Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheap glasses

I'm happy with my health because so far, I've had control of my 20/20 vision. Hubby isn't as fortunate though, since he has glasses and can't live without them. I saw this site on the net that sells glasses at the cheapest price. Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case!. Would you look at that. Sometimes the net is the best shopping place there is. And the glasses are really nice, much like the ones you see in the optical shops here.
Well, should time come that I need glasses, this is definitely an option.

jessica's bday preps

Latey I have been as lousy a blogger as I've been at sports (lousy analogy- couldn't think of anything I'm as lousy at).... I only post once a month and that post isn't as credible. jeez....

anyways, i'd like to report that preparations for jessica's birthday are now on their planning stages. This month my main deliverable is to finally book the venue, and so far I am far inclined to just have it at the KidzRepublic in Megamall. Less hassle setting up everything since the venue will have its own program already. And the kids will surely enjoy. And the moms and dads since they will be in the mall... huh.... I'll most likely lie-low in feb since I don't have money, and then start again in march when I do get my perf bonus at the office, afterwhich I'd have to shell out for the cake and probably half the food and the souvenirs. hehehe. Come may its time to pay for the balance of the food bill.... hay.... surely hope everything will turn out as it should be....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

on bad credit loans

since i got used to using credit cards i've learned the harsh realities of having to pay HUGE finance charges for not paying it in full. i guess that's the price you have to pay for being cashless. one thing i make sure of though, is that I remain in good credit standing.

Bad credit loans can be very bad when one considers taking out an investment in the future, such as a house or a car, so its very important to make sure that credit ratings are good at all times. Right now hubby and I are considering getting our own house, so keeping up my good credit is important for me so we can take out a home loan this year.

happy new year!

hello there! missed me? been a while since I last posted (i know!) and its not like i got too busy or simply didn't have any stories to tell. I guess I just didn't have so much to talk about and wasn't too inspired to write. i suddenly realized i missed blogging! whew!

well, so what's new? christmas came and went, it was pretty simple as usual, but of course it was made more special with the fact that jessica experienced her first christmas holiday season. she got a lot of new gifts and money of course, which we plan to put into a trust fund after her birthday so she can have something for herself when she's aware of the cost of money! hahaha....

hmmm.... what else is there to say? the bad news was that we lost our globe connection again since january 4, and only got it back an hour ago, again after 21 calls made to the globe hotline. we were already contemplating getting smart bro, i even had all the boxes of the phone and modem out and was ready to return them to globe on sunday if they have not repaired it by then.

lastly, i'm getting set to go to our department's planning conference on friday at punta fuego, it'll be the first night i would spend without jessica by my side. I'm sure i'll miss her soooo much!

hmmm... guess this is all for now, but i'll leave you with pics to share:

jessica's new year's feast

bumblebee helmet

wearing my sexy backless dress