Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Must have's

Yipes. Now I've discovered a few more things I considered must have's for our wedding.
1. Bride must be from hotel
2. Pre-nup pics are a must (lots and lots of prenups if possible)
3. Sweetie, you must be wearing contacts on our big day
4. Have to find a church with doors! Ok, so St. Joseph Shrine is not an option. I want the drama of the closed doors!
Still dreaming of the perfect day....

Monday, October 25, 2004

Research! Research!

Today I was able to download a lot of the files from W@W. Its really cool because there were really a lot of great suppliers that had packages there, although most of them might be rates for 2003. Its ok though for comparison purposes. I'm sure there's still some room for nego with these suppliers anyway.
Basically I was able to narrow down some caterers whose packages appeal to me. Now what I have to do is check out which of them are really worth talking to. Hopefully they will be at the Bridal Fair next week. Also narrowed down Hotel list to 1 (Astoria Plaza) but hope to look some more tomorrow.
Churches, yep, got the rates of churches also, but what we have to do really is to visit so hopefully we can squeeze in some time next week. Or maybe I can ask some dear pals to help me out.
Photo-video... hmmm.. One of my MBA classmates who's really into photography as a hobby gave me a brochure of a company. Rates are competitive. Have to check out their work though. Further research will be done tomorrow.
All in all, guess its a productive day today. :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Enchanted Kingdom - May 2003 Posted by Hello
Taken last May 2003 at EK, tabs and I have been to Enchanted twice already. Nice memories of course. :-)

tabs and jennie Posted by Hello

Some days

Some days I realize that no natter how hard tabs and I try to not fight, we still do. thankfully these days the fights have become less and less stressful and more and more easy to forget.
Yesterday we visited the church in Guadalupe. Its a really nice church. A bit small though, The bridal march would probably take a little less than 1 minute. But then, tabs didn't like it so we have to scout for other churches. I want an old church so most probably we have to look at manila as a possible venue. or that one in rizal that tabs is mentioning.
Hay, its so stressful.
Gotta move along, I need to research how to upload pics. :-)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Hi! This is to welcome me to my first web page venture ever. And what more would be a greater event to document than my (our) wedding. Hmmm... This makes me look too excited for the big event, but so what? I've every reason to feel excited. After 8 and a half years together, tabs and I have finally decided to make this big step. With all the preparations soon to be under way, I really, really need an outlet to vent out my thoughts, panic attacks and even anxieties. :-) at the same time i'm learning something new. dunno how to end this post, so i'll just say thanks for taking the time to read this. :-P