Sunday, January 02, 2011

January 2: Malling and Haircut for Jessica

Today rather than to stay at home and say goodbye to the last day of the holidays, we decided to go to Megamall for some family time.  That is after I finished packing up the Christmas tree and all the lights and decor.   Now that the home space if free from the clutter of the Christmas season (except for some gifts that I need to give away), there is more free space for the little girl to play and run around.  But I digress, so we went to Megamall, got to see the new Toy Kingdom (which is huge), ate at the Food Court (Sizzling Plate), then brought the little girl to Cuts 4 Tots for a haircut.  Jess' hair has already grown and we decided to cut it down by 2 inches  (its actually still too long, might need another haircut in a month or so).  After the haircut the girl asked to play at Kidz Republic.  So we left her and her yaya (who is fresh from a 2day vacation btw) and went around the mall.  After getting her back we finally went to Girbaud where I was able to buy a wallet for me and for my sister who's having her birthday tomorrow.
On the pregnancy: I still have not gone to the OB, will probably do so 2nd or 3rd week of January, where hopefully the baby's heartbeat will be there already.  Meanwhile I am religiously drinking the vitamins (folic acid + prenatal vitamins) to keep healthy.  We are hoping this will be a good pregnancy now and come around August we will have the newest member of the family.

Oh btw, this is the second days of (hopefully) Project 365.  Off to a good start, I hope to finish at least with half and I will be happy.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 Recap

The past year has been so memorable (in both good and bad ways) that it deserves a recap.  I feel I should keep this in mind because someday when I look back, 2010 will be the year with the most challenges for me and for our family.
We started the year with me jobless (by choice, and hoping for a good year ahead with the bazaar business.  At some point I know I will have to look for a job back at corporate because it was hard for us to save with me just into business.  All of hubby's salary was going to daily expenses.  I had a bazaar coming up but that didn't turn out well.  In the end it was a frantic search for THE next job. Unfortunately the next 2 job offers that came were not to my liking, not even close to what I had with the Selecta job.  And hubby patiently told me to hold off until I find what is worth me.
So careerwise, things started getting better when I got this interview with a food manufacturing company whose office is just outside our village. It was a pleasant surprise that it was so near, and the position they were offering was really something I liked.  It took a good month and a half before I got the offer and it was really a dream come true.  A good career position, directly under the General Manager's supervision, with great benefits and competitive salary.  I had under me 5 staff to supervise, and the real plus part is that the office is just outside our village.  It is truly a dream.  Of course, dreams don't last forever and now that I have it, its no bed of roses, but I'm learning and its a matter of time before I can excel in what I do, just as I always do.
Homewise.... we started the year without a helper/yaya after I fired the previous one (for abuse of authority --- aka shouting and harassing my little girl). I was a full time homemaker for a total of 3 months.  No regrets though, being able to take care of my girl, no matter how difficult, is really something to be proud of, in a modern world like ours, not all careerwomen get the opportunity to stay home full time to take care of their kids and watch them grow up.  In February we finally had a new helper/yaya, and she is heaven-sent!  I can't begin to say how she has become family to us and I do hope she stays with us for a long time.
And then I thought we were going to have someone new in the family.  Found out I was pregnant sometime in October, but that ended soon with a blighted ovum.  It was a sad and trying time, having had an easy pregnancy with Jessica, this came as a surprise.  But then I had to be strong and we just decided to try again. After the miscarriage we hoped we could have it easy and and fortunately it paid off.  I haven't gone to the OB yet but the last 2 home pregnancy tests came positive so I am hoping this one will take off, and smoothly too.
Since June, things have started to get better for us, a new job, great career ahead, financial stability.  Finally we have enough to live a more comfortable life.  Hopefully in 2011 we will have an additional member of the family too.
So I hope things will go well for you too.  :-)