Saturday, July 15, 2006


Funny when I think about the fact that lunchtime yesterday I blogged in the office about workload mellowing down a bit, only to go home at almost 8pm yesterday from the office and then taking home work besides. huh. so much for hoping. oh well. i therefore conclude that I do work efficiently. It is just that work comes faster than it goes. For every 3-4 transactions that I get to pull out and finish, there comes 5-6 more, and so the cycle goes. Oh well, hopefully next week things will be better, and besides I'm committing to being a good student from now on. No more absences. Swear!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Things have mellowed down a bit (testimony of it being that I am now writing on my blog at 1 pm). There are a lot of stuff I need to be doing as well for other projects, and this afternoon I'll deal with that. I'm lagging a up when it comes to acads, but this weekend I intend to spend time with my books while hubby will be working the whole day. That, and I wanna iron our clothes for a change. Hubby is complaining that he doen't like the smell of the clothes (most especially the whites) when he wears them, and I'm yet to find out what is wrong. So i intend to do the ironing tomorrow night because I usually use Downy when I iron to sprinkle so its easier to iron.

Anyways, just a sidestory. Last night we had a despedida for Cathy, one of my e-proc barkada. So nice that we got together (all of us) for dinner. Will post the pics soon, but I wanted to blog about is because I feel happy and sad about seeing them. Happy because I haven't seen them i a while and its always such fun to be with them. Sad because with Cathy leaving, that would be the two of us gone and well, admittedly, we are moving on. We're growing up and chasing our dreams. I know I have. My last two years in SMC gave me the chance to pursue masters, but it also made me grow up and chase my dreams, which is also why I left. I know its for the best. In a few years time I'd have a family, and everything I'm doing now is really for them.

Oh, and last night when I got home hubby was so sad and serious, unlike his usual, makulit mood. I got really worried that he's making "tampo" over my being so busy these days. He didn't even want to watch a movie, even when I brought home The Matrix series and LOTR. Turns out he was just tired since he was also exercising. Oh well. I did promise to myself that I'd make it up to him after the midterms and the busy weeks ahead. And I'll do that, promise.

Its so nice to be blogging again. :-)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sequel to the busy blues

like i said in my previous post, i'm expecting way a lot of work this week. and as it turned out, it was worse than i had imagined. haaaah! instead of taking the work of 1 of my colleagues only, guess what -- yup, i got more than that.
tuesday morning my boss approached me, saying that i'll be taking over temporarily the work of another colleague, next week, when she attends a one-week induction program for new hires (i went ahead of her, remember?, since I specifically said I wanted to attend the induction first). Knowing the other colleague (the one who is really leaving for another section of the department) will be around next week, I said ok. After lunch though, the colleague of mine who is going to the induction next week, got the flu and had to take a leave the following day to rest. So what happened was that we advanced her turnover and now, since the other colleague i mentioned will be out Wednesday to Friday this week., I'm handling 3 responsibilities. yay!!!!
i tell you, its so hard trying to fill in for 3 shoes. Why you say? Because our individual days are usually full, so I will have to do three days-worth of work into one day...
on one hand though, I do think the added responsibility was an indication, at the very least, of how my boss is satisfied with the way I work, otherwise she wouldn't have trusted me with that much responsibility so soon, right. I guess I just realize that this is actually a great way of showing the people around us that yes, I'm good at what I do. :-)
but then again, pardon me for releasing my exhaustion on this blog and treating it as a shock absorber. After all, this is my blog, so I have every right to blabber here. bwahahahaha!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekday blues

huh... what i very busy monday. and i foresee another very busy week ahead of me. I'm set to get some part of the workload that my colleague is leaving behind becauze she'll be moving to another section of the department. part of the workload will temporarily be transferred to me, and turnover will start tomorrow, which means that added to the weekly load I have, there's more to come. huh.... and next week is midterms already. geez.... this promises to be a really rough month and a half. its a good thing i have the time to blog now... hehehe... at least this is the time to gain back some energy and let go of my stress... haaaayyyy....

just to clear my head, at least till i sleep tonight, here are my deliverables for the week:
  1. Finish final template for caps bidding (work).
  2. Read chapters 1-10 of Intl Business Book: Midterms July 18, 2006
  3. Read URACO Case
  4. Read Barrings Bank Case
  5. Read at least one Strat Man Article
  6. Bring clothes to laundry for pressing
There are a hundred and one more things I need to do, but right now i'm much too tired to list them all down. Hay.... and its only monday! Can't we have longer weekends please????

Sunday, July 09, 2006

walang magawa

hehehe.... we're a couple sooo addict to the PC. imagine spending a whole afternoon together -- but not quite. with the dsl now connected to the desktop pc and the laptop connected via LAN to the PC, we are now two people together in one room and not talking! bwahahhaha!!! grabe so much for techies talaga ito. si tabs naglalaro ng Frozen throne. Ever syempre, whenever we're at home e yun lang naman libangan nya - at manood ng DVD, which we ran out of -- mostly napanood na at di pa inuulit ulit. hehe... me naman, finished my part of the paper already for international business. at gustuhin ko naman na maging dakilang inday at magplantsa e tinatamad naman ako... malamang dadalhin ko na lang to sa laundry. bwahahaha....

ang saya-saya since naikabit namin both the PC and the laptop to the dsl. its fun kasi i don't have to bore myself with other things while tabs is playing - kasi naman pag ako nanood ng DVD at busy sya maglaro, magtatampo.... :-P medyo napapadalas tuloy and kaka-check sa friendster. naggawa na rin tuloy ako ng testimonials. la lang. trip ko lang.

now i'm slightly finished with my part in the paper, my reaction paper for tomorrow, and so tinatamad ako mag-aral na naman. shucks.... midterms pa naman next week.... ahuhuhu....

anyhoo... been visiting other blogs as well, and reading N@W's recent posts on having a second child. Syempre wala pa nga kami ni isa, pero I've asked tabs his POV on the matter - and its a definite YES for it. simple lang naman sagot nya, medyo brutal nga lang: "Eh kung matanda na kayo, tapos mamatay 1 anak, e di wala na!".... Medyo barbaric anoh? But really very true din. Kasi if you think about it, ang hirap ng only child. A lot of the answers I read from the sharing are positive naman for having kids, and one that strikes me is that they say that God will provide. So true.

which makes me want to have kids already!!!!! waaaah!!!! its 5 months or so na lang till we finally allow ourselves to get pregnant, coz its the time i don't have to travel na to school until the comprehensive exams. but whenever i look at blogs of people who more or less got married the same time I did, gosh, inggit ako when i read that they're pregnant already! and same thing when I see little babies. I know naman that we have the right reasons for delaying it a few more months, and I really do think that it's also good that we have had the time to adjust to our married life na before we have kids. thankfully, ok naman na kame, the part few months I guess we've already learned to adjust to our lives together, and thankfully wala ng mga huge fights over petty matters. as in. we've learned to laugh at ourselves even over our misunderstandings. tabs, i know also wants to have a baby already. me din -- On November I'll stop taking OC to allow my body to adjust so it can start producing eggs already, hopefully by January we can get pregnant na (fingers crossed!).


Roughly 2 and a half years ago, I set my mind on pursuing my post-graduate degree. For me it was the best time to start it, after all, I was 25: young and still single. It would be something for me. And besides, at that time my workload in the office wasn't heavy, i could easily leave the office after exactly 9 hours of work.
I first took application forms from Ateneo Graduate School of Business. After all, they only required a minimum of 1 year work experience (I had more than 2 years, shy of 3 years by only a few months). Then, on the day I came back to UP to get my recommendation forms from my former college, I happened to pass through the UP Business Administration Bldg. and asked my self if I should dare ask for a form. And I did. I then took my chances, took the admission exams and passed - for the full time program. Of course I couldn't give up work, so I appealed to the good graces of the UP MBA Program Director to allow me into the part-time program.. to which he agreed after seeing my credentials. Took the summer classes, after which I passed the final qualifying exams which officially made me part of the program.
The first year had been rough, there were assignments all the time, case studies, lectures over stuff I didn't have any background with (Accounting) and subjects my brain refused to take in (Economics). There were classes Monday to Friday except Wednesdays. And Saturdays we usually had to meet with groupmates to do casework or projects. Looking back, the first year was definitely the toughest of them all.
It was also financially-challenging. When I started, I had to plot all my bonuses well into the future as tuition fees. I quietly resigned myself to the fact that, for the next 3 years of my life, I would have no bonus to spend for myself. Till now, whenever its enrolment period, I get silently depressed.
But more than the financial burden and the lack of quality time for myself, the program was nothing like I'd ever imagined post-grad school to be. true, there were days when you don't feel like going to class, days when you come to class and not listen. But more than that, the learnings are so much more. I learned about stuff I would not have understood had I stuck to my bachelors degree. In Engineering they taught us all about theories, plant design, math, etc. But in MBA they teach us Accounting, Management control, Human Resource Management, Strategy. All the stuff incorporated into real life experiences of the Professors and the students/professionals themselves. Every bit of it (except for some subjects, which I repeat, will always be Greek to me!) was worth learning, and worth paying for with my bonuses.
Finally, and I think, as important as the previous paragraph, was the fact that I gained more friends. These are friends I knew I'd always cherish, just as much as high school or college friends. Every once in a while we'd go out for dinner, and these dinners were truly heartwarming. These guys are some of the wittiest, cleverest people one would hope to meet, and I'm happy they came into my life. MBA would never be the same without these guys.
Now that I'm a few months shy of getting my degree (one and a half sems plus comprehensive exams, to be exact), I'd look forward to the days when I can go home straight after work, or go malling perhaps. And spend my bonuses on clothes and shoes, or techie gadgets, or save it for the future. But I'd also be sad, knowing I won't see my friends as often.

hayyy... feeling senti lang, this early I feel like I'm really gonna miss my friends. ...
sooo weird to feel senti over something I'll feel in the future. hehehe....

till next post. hopefully I can post more often.... duhhhh....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

all things hectic

I miss blogging (so, so much!!!). before i transferred to another workplace, I had lots of time in the office. I could do a lot of things at work and end up with time in my hands at night. now, work hours are reserved (with excess, i might add) for work, and i rarely have time for myself. of course, home also needs a lot of attention, and admittedly, i've been amiss of some responsibilities at the homefront as well. For instance, i haven't waxed the floor since I can remember. I still do laundry at home (and usually more often than once a week) but i don't do the pressing anymore because it tires me too much, and hubby wholeheartedly agrees that i shouldn't be doing that anymore. Plus, I very rarely cook nowadays, because when I get home I'm too tired. waaaah!!!! i guess i need to get more adjusted to work and school and home... more pa! ooooh.... one and a half sems to go and MBA is over!!!! sad to miss old friends of course, but I'm very happy to finally be able to have a NORMAL family. and also to start planning for the baby!

On to more news. Last weekend tabs and I finally went to Davao, our much awaited second honeymoon! this was a pre-planned trip we had way back March when Cebu Pacific had this Php 10 fair ongoing, and we were lucky enough to get rountrip tickets to Davao for only 4000 (for the two of us already). It was also fortunate that I got a small bonus from the office that allowed me to book our hotel there, the Grand Regal Hotel. It was at 2600 but I got company rates so its only for Php 2115 a night, and the rooms were pretty grand (yes we were happy with the room, with its king-sized, really comfortable bed).

I will post pics and kwento of davao soon, and I also hope "soon" I can finish my blog postings in one sitting so my trail of thoughts don't go away!!!!

thanks pala to all those who dropped by!