Sunday, January 25, 2009


One thing I don't look forward to having to turnover work. And with my upcoming resignation, its needless to say that I would have to plan this part and turnover well to the person who's going to handle my work. seriously. It would be such a hard job because I handle so many things! It may seem trivial, but since I handle the biggest brands its going to be a headache both for me and for the new one to handle it.
There's just too many projects and too many stuff to do.
Plus I would need to inform my suppliers that I will leaving them soon, and for good! Its sad for me too, but its something i need to do too. I've made real good friends with a lot of my suppliers, and its just so sad to have to leave them all so soon and so suddenly. I'll truly miss all of them. :-(

Keeping tab of memories

I've been considering getting a camcorder for us. That way we can take videos of all the important memories of the family. Some we already have on pics, but the future ones, it would be nice to record them and get to watch them a few years from now. Its going to be a while still, I have so many priorities at the moment, but even so, its one of the things on my I-want-to-buy list. Hope in 2 years time, at least before Jessica goes to school, we can have one already. Hmmmm. I still do have a lot to buy in my wishlist though. hahaha.

back on track - jenn's comeback

just when you would have thought that i have abandoned my blog(s) forever, well' here i am, back to the blogging world. and hopefully for good. Pardon such a long hiatus from all this, there has been so many things that happened in the past few months I have not been able to update for the longest time. For instance, we went to HK, baguio, and last month I went to batangas. And I haven't been able to blog about any of it just yet. so ok, I owe everyone, big time.

but just the same, a quick update, hopefully I can get back on the rhythm in the next couple of days as I slowly unwind. Because, and here comes the news.... I'll be leaving my current company and joining another one.

Why blog about it? Well, it was an extraordinary story. Believe me. It came and went just like that, and just as unexpectedly, I never realized that my life, and my future, could change as fast as it did last week.

What happened? Thursday morning I got a text message from a headhunter, inquiring if I am interested in applying for an opportunity at this large FMCG company. I said yes, of course. He asked me to apply to the job at the company's website. Went there, found out I've already applied for it sometime in December, I think. After a while he says ok, then texts me again asking what time its convenient for a phone interview. So I said 2pm. He calls me up, interviews me. After an hour or so he sets up another interview, this time with the hiring managers, and after a while tells me that they will call up at 4:30. And a few minutes before 4:30 they already called up, apparently they are in a rush, and interviews me for a while also.

A few minutes after, they call up to ask if we can meet up after work to further discuss. So I said ok. Left early from the office. We get to talking in Sta lucia, and they tell me about the job, the details of it, and asks a few more questions. They told me frankly what the offer amount would be, and in a number of words, offers me the job. Well, it was somewhere between an offer and a please consider. They did tell me most of what I needed to know, where they would want to take me, as part of for a future with the company, the benefits of working there. The promise of a challenging future, and possibly as part of succession planning. They gave me a few hours. Well, it was 8pm and I needed to decide before lunch the next day.

When I got out, I immediately called up good friend Jerome, told him what happened. He encouraged me to take the offer. The position was good and promising. One vote for the new company. I asked my ex-boss for advise. Another vote for the new company. Hubby says go for it! so that made three. I thought about it in my sleep even, I had a headache when I got up. Geez. Part of me (the bigger part of me) wanted to take this job. But part of me, while not denying it, must be in shock with the way things went! A day ago, I was worried about all the pending items in my inbox, the unread mails, and the pending projects. The next day I was considering my future in a new company.

At around 9 am my mind was made up. I called my would-be boss and told him I would accept if they would choose me. And asked for a few concessions. He said they will decide by 2pm who would be offered the job. Ok that's good. I decided to inform my boss, as an FYI. I explained of course, about the urgency of everything. She was shocked. Can't blame her, I was in shock myself. After a while, during lunch I learned that she had spoken to the Purchasing Head about it already, even if I had informed her that I was not sure yet since they were due to decide that afternoon. She was leaving after lunch so I figure she just decided to let everyone know anyway.

At 2:10 I got the call from my would-be-boss, inviting me to go to the office in the afternoon. To sign the offer. Wow. I said: "Does this mean its me?", hehe... I had to clear it up, I wouldn't want to have any misconceptions, you know. And he confirmed it. so that's it. I landed a new job, in a record of 2 days with job offer signing. I thought things like that didn't happen to people like me. I heard it happen to other people, but not to me. But it did. And yes, it makes me happy, and important.

What I like about my new job:
- The position was what I was aiming for for the last few years since I graduated MBA.
- I will be having direct reports, 6 of them, I think.
- The company is respectable, the brand is number one in terms of its market share.
- The exposure was different from my current one, allowing me to expand my knowledge and growth.
- Job offer was above my current, which is great for us financially.

What I will miss:
- My friends! The two closest to me: anj and jerome. They were already like sisters to me and knew everything about me. It will be such a loss for me.
- The office. I love my current office. I love the benefits. I like most of the people in my department, and apart from the ups and downs, I believe I have already made a lot of contributions, and would at least be remembered as a good member of the team. Well... things do happen without us realizing it, and there are leaps of faith that we sometimes have to jump to in order to survive.

PS. A few years back, I put it in my long term goals that at 30, I should already be a manager. Its heartwarming to know that I will reach that goal, almost exactly as I turn 30. :-)