Monday, July 13, 2009

Items for sale

I'm doing some cleaning up of the items I can afford to let go off (I'm sorta making this a regular habit, because I dont want to accumulate too much of the stuff at home and realize that I'll need to let of it soon anyway because I need some home and shelf space.

1. Leapfrog Little Touch Leappad system - barely used (only 4-5 times). My baby has many toys and sadly, this is one she is not interested in too much, she looks at it then moves on to the next toy. I'm selling it for Php 2,300, will include already all the books we have of it: Pooh loves you, Mr. Brown can moo, Let's get busy baby and A to Z adventure (still unopened). The other 3 books were also barely used. Price exclusive of shipping. Box is intact. It doesn't come with the backpack since the item was bought in the states for me. Here are some pics:
2. My Child's Health Journal baby book - This is much like a baby book only its a bit more focused to health. Bought it at Rockwell Fully Booked (impulse buy, hehe) but never got to use it na. Selling it for 250 exclusive of shipping.

3. The Milk Memos book - How real moms learned to mix business with babies - and how you can too. It was a book I never really got to read. New pa talaga (with tag price). SRP is 529, selling it for 200 na lang excluding shipping.

All for now. Will post as soon as I get to add more stuff to sell.

Friday, July 03, 2009

meeting up with friends

I just had a sumptuous lunch with my friends from Nestle today, and I enjoyed it every bit. Now I have to reminisce all the times we actually spent together, and I really, really miss having them around. They were the type of friends you can maturely talk to about all the issues in life. And since they were all were smart guys and gals, its always a good brain exercise to be speaking with them. Like I always said, I never had any regrets for trying the life outside, but, if I were to free-handedly choose which company I would like to go back to, I would choose Nestle without a blink of an eye. Why, because I love the people I worked with there. My officemates were my close friends and I never had to pretend to be anyone else for them. The work environment was hard, yes, but if when I weigh now the friendship + benefits + compensation, its so far the best. :-)
Well, I don't have to be working for Nestle to keep my friends, but just the same, I'd just like to say they were truly best friends and I miss them all!