Friday, July 29, 2005


been wanting to do a lot of things. lots of things for the wedding, lots of time to rest. yadah, yadah, yadah. :-( but life has a way of twisting our lives so that we have so little time, and so much to do.

let me dwell first on accomplishments and not so good realizations.
1. MAP: I was able to finish our map. Its the dreaded map that i though i wouldn't do simply because I couldn't find the right program for it. good thing I realized that Adobe Photoshop can do the trick! whew!!!! so yesterday I was able to finish it. Proudly DIY! Status: FOR PRINTING
2. INVITES: I bought boards the other day so I can try printing some invites already, preferably the ones we need for the states. That is if and when we are able to finalize the entourage which at the moment lacks 1 ninong. :-( Now, yesterday as I was trying to print it I realized that the paper I bought was off-white, and the result was that the invites have become too dark. Nyay! add to that that my ink was smearing at the sides and I spent the whole morning cleaning and aligning the printer heads. Geez.... I'll try again later. I need to compute already how much I'd be spending if I were to do the invites myself. Or perhaps I can depend on one of my trusty suppliers to print them for me. hehehehe... I also need ideas on how to do the envelopes. I'm already really satisfied with the invites, I like the board that I bought too, except that perhaps I can look into getting something whiter.
3. DRESSING-UP ATTIRE and PRENUPS costume - Yes, I am an OC bride. Yesterday I went around SM trying to find a bathrobe or a set of pajamas of the color torquoise or tangerine. And I want to have it embroidered BRIDE. And of course I want to buy pajamas for the GROOM as well. Problem is where to get it. I can also have it made but I don't know what fabric I should use. Besides it must be cheaper to buy rather than go through all the hassles of buying the cloth and getting fitted.
4. MALE PS GIFTS - I'll be buying red wine for the male PS basically because I don't want to stress myself out anymore in thinking about what to buy for them. I just want to drop by sometime this week or next to buy it.

These are the things on my mind right now. All in all, I think I'm on the right track. And If I continue to be such a good girl, I think I just might have a not so stressful few days before the wedding. :-)

Unfortunately, my studies aren't as kind to me. I'm now stuck with so many cases that require so many meetings. Ahhhh.... That's almost every wednesday, almost every Saturday or Sunday till the end of August. If its any consolation, that's just another month and second semester comes in. yey. After that its 3 more months till the wedding. Whew! Time really does fly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

our precious

i can't help it. i just have to post lest the moment pass us by. today alain and mye delivered our wedding rings. it was really so beautiful, simple but elegant and thick. and it matched my engagement ring.
another detail over and done. I see it fit my finger so well as if it was part of it ever since. If there were no one to stop me, I'd probably start wearing it, just to see how it feels. really, the happiness and the contentment of seeing us wearing the same ring, four months from now, is really worth every single centavo we paid for our precious rings.
Alain and Mye of Matus Jewellery, thank you so much.
Footnote: I need to have my engagement ring buffed for the wedding. hehehe...

a busy long weekend

Our president, PGMA, announced a non-working holiday for July 25 (Monday). Whew, that's a relief because it at least allowed me some time to rest. Here's a few details on my weekend:
Saturday, July 23
Had our exam in Corporate Finance. It was ok, I'm predicting I'd at least get a passing mark (which is what I'm hoping for, hehe, its really a good subject to know but apparently, its not my forte so I won't claim I'd get a high grade for it either). Classmates and I went to Shakeys afterwards, just to relax. Then went straight home.
Sunday, July 24
2nd batch of fittings for the entourage, namely, Tab's side. That's 3 flowergirls, 1 BM, 1 SS and tabs mom. We came late, for so many reasons, actually. Afterwards my sister and her sister-in-law and I went to Divisoria to buy the cloth. Not bad, I guess, I spent nearly Php 6,000 for everything: cloth for moms, SS, BM, FG, sisters, my veil (oooh, my veil excites me) and moms. The only one not included is the MOH, which hopefully I can finish buying end of the month. My mom and another sister will be fitting this weekend, hopefully, so I'd have one thing less to really think about. Which is also a reminder to me to look for the cloth for tabs' barong. geez. :-) I got to tabs place from divi at nearly 6pm, and it was sad because we had so little time to catch up. :-( Got home nearly 9pm.
Monday, July 25
Last day of the long weekend. I basically went about cleaning up my room (partly), watching old movies, fitting my gown (it needs ironing). I ironed my other clothes, then went out with tabs to see THE ISLAND. He felt really disturbed because he wanted to go out with me but had to come back to his office. Sometimes his workload worries me, he gets to finish work at dawn. Yesterday night when I got home I asked him why he chose me to be his wife. His answer: SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME THE BEST I CAN BE. I became teary-eyed when I read it. I never looked at it that way, my concern for him has always been to make sure he is happy and content, and to encourage him always. Now that I think about it I guess he is right. When we started out tabs was very, very insecure and had inferiority complex, partly because of a troubled childhood and partly because of his hearing disability. Im happy I got that answer for him. Makes me more excited with the wedding preps. and our married life.

I'm gonna get our wedding rings from Matus today, oooh... so exciting. hehehe.... I do hope it'll fit tabs already. Also, my sister has handled looking for he hmua for the entourage. whew. its all a relief. So happy.

Friday, July 22, 2005

been busy the whole week, preparing for the Supply Management Conference here at Beer (yesterday and today), going through our case last monday (we got 98% yey!!!!), and preparing (or the lack of it) for my CorpFin exam tomorrow. I have seen tabs for a total of 2 days equivalent to like 4 hours for the past week. It gets tiring, the lack of time we spend together. Sometimes I wish we could just fastrack the days and live together already so we can have time for each other. My exams and cases are already taking a big chunk of the time I could spend with tabs and with preps. With the two months I had the summer vacation (from school) I'm so thankful I was able to achieve a lot, because now, I have absolutely no time for preps, and if i did, it eats up my REST time. Its sad. I know. After all these preps then it becomes time for chores. And I'm still studying. Maybe I should get a job in sales. Fat chance. Damn. No, I'm not complaining about my schooling. The learnings I get from school are about 5 times the learnings I have gathered in my current work. Sometimes I just want to quit work but I know it isn't possible because no one would be supporting me. I know I need to finish school by 2007. I want to have kids already. imagine getting the baby by 28. Its sad. Could have had it at 26. But no. I'd want my babies to have a bright future ahead of them, and if it means slaving over the remaining years of grad school then be it. Besides, the network of friends I got when I entered MBA are probably one of the best friends I could possibly get. Folks who share my interest and financial setbacks (because of the MBA expense). Basically friends who share my maturity -- and teach me life's tricks as well. Maybe one day I'd devote one post just for them! :-)
Hay, just needed to emote. Things have been pretty rough. A few more days and I'd really give myself a LOT of rest!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


yes, it is now a full blown flu. :-( i'm still blogging despite being sick because, despite being sick I am still in the office. I have a Supply Modular Learning System workshop today for the whole day, something I really shouldn't miss. Despite wanting to be at home to rest, and despite the fact that I collapsed this morning (twice!). I dunno if its vertigo or just plain dizziness, but I felt i lost control of my body and the next thing I know, I was looking at the ceiling. Twice. Geez. My mom was pretty worried that I still had to commute to work. But I insisted. I've always been like this. I handle myself pretty well I guess. I just drank paracetamol and neozep and vitamin c and I prayed I'll feel better.
Yesterday I was asked to go to Shell for an interview. The job opportunity I was talking about with John Clements was for Shell. They called me up for an interview. The position was for a Technical Administrator. Frankly, I don't know if its just a fancy name for a not so fancy job or if its exactly that. hahaha.... I need to know more about the work because at first thought it seemed boring and too much in line with what I'm currently doing. I decided I want to see the package before I even contemplate what I want to do about it. And learn more about the work. I dont want a clerical job. No! No! No!
Still groggy.... wahhh! i really want to rest!!!
Three straight days with posts! yey!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm at the brink of getting the flu. Since yesterday I my throat's been swollen and painful, now its just plain irritated and I have to cough it up till I feel my guts want to come out. geez.
What's really extraordinary yesterday was that during lunchtime, while cathy and I were looking for shoes for her, I got this missed call from an unidentified number. She then texted me that she was from john clements, and that i needed to call her in the office. Since I was out, I called her from my cell. And it turned out that I was recommended by a former officemate in Reckitt (first job). She was asking me if I could come for an interview at 6:30 pm (last night). It was really a moment of panic! I was definitely not dressed to kill! I was wearing sandals. I did not have a blazer. I confirmed my attendance, sent my resume to her, and worried about what to wear, definitely destroyed my budget! I had to buy shoes and a blazer. Good thing I was wearing black pants yesterday.
On to the interview. I got there at past 6:30. Missed the elevator, went to 15th floor when I intended to go to the 12th. More like the 13th, coz they called it 12B Floor. Bwahahaha.... Anyhoo, when I got there there was the interview. I won't get to the details of that anymore. Anyways, overall, the opportunity was ok. which gets me to thinking about my priorities.... what do i really want? and what would make me happy? the financial freedom? or the chance to shine? or the opportunity to lead? i frankly don't know for sure. :-(

Monday, July 11, 2005

long post - updates and what-nots

missed me? haven't posted for a while. in as much as i wanted to find the right time to post i just can't seem to find the right time. so i'm just going to give a terribly long rundown of stuff, wedding-related or otherwise, so fasten your seatbelts!
*** Two saturdays ago Tabs and I went on a long quest for hearing aids. For those who don't know about it, well, my dear husband-to-be has a BIG Hearing problem. I knew this since high school, his mom was constantly apologizing (and sometimes scolding me for making his son feel bad :-( ) whenever we fight on the phone (landline) when he can't hear me and I can't raise my voice. After college and before he went job hunting, he had a tympanoplasty, wherein they opened the skin behind his ear and placed a piece of skin on top of the eardrums which had a hole in it. That one was scary because there was a risk of permanent hearing loss, or nerve damage to the face. Fortunately he got through it fine, except that now he feels that he's right ear hearing is worse than the left, which was the one that had the operation. Finding a job was kinda difficult for him, because he would almost have a hard time with interviews. Now he's doing well with work and is looking at finding better opportunities elsewhere, he finds it the best opportunity to invest in a hearing aid. So two saturdays ago we went to a hearing aid center, got tests, and found out that the cost for each hearing aid is a whopping 20thou pesoses!!!! imagine that!!! i won't go through the gory details of it all but to cap off, he'll be getting his hearing aids (thats 40thousand in all) tomorrow morning.
*** Oh, another thing that I've been spending so much time with lately is digiscrapping, which is really an inspiration from Tin ni Roland (Shmucks!). I've been into real scrapbooking during the summer, but lately ran out of papers and pics to scrap. hehehe. and I'm soo happy because one thing led to another and I realized I can do well with Adobe Photoshop, and now I'm able to design my invites! I'm now planning to just do it myself, especially since budgets have really been tight and I badly need to save up on other things, invites being number 1!
*** I've also been on a quest to beautify myself on the remaining months till the big day. A few weeks ago had my hair straightened, and the effect was really good. yesterday I had a facial, wart removal and laser treatment, which was toooooo expensive if you ask me, and i'm so scar-ridden. geez.... i hope the scars all go away already. good thing my hair is doing a good job concealing the scars, which were mostly on the sides of my cheeks near the ears. hmph.... now i really resolve to take care of my face, my body and my health!!!
*** What else? Oh! We got through the UP MBA Freshman Night Party las Friday. The bands that they got really sucks, hehehe, except for the 3rd year batch "band" that played the party songs. Just the same I had a good time with friends. I realized more how fun our barkada is! ",)
*** That's it for the updates now, will really, really try to blog more.... Oh, BTW, if you noticed, I got a new tagboard, Chatterbox closed down, hmph!!!! Hope I can find time one of these days to redo my blogskins. :-)