Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to blogging post

Ok, so two months is again a long time for me to go back.  I even planned on a Project 365 but stopped right smack on January (1st or 2nd week). Duh.  Well, time for me to do some creative thinking since spending Saturdays here in the office without the management meeting can be really boring.

Well, anyway, lots of updates up ahead.  I guess I should make a long post in case I don't get to blog again in a month! I'll just number my updates so I get to see just where I am right now and hopefully the next time I read it I get to give better (and more up to date) updated.

1. On Jessica.  Jessica will be graduating Nursery on March 25. Yey! I always laughed and said I only had 16 years to go to have a daughter with a college degree. yey!  But anyhow, I heard from her teacher she'll be 2nd or 3rd place in her nursery class (of 8 students! LOL).  I really don't want to sound too proud of her, but I am happy that at the minimum effort, she has actually been a great student and eager for school.  To think I just wanted her to interact with other kids, and still she managed to get good grades.  I've seen a lot of improvements too.  She can identify letters, numbers, she can count, she can color well.  And my oh my, can she speak well.  She speaks like she's 7 years old.  Its so nice to be in a conversation with her because she really can speak like a normal adult.  I'm really happy how she turned out with one year at school.  I won't be enrolling her in the same school but with a bigger one, since now we can more or less afford a better school. But nevertheless I am happy with her experiences on her first preschool year.

2. On Baby No. 2. Well, she's a GIRL! I went for an ultrasound yesterday (hey, I've always said I had really short EQ, so I HAD TO KNOW).  We would have wanted a boy of course, so we can stop at 2 kids, since a 2nd girl brings about the pressure of a baby no. 2.  But I can't be all sad knowing we're gonna have another baby girl who I can dress up again, and who I know will be really cute and look like me. :-)  And I am happy, she's as trouble free as Jessica was, and so I know she will just be as smart and pretty.  Baby boy will have to  wait, if at all, at least another 3 years (still subject for discussion though).

3. On Household stuff.  Well, nothing much has changed.  The house is till the house, not much renovation.  One major change coming up though is that I am gearing up Jessica's nanny (and our all-around) for school.  I told her time and again that I was willing to pay for her education, so I made my research with the nearby college here in Cainta called ICCT.  The tuition is quite affordable at 5k per trisem for a bachelors degree, and I guess its money I am willing to let go to see that my yaya will have a good future someday.  I planned her to be in school for the afternoon sessions, that's 3-7pm.  So in the morning she can tend to Jessica first, who will go to school mornings.  In the afternoons normally its just sleeptime for them anyway.  She usually does housechores in the morning.  Well, when I called up the school regarding their entrance exams I learned that they require a 75% passing mark in the exam to qualify for a bachelor's degree, so that put pressure on me for yaya to pass. I don't want her to take a vocational course because a bachelors course could take her farther.  So I bought her reviewers and told her she can study first before taking the test.  Hopefully she will pass.  Its been 3 or 4 years since she graduated high school so she has a lot of catching up to do.  And so plans are already made to ask for the yaya no. 2 to come in 2 months earlier than my EDD.  Though it will be an added expense, its ok since it will take a load off my having to do household chores too, specifically cooking and going to the market.  Its a plus that this new yaya is a friend of my yaya now so I hopefully will have less worries of them not getting along.  I don't want to have to deal with that stress.  That said, I still will need to buy them a double deck bed and an additional closet space.  But its a plus that the new helper worked in our neighborhood before so she knows the stress come the rainy days (i.e. potential flooding).

4. On Career.  Work has been fairly easy and less stressful these days, probably because I already know my job now so I can deal with it easily, as I always do.  Oh, and we already got my company car, which we paid to upgrade from a Vios to a Ford Escape.  We wanted something bigger for the rainy days.  Before we wanted to get an Innova but we found it too expensive for being too bare.  So we got the Escape instead.  I also get 100L free gasoline with it so it helps take a load of fuel expenses.  Hubby prefers not to use the car on weekdays to Makati because its easier for him to commute.  So technically, 100L of gas can take us weekends out malling or to go around a bit, plus every once in while to go out of town.  Oh, and I already get to drive to the office by myself.  So in a few months time, I'm sure I can go out on my own already! :-p

hmmm... that's that for a while.  I have not blogged about the biz or or recent trip to Baguio. I hope I can do that soon enough,

till next time!