Friday, May 25, 2007

My Birthing Kwento (Imported Post)

Ok, so call me cheating, but this is a very, very important post, and so I definitely will re-post this into any blog I come into....

my birthing kwento

at last…. my delayed birthing kwento :-)

Wednesday, May 16 - had my check-up with the OB. Since hubby was at work I had to commute to the hospital, which is ok with me since I needed the walk anyway. Arrived there around 11, went for a check-up, ultrasound and NST (non-stress test) for the baby. OB tells me that I might not give birth pa that week — imagine how disappointed I was! Decided to go and walk some more… had lunch at Wendy’s Boni and decided to use the MRT stairs to cross over to Robinson’s Pioneer — not so desperate to give birth, eh??? Went around Robinsons and bought groceries, but decided to take the cab going back home because I was tired already.

Wednesday, May 16, pm - felt like I had diarrhea…. uh-oh…. didn’t think it was a big deal though, might have been something I ate anyway.

Thursday, 1:30 am - woke up feeling contractions, started to record them when I realized they came repetitively. It started at around 8 minutes apart.

2:30 am - finally woke up hubby to tell him I was feeling contractions already, but I didn’t tell him to panic just yet. He went back to sleep…. hehe

4:00 am - told hubby it was probably time to go to the hospital. I took a bath already (I didn’t know when I’d take my next bath…) and generally took my time. woke up hubby at 4:30 so he can get ready.

5:30 am - arrived at Lourdes Hospital ER, they told us to go directly to the Delivery Room at the third floor, I was still strong, the contractions were still at 5mins apart and wasn’t so painful, besides there was a lot of time to recover in between contractions. The residents checked my stats and did an IE, I was 1 cm still but with the contractions they called my OB, Dra. Datu. Since I was term already, she already advised the residents to admit me. They asked hubby to get a room already and gave him my clothes (I was asked to wear a hospital gown na) while I was sent to the Labor room. My OB arrived around 7 am, did another IE and checked my contractions, and asked that I be given buscopan for the cervix.

9:00 am - OB did another IE, I was 2cm, contractions still at 5min apart, pain was still bearable. I was bored….

11 am - I was given an IV already, and a little later the OB burst my water bag. At first there was no pain, but later on I started feeling the contraction come at 3 minutes apart. By this time I was already given another dose of painkillers so I felt so groggy already. But the pain really progressed and by 4pm I was already squirming in pain

4pm - I was wheeled into the Delivery Room and given an epidural. Because of the painkillers I was still so groggy but they won’t let me sleep. After that they started to teach me how to push. A few pushes later, when the OB can feel the head already, they were all over me and asking me to push harder. They asked 2 interns to push my tummy to help the baby out. That was the bulk of the pain since I couldn’t breathe!!!! I was ok from the hips down but the pain of the additional push was so much because there was no painkiller there!!! I stopped being demure already and gave out sounds when I pushed…. Like I said, because the pain of the additional push was much more than the pain of getting the baby out.

4:33 pm - After so many pushes, the baby was out. I wasn’t able to hold her but I was still able to hear her cry. The OB asked me to sleep already, and I guess I did, because next thing I know I was already in the recovery room.

7:00pm - I was wheeled to our room. After they left me and when I saw hubby, I started to cry. Despite all the pain of the labor I didn’t cry through the ordeal, but when I saw my husband, I couldn’t help it. My parents, my sister and my nephew and niece came awhile later. They didn’t get to see the baby because the viewing time was only 6-7pm. They left around 9pm. Around 11pm, my high school friends, Jeff and Marione and Ken came to visit. Apparently they were still planning a baby shower but it came quite late. :-p

We didn’t get to room-in the baby until Friday afternoon. But it was really worth the wait. Hubby was already so mad because he couldn’t see the baby. My in-laws came also on Friday as well as my other sisters on Friday night. Saturday the OB already gave the discharge orders, so did the pedia. We were able to leave the hospital around 1pm.

If you ask me, it was so worth it, and the normal delivery was great because I’m now ablke to move around. And taking care of the baby is such a sweet task. Its really true, there’s such a thing as mother’s instinct. I never took care of a baby before, but taking care of Jessica now made me realize all it takes is confidence, and lots and lots of love. :-)