Friday, March 13, 2009

The Crocs Megasale - mega-tiring!!!

Tired is an understatement. I feel sooo exhausted after today. Never realized how tiring it was, really. Here's a short rundown of the day that was.

The announcement for the sale was 10-8pm. Naturally I was not in such a big hurry to get to the sale in meralco avenue, ortigas. It came as a shock that there was a huge traffic jam around the place and everybody seemed to be on their way to the sale. Good thing I saw someone I knew there (Thanks stips!) so I saved some 30minutes of queueng time to get inside. Once inside the area, there was a huge commotion there and there were so many people there already. The stocks were all over the place and the queue to pay at the cashier was also just as long it was shocking. It took me around 2 hours (12-2) to get the stuff I wanted and another 3 hours to just finish lining up to pay. So I ended up using the whole day just to stay at the sale. It was not a loss though, I was able to get really nice crocs and the prices were hugely discounted too. But just to give you an idea, here's a shot of the place inside.

That from the point where I stood in line. and at the end of the tent, that's where the cashiers were.
Stocks were all over the place. People go around to get the stuff they need, it seemed the best and fastest way.

And here are the stuff I got from the sale:
Pelican Winnie - From 1850 down to 740 (6o% off)
Minnie Janes - From 1850 down to 740 (60% off)
Kids Cayman - From 1475 down to 590 (60% off)
Women's Juneau - From 2350 down to 1410 (40% off)
Alice - from 2350 down to 1175 (50% off)
Sobek black - From 2500 to 1000 (60%)

Venture Canvass - From 3700 to 740 (80% off)

Tikali black - from 3500 to 1400 (60% 0ff)

Good buys huh? Of course it was shocking to see the people in front of me spending like 10-12k in their buys. whew. happy.... but tired. If you're eyeing just one or two pairs, I don't think it will be worth it.