he says "ala ayaw na! wag na ituloy!!!" bwahahahahaha.... la lang, its just fun that we get to talk... though there are still some arrangements to be made (and honestly, I have not been able to internalize the missallette!!!) nyehhhh...
This weekend I won't be so busy (yehey!!!) For Saturday after class we just need to pay windmills, need to go to the apartment to finish wrapping the parents' gifts. Sunday, go to mass (hopefully I can offer at St. Clare), rest, sort out the wedding paraphernalia and pack up stuff, and then rest again. My sisters and mom will be at Clark for some shopping so I guess that leaves some peace at home. hehe... Monday we'll be transfering most of my clothes and what have you's remaining to the apartment, I'll only leave the stuff that I still need till friday (which means a few shirts). Then rest... let go, let go.... Tuesday-finalize seatplan, Wednesday --finalize everything else! bwahahaha... I guess this includes shopping for the stuff to bring to the hotel. I'm still wondering how we can fit everything on the car -- meaning everything I'll be needing for the wedding. geez.
On accomplishments:
1. Finally decided on gift for Bestman and Parents. For the parents - we'll be giving them a photomosaic of tabs and me as a token of thanks. Thanks to the Mazaika Program I found. Really useful. And I realize you'd get a better registration of the original base pic when you have more frames (I used 80x100 for the final pic). Bestman's gift is a parker men, as well as for the proxy and for my male emcee.For female emcee plan to give her bag charms as well.
2. Printed the missalletes and stapled most of them, ran out of staple wire at home and too lazy to go search. hehehe... have to remember to take home some. Am still thinking of placing ribbons with charms at the end, sort of like a bookmark. PAG SINIPAG sa weekend.
Things to buy: Tiara, foodstuff for Astoria (red ribbon pastries, pancit, empanada for meals of the crew and ento and family), GC's for trivia questions
Things to do: Finalize seatplan, intro for speakers, additional bag charms, list down tokens.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

9 days to go

And I choose to be absolutely bored today. Teeehee... last 4 days at work before I go on leave. Haaay.... can't wait. I've already finished most of the pending except for the promo report I intend to do on my last day of work (coz' its a month-end report!). There are only a few things to do for the wedding (finished the missalette printing yesterday night) so really, I'm almost home free except I need to do some more coordinating for the small details I don't want to handle on the day itself. By thursday and friday I intend to really, really let go. Perhaps I can convince my dad to ship our some of my stuff to the apartment on Monday. My tons and tons of clothes are waiting to be shipped out. hahaha.... Not to mention the shoes and bags...
Its sad, really, a part of me is sad that I'd be leaving our home, I've lived at that house in Project 2 for my entire life, only leaving for like a few days a year, for overnights and short outings.... but I always lived there. So its sad to have to move out. Yes, its exciting to live with someone else, start a family... but part of me weeps at the thought of leaving my parents and the dogs. And the security of food available whenever I come home, be it 8pm, 9pm, or 11pm. If I had an opportunity to live away from them for a while I probably won't be this affected. Its true that the change in status would probably get to me. I anticipate some nights where I'd be crying from missing my parents (probably when we get back from Bohol). Hmm... I'll make sure to find a reason to visit the house in Project 2, :-). Like perhaps when we get back from Bohol. :-P
In hindsight, a lot of people are asking me and tabs if we are ready and sure about it. hahaha.... We almost always just smile. Of course we are! We wouldn't bankrupt ourselves and go through all the wedding preparations if we weren't, would we?
More of my insights later...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

11 days to go...

11 days to go... a few final things to do (at the very least, my biggest problem now is the seatplan).
Things I still need to do:
1. Seatplan -> I'm planning to just do zoning, like table nos so-and-so for the following guests (brides friends, groom's officemates), because its really so hard to have to confirm all the guests attendance. And I don't want to spend the whole night before my wedding having to figure that out.
2. Gifts -> Gifts for parents, gifts for the Bestman, and possibly gifts for the proxies (I assume there would be at least 2). Still have no idea on what to give them. (Yes, all of them above). oh wait!!!! now i think I'll be giving our parents a photomosaic! hehehe.... sorry, idea just came through an hour ago (and I made the photomosaic 30 minutes ago). hehehe.... will have it framed na lang to give it to them on the wedding day.
3. Van Rentals -> I'm partially in denial as to the status of this part. I know Tabs' family has 1 already, my sister is planning to rent one, and I could probably get another one especially for the entourage. Other than than, I dunno. hehehe
4. Final Payment for reception -> set this for saturday, nov 26. again, I'm all groggy because I have another shower party on Friday night, but hey, a girl's gotta have shower parties, right!
5. Missalletes - they are pretty much final already. just need to print them out and then put in the covers. Hopefully I'd have them done saturday.
6. Prepare all the stuff for the day before and the day itself. Like segregate stuff for the reception, ceremonies, etc.

Other small, small stuff. I think I'm pretty much able to relax already except that i need to pack my clothes. :-( and iron them as well. other than that, I think i'd have a relaxing weekend ahead.

Monday, November 21, 2005

12 days to go...

teeeheee... its soo weird having to countdown on my blog. hehehe.... gosh. anyway... well, i only have one week and a half to get through the rest of the preps and after that, i'd be a Mrs. Tabios. :-) Exciting! hehehe. So well, I'd take the time to give a rundown and the latest events that have so far transpired (this weekend).

Friday night: SHOWER PARTIES - yes, I said parties because I had 2 separate parties on the same night. The first was with my officemates here in Beer Logistics Procurement, who gave me a blast of a party with their Words of Wisdom (believe me they had many!) and their super nice gifts! I don't think they read my blog but hey, I still want to thank them for the party and the gifts and the advice, see pic!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Shower Party 1 GIFTS!(c/o Beer Logistics Procurement)

Moving on, my next shower party was sponsored by my first SMC family (sisters actually) from the e-procurement group. This now was a night of fun and games and surprises since we were all single girls and I was the first one to tie the knot. It touched me most that they were able to contact Tabs to ask him some questions for me to answer. And my darling of a husband (to-be) was so game in answering the questions. Even if some of the answers were unfair (hahaha!!!) I really am flattered.
Most memorable question and answer:
Question: "What made you decide or what event were you in that made you decide that jennie would be the last woman you would fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with?"
Tabs answer: "Jenn always makes me want to be a better man...."

I guess, the realization that he sees me loving him that way, touches me so much. Its flattering and at the same time, humbling. I always thought of myself as an "ideal" girlfriend for tabs. If you ask me to take a quiz and how good a girlfriend I am I'm proud to say I could fight for a topnotch score (no kidding!). I've always given him free reign over his life. While some of the decisions made in our relationship (and for the wedding) were made and handled by me, fact is that for tabs' life, I value the decisions he has made for himself, I'm proud of what he has accomplished, and while I do give him my opinion whenever he asks, I know that I give him as much freedom as any single man would want. Even when we were starting out, he likes the song SOMEBODY (by Depeche Mode), and when asked by my friends the same questions (now, 9.5 years after) he gave the same answer. Perhaps, for him, I'm that "Somebody". :-)

Here are the gifts I got from the second bridal shower!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
To my E-proc friends: Thanks for the surprises, the fun and the games! Love you all!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Let's drink to that!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wearing a veil and holding the bouquet they made. We had a bouquet toss later and Dannet got the bouquet! hehe... next na daw sya!

And here are all the gifts I got!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Less than two weeks away from the wedding, I'd say I had gotten what I longed for with my single life. And as I look ahead of me towards my new status, as a wife, and someday, a mother, I know I'd have tons of memories to share, and lots of friends who have made me feel special.
Thanks to all of you guys!

Friday, November 18, 2005

15 days to go

Well... almost 14, actually. Its almost 6pm, I'm just waiting till 6 when we have to leave to go to the condo of our officemate for my bridal shower. Fun!!!! The nice thing about this first shower is that most of them are married, with children, and so i'm sure there would be lots of sharing! And hey, they did plan some games!!! hehehe.... i think this will really be a cool party! Love them officemates!!!

And at 10pm, Its Bridal Shower part 2, with my friends and former officemates from Eproc group. This one, I dunno their plans except that they plan to sing their lungs out with the Magic Sing. hahaha... But this group naman is the yuppies, so its more of fun and laughter, unless of course they have some surprises in store for me... teeheehee....

Oh well, of course I won't tell all next week, but I'm sure I'll have fun tonight. But tomorrow.... tomorrow will be a long day... :-(

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

18 days to go

As I was about to write the title for this post, it remembered a title I previously made: 180 days to go. Funny. Now, its 18 days! It is definitely not a lot of time left, though I would like to think that there is still no need to mega-panic at this point. So far I'm able to do some stuff and finalize others. And yes, so far everything seems to be falling into place. As a rundown:
Hotel Preps: I had a panic attack some weeks ago when I learned that Astoria was supposed to be fully booked for Dec 3, and there was really some chance that I won't be able to extend the room stay. I had the option of booking at another hotel for the night after the wedding but then, that would mean I had to transfer hotels in the middle of everything. hehe... I also contemplated just telling them that I intended to ovestay, but that also opened the possibility that all our stuff will be thrown out of the room whilst we are away (exagg i know. :-P). So yesterday, out of sheer desperation upon learning that even Linden was fully booked so I couldn't really transfer (!), I called up Astoria again. First I inquired as an employee of San Miguel, to avail of the Corporate Rate (1,500 savings). They were booked and I'd be informed the following day if there is still an available room. I called again, this time I said I was a paying guest. They were not fully booked!!!! Like duh!!!!! I confirmed by booking as a paying guest for Dec 3-4. I'd rather pay in full that not end up with a room! Moments later, Astoria calls to tell me that I can avail of the Platinum membership card rate(the one I bought really for the preps!) on the 2nd night if I make full payment of the rooms by November 25! The room rate was Php3,200 for the first room (50% off voucher) and 3,800 (3,200++ rate) for the second night. The other room is free for the night. Yey!!!!!! I really am so happy. I just need to pay the 7,000 for the room plus the 6,000 security deposit to assure me that I'll have our rooms for the night before AND AFTER the wedding. :-) Thanks, God. Love HIM!
Honeymoon: Initially we planned (rather I planned) to just go off to Baguio for our honeymoon. Though we've been there before I thought it was cheaper and easier for us. Until I found some enemies with the Paramount Card I bought to get us rooms at the Microtel Suites there and I'm practically, practically mad at them! Until I realized that's not going to be memorable at all, considering there is not so much there anyways that we haven't been through. Until I realized I wanted to see Coron, Palawan. And was dead set to do just that, except that honeymoons there start at Friday and end on Monday. :-( And then someone told me about the Palakbayan rates from Philippine Airlines. So we (rather I :-P) ended up booking Bohol!!!! And last Friday they confirmed our booking. Now all that's left is for me to pay for the booking and its done! We're getting a bungalow with its own jacuzzi at Panglao Island Nature Resort.Awwww.... Geez, not I feel really excited for our honeymoon. :-P
Other things taken cared of:
-Finished CD-writing the songs, just need to make CD Case Cover.
-Finally, tabs and I were able to discuss the details of the wedding ceremony and reception yesterday (after fighting the whole week last week over that!). Of course, the realizations for him were quite funny for me. I realize now how much I love him for making me laugh a lot. :-p
Hope I can blog some more till the wedding, but this is all for now. :-)