Tuesday, September 27, 2005

house pics

just wanted to show some pics of our new apartment (the one where i will also live in come december, syempre di pa lang ngayon.) :-p Anyways just to let you see how weeks of preps have made the place homey already, and definitely a good place to live in already.
The Sala aka dining place. No sofa yet since we don't have any funds for that, but hopefully after the wedding we will.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The kitchen. My favorite place. Tomorrow I plan to cook some pasta for dinner. Tiring to cook but its well worth it to get some compliments from my h2b.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The room: showcasing the airconditioner. hahahaha.... Tabs worked on insulating the aircon hole which was waaay too large. I think he really did pretty well. The shoe rack becomes additional shelf space, but mind you when I move in, I get the three layers there and tabs gets 1. bwahahahaha....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The bed (mattress). Just as we cannot yet afford the sofa, so with the bed frame. And since its obvious that having a bed is just a plus, we agreed to just buy the mattress in the meantime and the bed later when, again, we have the money.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Its as tiring as it is fulfilling to finally have a place to live in after the wedding. And while I really love to do the preps for the wedding, going to the apartment to cook and do house chores have become a habit as well. Yay for the additional expenses incurred, but seeing tabs more often has been rewarding enough. Makes me realize all the more just how much I love him and how much I look forward to sharing my life with him. Its like being head over heels in love all over again. :-) pardon the mushiness, but this is my blog after all, and i have all the right to gush over my newly found happiness. :-)
Well, having seen tabs live all by himself there and eventually sharing the life together. You tend to see small things you learn from each other as really big steps. For instance, I've known myself to be really neat, a bit on the OC side, but not to the point that I fight with tabs over some kalat. :-) I acknowledge the fact that tabs grew up in a terribly disorganized environment, and I've come to accept that it will be my role to see to it that the house won't be in disarray. Tabs, for his part, is not the type to tear apart the place, and I'm not about to let him. hehehe... ang gulo ko. What I'm driving at is that I've been an OC house cleaner. I sweep the floor everytime I'm there, wash all the dishes (if any), wash the sink, mop the bathroom floor so its dry. Things like that.
Tabs naman sings pala. hehehe.... never seen him do that. I think he likes the fact that I visit him often, except that I won't be sleeping there, he's happy someone's there to take care of him sometimes.
Small things: "Waaahhhh, ang konti ng palaman!" - his text to me when the sandwich I made him for lunch didn't exactly have as much palaman as he anticipated. hehehe....
I love this husband of mine. :-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

68 days to go and counting

Yep! A little over just 2 months to go! Whew. And we started preps at 14 months before the wedding (official engagement date is October 5). Wow is all I can say. Time flies fast, and with many things to do it seems even faster.

Contrary to most brides I am not in panic mode right now. I'd like to think I'm still on the right track when it comes to the preps. So far, the biggest things on my to-do list are as follows:

1. Prenups at Tagaytay - scheduled on October 2
2. Distribute invites - scheduled weekends of October, but have to send out out-of-the-country invites this week.
3. Pre-cana seminar and interview - hopefully a weekend in October. I'm planning to drop by ICC sana this sat, October 1, but have to check out what office hours are.
4. Finish wrapping all gifts - so far, done with all PS, BM, GM, SS. Need a gift for the MOH and Bestman. Hay. Still looking around for gifts for them, though I might be able to give my MOH a lipstick of so. :-) That leaves just the Bestman to worry about. Souvenirs will hopefully be finished by end of the week.
5. Bring gown top (Corset) to Ready-to-Wed for final fitting. The spag straps are still too loose.
6. Ento attire and mom's attire are still in the making, sent the dp to the modista already and hopefully I won't suffer any headaches from her kundi.... hay. Tabs' dad will be arriving sometime October so we will have to sked their attires pa (Tabs' dad, brothers (Groomsmen).
7. AVP - for reception - will wait for the prenup pics of course. sayang naman ang effort. Although I'd still have to squeeze this in kasi dami na rin work starting next week. This also includes streamers for Windmills.
8. Burn music for ceremony and reception.
9. Other stuff to buy: dressing up attire, accessories for the hair, bracelets. Syempre dapat maganda pa rin! hehehe... and I'd have to also but tabs that watch he's been asking for as a gift. :-)
10. Have missallete approved and photocopied. For the members of the entourage lang. Others have to watch na lang. Baka magbasa lang sila buong mass e.

That's not too much, given that I can work on one thing in a few days I think I'm still ok. :-) The most stressful detail I think right now is having to go to all the sponsors and meeting up with the invitees to give them their invites. hay.

On the homefront! Finished moving in most of the stuff. We have almost everything needed for a home, except the microwave, tv, washing machine, bedframe, and sofa. First three will be gifts so needn't worry about it. I even ventured on cooking caldereta for my darling husband to be. Thanks to the recipe from Del Monte which I got in one of those bridal mags, it was a hit. We had it for dinner and there was still enough for tabs to take to lunch the following day.
I had originally planned to cook him breakfast and dinner every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, days when I don't have class. Oh, did I say only tabs sleeps at the apartment? I have not officially moved in because that will have to wait till December 3. :-) So anyway, we decided it was too tiring and too expensive (transport fare and all) so it'll just be mornings or evenings. Evenings that I don't have class meetings of course. But all in all that works fine for me because I also want to see to it that he eats right and that stuff around the house are organized. Not to say, of course, that Tabs doesn't clean house. He does, but since he gets home late there might be stuff he won't be able to do.

What have I learned? We are not actually living together since I don't sleep there, but having said that, potentially sharing an apartment with tabs has taught me a few things already. Number 1: I like the house neat, and I mean no unwashed dishes, clean floors, i want the bedsheets stretched out, pillows neatly placed on the bed. In fairness to my future husband, he is quite neat at home as well, so I need not worry about any fights over trivial kalat around the house.
I realized I really would like to learn how to cook. Two breakfasts and three dinners after, I know I still have a lot of work to do, I've only been able to cook one real meal, the rest have been more like breakfasts. hehe...
I also learned that tabs will sleep whenever he can, he himself has a lot of stuff to learn, but I'm glad that when I step into the house I find that it is still clean. hehehe....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

pics! pics! pics!

here are my utang pics of our real apartment, the invites, and the souvenir and PS gifts. enjoy!!!!

Apartment pics!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Invites by Unifair
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wedding favors : Wind chimes made by Ronald and Nerissa Baluyot (pm me for details)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Drotsky Wines for Male PS
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Large windchimes for Female PS (also from Ronald and Nerissa)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

lots of updates

haven't blooged for a while, too many stuff have been happening lately: wedding preps, moving into the house, acads, etc.
tomorrow (sept 21) tabs will be moving into the new apartment. Its really a "we" except that I won't be sleeping there till after the wedding, those most details there I've taken care of myself. I bought the mattress last Sat morning and it'll be delivered tom as well. Sunday morning we went to the plastics store to buy more stuff for the house: whistling kettle, dish fryer, rolling cabinet, plates. Sunday afternoon tabs and I looked at the apartment to see how its doing and its really nice already, there were already tiles in the kitchen counters and the bathroom walls. All they needed to do was finish the tiles in the bathroom floor, install the lavatory, 2nd coating of the walls and doors, and finally repainting of the floor tiles. Considering they started on Wednesday last week, they were really pretty fast. :-) We were also able to pay for the aircon and the ref, and we got a free electric fan and electric kettle free. weeeeh!!! today I also ordered the dining set. All the stuff will be delivered tomorrow, so I'll be on leave to wait for all the deliveries. teeheehee.... :-)
Wed preps: Additional accomplishments:
- finished wrapping Female PS favors
- finished Magnet favors for suppliers
- bought materials for wrapping of chimes souvenirs
- bought confetti, bubbles
- got invites
- finished printing names on invites

To dos:
- finish souvenirs, pack and seal all souvenirs
- go to RTW and have gown top resized
- compile songs for wedding
- prenups session - First sat of october
- finish AVP
- distribute invites - waaahhhh!!!!

konti na lang actually ang kulang ko, and once tabs is settled na at his place i'd have more time for preps ulit. :-)
dami ko utang na pics, will post pics of the house, the invites and the souvenirs next time (bagal ng photobucket ryt now).
have to go, may class pa.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

on work: i'm officially a part of the SMBD (read: San Miguel Beer Division) family. I've been officially transferred from the Corporate Procurement Unit. One good thing: no more customer relations work once a month. teeheehee. we just finished our modules 1-3 exam yesterday, damn it was easy, well at least the degree of the exam was way ok compared to what i've already studied so far, do i guess that's good. now i'm officially on a vacation, yet tonight i'd be enrolling because school starts next week already. Time flies so fast, next saturday tabs and i can take a peek into our real apartment unit!

on to preps: I've already finished the luminaries and had a fun time demo-ing to my officemates how it would look like. hehehe... i know, need to post pics too. the luminaries really didn't cost too much! i spent less than 200 pesos for it i guess, each luminary is around 1/4 of a cartolina, and what i just did was to make it into a paper bag, but before doing that i had to use my craft punchers to make small shapes to be taped to the cartolina, this will provide a design to the luminary when lighted. It really looks good. I'll try to take a pic of it. when i'm in the mood.

preps to do's for the week: arrange documents: photocopy and review contracts, church requirements. re-print missalettes (uh-oh). wrap/package gift to entourage.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

moving in sked

just talked to our landlady to be a while ago regarding the skeds for moving into the apartment, well actually tabs will be the only one to move in there, but naturally a wifey to be like me would want to take care of him. My classes this term will be tuesdays & fridays and saturday mornings, that gives me monday, wednesday and thursdays to go to the apartment. In the mornings to cook/prepare breakfast, and in the evenings to cook dinner and do the other stuff needed there, laundy, ironing, cleaning the house. I can't leave the house dusty because my dear husband to be has asthma. He had an asthma attack this weekend and i know he had such a hard time.
but anyway, i called the landlady. The place will be renovated starting Sept 15, we'll probably look at the renovation on sept 17. We can move in by Sept 21. We'll arrange everything before then so deliveries can be made by the 24th. so far we've finished (rather : i've finished canvassing for the basic stuff we'd be needing, big expenses would be ref, aircon and the mattress. to follow the bed. i know, the aircon? well, the main cause of tabs' asthma attacks is the heat, especially when he is at home. so he really wants to buy the aircon first. Its his money we will be spending, so who am i to protest?
I've been tagged by Heidi and joy. So sorry ang tagal ko sumagot. Hirap nito ha! So here goes:

Seven Things That Scare Me
1. Losing tabs
2. Losing my family
3. Losing my pets
4. Not having kids
5. Losing my personality
6. End of the world (haha)
7. Calamities

Seven Things I Like The Most
1. Tabs - syempre!!!
2. MBA - i find i enjoy school as much as work that I don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't take up MBA.
3. My pets - 4 dogs at home, Bella-our rottweiler, our cat, my lory.
4. Scrapbooking
5. Beadmaking - it feels good when someone tells me they like what I'm wearing.
6. Family (both mine and Tabs)
7. Nature

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I'm working, studying, and doing preps at the same time. OC bride - 11 months into the preps I've dealt with 90% of it, and hoping there won't be any surprises to come.
2. I love Math. Well, I love some types of Math. hehe, algebra, engineering econ.
3. I love to learn. New hobbies, new thoughts. If I had the resources I'd probably have so much more things to do on my sleeve.
4. I'm not a TV person. I don't know the first and the last thing about soaps, tv series, and showbiz.
5. I dream of becoming my own boss. Someday soon, I hope.
6. I daydream a lot (especially before going to bed). Lately its about living in our apartment and being Tabs' wife.
7. I'm an internet freak. I like computers, I even played Diablo, Counter-strike, and Mu (Online Game).

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom (Rather, I'd like to put in our bedroom, kasi wla pa.)
1. Queen-size bed
2. Closets
3. Computer, study table, bookshelf
4. Wedding photos (soon)
5. lots of pillows
6. TV and DVD.
7. a mini-ref (i want!)

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Go around the world.
2. Have kids, lots of them
3. Have grandkids too!
4. Be a successful entrepreneur.
5. Have a vacation house somewhere, preferably near the beach.
6. Spend a romantic vacation with my husband in Paris
7. Have a lot of quality time with the ones I love the most

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Think
2. Be smart
3. Be good at chores (when I want to)
4. Be good at planning.
5. Be creative
6. Laugh a lot
7. Find something to learn everyday

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1. Swim
2. Play sports (almost all sports)
3. Sing
4. Dance
5. Drive
6. Buy all the things I want
7. Stay at a boring, routine job

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1. Sex appeal
2. Smile
3. Sexy (petite pala...)
4. Witty
5. Smart (I firmly believe I'm smart)
6. Confident
7. Optimistic

Seven Things I Say The Most
1. Nyek
2. Geez
3. Hon (for Honey)
4. Ganun? Di nga?
5. Hello!
6. Sus
7. Yeah, right

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1. Tom Cruise
2. Richard Gere
3. Brad Pitt
4. Aga Muhlach
5-7. wala na ko maisip

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1. Leslie
2. Tin ni Roland
3. Clarice
4. Arglene
5. Nice
6. Grace
7. Maricel