Friday, February 29, 2008

Telemarketing as biz

Face it, we are in a new age. Gone were the days with which the facsimile machine was the best invention in the world, and morse code was the best way to send a message through. With the dawn of the World Wide Web, a lot of things have become possible. Actually, so much so that you wonder if some of the things you see in those hi-tech movies are actually possible...
Well, one thing is possible. That is, that with the dawn of the new technology, so did the way that firms do their business. It helped in Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, now its making its way into Sales, Marketing and Market Intelligence. Telemarketing has changed the way of doing business, and has brought the customers closer to the companies who want them. Its genius, really. A lot of stuff that were not possible before, or were possible but were much to expensive to implement, is nearer to the consumer because of telemarketing. Its a good thing too, because it also made the playing field a bit more on the fair side, when you consider that all means of communication are now available for the use of even the small firms. Even individuals really. Telemarketing has done that. So really we should be thankful for that.

google rank 2

yey! I've just been promoted. hahaha... To a google rank 2... teeheehee... was looking if my other blog got approved already and lo and behold! this is a google rank 2 blog! whoopeee! I'm actually very happy about it because I want to keep earning. And besides, the short articles really aren't hard to do. And its fun doing it. Who knows, I might earn a substantial amount in the upcoming months, enough to give me money to buy some stuff I wanna buy for myself. hehehe... so i wanna celebrate being a rank 2. :-)

rebuilding credit status

In the western countries a lot fewer people actually use cash, for a lot of professionals, using a credit card is like the norm. and while sometimes its good, other times if can destroy you, especially when you are unable to pay off those debts. which is why there are already companies that offer a bad credit credit card, which is supposed to give the person the chance to redeem his credit standing and get back up.

Its a good thing really, because it helps a lot in regaining confidence, and in the long term, helping the individual in making better credit decisions.

on being a professional

my head hurts... a lot. i went to the Professional Regulation Commission this afternoon (PRC for short) to renew my professional license and have my status changed, mainly because I realized that I don't have a government-issued ID to my married name, which may sound unfair to hubby, and after all its already been two years. so at least I have to deal with it now.
its a big headace, i tell you! my gosh.... its all queues, and lines, and queues.... and more lines. and i hate government service.... oh, and then I'll get the ID in a month! should have gotten it in Feb, when its a shorter month. hahahaha... oh yeah, it is Feb. So since I have this planned leave on April 8, I might just get the ID by then.... Meanwhile I should also work my way into getting driving lessons and a drivers license, and then my new SSS ID.
so many things to do.... so little time.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

on credit cards

One thing I learned, and one thing I intend to change in the next few years, is to reduce my credit card debt. Honestly and admittedly, I'm in a very, very bad financial position right now. Given that I earn a modest income that's supposedly enough already for me, I have a lot of debt at the moment that I'm paying off, and the list really doesn't get shorter by the day. Its sad sometimes because deep inside I know I should be enjoying the things I want with my salary, buying stuff I need, but here I am, paying off interests more than principals. I swear I should change this already. Debt Management is one thing I should put into my system, but aside from that I think I should awaken myself up to the fact that there are really some things in life meant to be learned. Its indeed a lesson for me that I got here. And when the day comes that I'm debt-free, I'd be the happiest person in the world! Really! Ok, maybe I should just this out slowly but surely. I'm giving it a few years. But I do hope when I'm 31 at the most, I'll be rid of all these debts. I promise and I hope!

Questions on Marriage

Its amazing how my baby's face has changed so much over the nine months. Here she is at 2 months, 3 months and 8 months.... She's getting to be so much cuter isn't she?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Black Friday Sale

Being in a country that's majority Roman Catholic, I was used to having the Holy Week treated as a solemn occasion, where people are expected to repent and contemplate on their lives (much like what New Year's Eve does to us). And so it comes as a surprise when I saw this site that gives out black friday ads for shoppers. Its actually quite surprising and interesting at the same time. Been looking at the stores that offered these sales, I'm surprised as well that these are also the big stores and chains that have these sales, and they even open at 5am on black friday. Wow.
Well, about this site, it beats the black friday sale at the stores because you can actually buy the stuff off the net, without having to fall in love. Isn't that cool. I mean, ok, there's a certain joy in seeing all that stuff around you, and sometimes even finding stuff you don't need but are really big bargains. hahaha... that's just me. but of course, being able to shop while sitting around in your desk also provides relief. Hey! they should do this for Christmas! Then people won't have to shop everyday looking around for bargains, but still end up beating the holiday rush!

Bloggerwave Postie

So happy!!!! I'm now a postie. After waiting around a week to get approved, my blog is now accepted. That's more paid postings for me and a lot of additional income. Great! Seriously. I mean, I have realized that its important to at least have some additional income for myself. So I can buy the things I want online, if not all the time, at least some time. And to me the best and the simplest way is still to have paid posts. And bloggerwave does just that. For that I'm quite proud of myself and what I'm doing now. :-)

On Cosmetic Surgeries

This is a cool trivia. I read from a website that the Cosmetic Surgeons in Hollywood are so busy just before the Oscars. Isn't that cool news? Well, not entirely hard to believe, with the weight of beauty so emphasized in the ceremonies. I mean, what does a GA gown or suit look worth? If you can't wear it with style might as well not wear it at all.
Here in our country its not unusual to see new stars suddenly get bigger, better boobies. Perhaps,even in this country of ours, breast augmentation is already a common procedure. And if you have the moolah to have one, and it boosts confidence (and in the case of Showbiz, market value too), then why wouldn't you? Its just a procedure. Its simply science.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tack Rating in PPP

I've kinda noticed that I'm getting several posting opps the past few days. I dunno if it has to do with my tack rating or if its just the season for opps. Either way I just wanted to say I'm happy about it and I hope the fun continues because I want to be able to earn the extra moolah so I can buy the stuff I want online! hahahahaha..... Who knows, maybe someday I can also get me an LV bag from my postings!

about my MBA

Did I say that the one thing I am truly, truly proud of about my accomplishments is getting my MBA? Indeed, if someone would ask me today what I considered my proudest accomplishment would be then I would say its my MBA. I know college was something I should be proud of, I'm a licensed chemical engineer. But my MBA is something I worked on, on my own, from Day One. It was something I wasn't required to go through, but I chose to, and I choice I would never, ever regret. It was worth the almost three years of work, long hours of school, and endless exams and papers. To say the least, its more than having accomplished all the academic requirements, more so, having been able to impart my own experiences and knowledge, and hearing from others their own, that truly made the management courses better. I gained a lot of friends, insights, and knowledge that I would otherwise have been unaware of had I focused only on my chosen expertise. its something I will always be proud of, and never ever regret.

babies grow up fast

i'm on leave at the office now. and one thing I realize about being a mom is this: kids grow up so fast. In a span of nine months I've seen my baby change from this independent infant now to a stronger-willed toddler. its amazing to see just how much she learns and adapts with her environment with each passing day. sometimes just seeing her learn one thing can bring so much more joy to me than would a good grade at school then, its true when they say that motherhoods brings with it infinite joys. I just never could imagine what would make me happy now if I didn't have jessica.

what makes a nice room enviroment

When I imagine my dream home, I always, always wanted it to be something that will truly represent the comfort and the beauty i want. I always think - if I could have the bed that I really, really want, it would be something like this.

Of course it should have a really soft mattress. Softness that should hug the body but not necessarily drown it... I'm not all for spending tons of money for a piece of furniture, but I do believe that its important to have one that suits you and your personality, at the same time exude the beauty and elegance of the home.
I happened to pass through this website with Faux Leather Beds and I realize I want to buy a lot of their beds! Its so beautiful and enticing. Funny if you think about since you can only have so many beds in a house, unless you live in a castle. But seriously, the designs and the look of the beds in the website are really enticing. Had I been living there in the UK I would frankly consider getting one for myself already. And then, I would get another one for the other room of the house (which I will be living in... had I been living in the UK).... really, there's nothing wrong with hoping is there?

government service

Since I became an adult I was never privy of government service. I grew up learning from the news about politicians getting rich everyday from spending people's income taxes. Sadly enough it is really that which makes the country poorer and poorer.
Of course, my sadness for the country's fate cannot be stopped by the fact that this morning I had to go to the National Statistics Office to get copies of my Marriage Certificate and of Jessica's birth certificate. And I was unfortunate enough to have to stand on line for close to two hours, and still have no certificates to take home. I had been thinking of getting the thing online but having to pay more than twice as much for it discouraged me. I applied for four copies today and paid only 500 whereas getting it online cost 300 a piece, totalling 1200 if I get the same number. totally no way! But really, what pisses me off is the long line and the heat. And the fact that it is just plain frustrating to see so many people spend so much of their time doing something that could have been easier to do. I mean, in the US, is it really so hard to get these things???

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mortgage lending increase

Seems that a lot of people are borrowing these days. Except probably in the US where there's a recession, mortgage lending is going up, meaning people are doing well and investing in properties. Its good. Properties, after all, are a really good investment to make. Something one can count on if the going gets tough, and though its not really liquid, its value generally goes up as the years go by, unlike cash in the banks that sleep over time. Literally. Which is why hubby and I see it fit as well to invest now that we're young and the kid is still not in school. Even if we have to pay for mortgages for the next so many years, we are guaranteeing ourselves an investment over time. Something we really need to do while we are young.

jessica's avp

same as what i did for my wedding, i made a cute avp of jessica's pics for her birthday. I actually don't know if i still intend to show it then, but irregardless, i had it done because I want to catalog her first year. and it will be a keepsake for me and for her grandparents as well. i can't upload it yet seeing that the is still something i would have to know how to do.... but i will very soon... promise.

for when we have our own house

since hubby and i saw that one house in Vista Verde, we've both fallen in love with it and pray everyday that we will be awarded the purchase of the house. It was really cheap and yet it was big and presentable. it even had a 3-car garage! Never mind that it didn't have a pocket garden... :-( hubby was so happy to see the large garage because it could house a lot of stuff for him. He could have a Concrete Workshop that would give him the freedom to do the things he would want to construct! Since lately he's been very busy with his hobby, i don't doubt that when we get our own place, he would want to make stuff of our own, given that he can already house the stuff he needs and no one would really care about the noisy surroundings. I myself would ask him to make some (a lot) of shelves and cabinets, because when we do have our own place, I would certainly want it to be organized. Shelves for my clothes, hangers for my bags, etc. All of which I have a lot of.... hahahaha..... Call it a fetish for being organized. teehee... seriously, had we our own place, wouldn't it be nice to be neat and create the illusion of space?

Friday, February 01, 2008

my job

Today I made a purchase decision which probably, at least for me, marked an important realization in the career I chose. I realize, in so many ways, that growing wiser means I have to learn to accept that decisions we make may not always be easy, much less have no consequence. Especially in my line of work, I have to learn to accept that sometimes, decisions I make hurt others, but nevertheless, I have to be tough and learn to realize that for all it's worth, I was really fair.

Ok. Case in point. I will use only symbols so as not to preempt any news or to identify any person.
I have this project I'm assigned to, where I have to negotiate for the company's purchase of a certain item X that will be part of a big promotional campaign. I have two suppliers, A & B, who are both reliable ones, that were actively fighting for that project. Even though, A has been the one directly coordinating with the users of this item, Supplier B was equally interested because they have not had any big projects lately. When I got the quotations for Supplier A & B, Supplier B was the definite winner... However, I couldn't just award to Supplier B because I had to consider on what stage of development the project was, and that at the same time, I had to be sure that they were both on the same page as far as specifications are concerned. This bugged me for a few days, and to cut the long story short, I decided to give the project to Supplier A, since I was more confident about their ability to implement the project. It was a hard decision to make, and what makes it ever harder is telling Supplier B that they didn't get the project. I texted Supplier B this evening and told her the news (that they weren't awarded the project) and she never texted back. I'm hoping she didn't take it personally, because this was after all, a professional decision.

In a lot of ways I think its a good preview of what lies ahead should I pursue my managerial career, that I have to learn to realize that it can't be a bed of roses all the time....

Just my thoughts....