Sunday, June 22, 2008

typhoon frank

today we experienced the first flooding in our new home. well, not exactly in our house. it was down the street actually. hmmm... I'd say my weekend at home was eventful, to say the least. First, I short-circuited a switch which ended up burning a fuse, then in the afternoon we had visitors, hubby's parents and his aunt, who also came coz she wanted to see our place as well as to inquire re our loan. apparently when they applied for the loan for the balance of the condo unit they bought they did not get any mortgage quotes, and now, after three months, they are still waiting for loan approval. Ours came after 5 days, and I'm quite happy about that part, otherwise we probably won't be here right now.
Anyhow, the typhoon Frank came over this morning and decided to make a mess of Metro Manila. We all woke up around 5:30 because of the gusty winds, and then there was no electricity. and then around lunchtime, the flooded waters of antipolo came through the subdivision. There was literally water all over the streets. Good thing our house was really elevated so there was no worry on the mess it'd make to the appliances and furniture. The water subsided after a couple of hours, but well, seeing that much water outside was still scary. :-)

still searching for the prepaid plus

i've found a place near the office that sells the sim cards for the landline prepaid plus, unfortunately its still out of stock and I would have to wait probably for a longer time now. Its sad because I like the features of the sim, its like having a cellphone with a landline number. Really cool if you ask me. I still have an old SE750i with a micro sd that I can still use with the landline plus sim, plus some memory to catch some more pics. I sometimes use the pics for some office work, though I honestly don't know if my office laptop accepts the micro sd as a removable drive. And I haven't found any trick yet to access it. :-p nevertheless, I will still keep looking for the landline plus sim, something I really know I want.

trip to HK

We actually have a trip scheduled to Hongkong this November, unfortunately am not in such a good mood lately to mull over it. Maybe I'll get excited come September or October. But right now, well, the experience of moving into a new home has been in my mind the past few weeks, and they seem to be occupying my thoughts and will be occupying my thoughts for the next few weeks more. Nevertheless, I've come to think that since we will be bringing with me my darling daughter, Jess, then I would have to buy us some luggage bags, since the ones we have right now are rather small ones. That will have to wait till October though, things are crazy these days at home and at work. Believe me when I tell you, I want a new job!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

on window blinds

this morning the person I called to yesterday with regards to re-upholstering our sala set came by. actually my main concern with them is to have a quotation for the re-upholstery of the sala set, and to ask how much it would cost to have my first sala set covered. We kinda kept underneath its plastic sheets because we didn't want it to turn black of dust. I also asked them how much it would cost to have some curtains made. he didn't give me a quotation, though it seems to me they are expensive with their service. 6,500 just for labor charges on upholstery is a lot. I can only guess how expensive it would also be to have those curtains made, which is sad, because I wanted to get rid of the window blinds for a change in atmosphere. it looks like it will actually be cheaper to just buy the ready-made ones in Divi. That is the next thing on my agenda, well at least once I get me some money. heehhe...

jessica's nursery

jessica's nursery is by far the most loved room in our new house. we all like it there, because of the ambiance and the fact that it is really the most convenient place to be with (except of course, for the kitchen, which i my personal favorite also). we always get a relaxed feel staying there. even if jessica is asleep. we normally stay there just to watch tv and keep a watch on jess, which is more convenient to do when the little tyke is sleeping. because if she's awake, all you will be able to do is watch over her while she is busy with baby gifts to her. toys, learning stuff, and stuffed toys alike. its such a good thing she has the dora tent there, all her stuffed animals are there and not accumulating dirt and grime. needless to say, i love that room very much. :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

catching up

Im now playing catch up with all my post backlogs. And believe me, they are a lot. So please be don't surprised to see plenty of new posts from me because this is something I have to do now. I won't have any more time to do it in the weekdays so I'll have to do this now. Good thing there is already LAN connection in our bedroom, and my dell memory is around 2GB. Its fast for me, and actually when I open up my adobe photoshop files they open up easily, though I have not really tried to do an actual layout in my office laptop since I use it the whole day at work, and then sometimes leave it in the office at night, or sometimes just take it home and do nothing. hahahaha.... Ok, so I still download a LOT of scrapbook kits. Pardon me, but its my biggest weakness. Seriously.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

lots of space to fill

Its just so nice whenever I realize that there is still some space to fill in our home. I'm excited to have some funds to be able to buy some stuff for the house, not that it really needs anything more all that much. some basic stuff would do anyways. But of course that doesn't stop me from wanting to have some nice-to-haves, such as patio furniture for example. After all, a 3-car garage which holds only 1 car is kinda sad. hehehehe... but I'm sure we will get to that. soon.

long due postings

whew!!! been able to blog after the longest, and I mean the longest time. Its so sad I don't even get to post as much as I want nowadays. Understandable though. Jessica's yaya is on vacation, we have moved, and in between there are a whole lot of stuff we attended to in the past few weekends. Now that we've moved though, I understand there might be quite a few events to come my way, so I can have my much needed rest. Hmmm... I still owe the suppliers' ratings for Jessica's first bday and the details of the BIG MOVE, but that can wait. Anyhow, Cathy's wedding is coming up and I'd also have to prepare for that. Another whew. Another thing to do. I would have to buy me sexy shoes next week when I get back to work. Sexy silver shoes, that is. That's because that's what would match my dress for Cathy's wedding. Hay.

will post some more soon!