Sunday, October 30, 2005

A preview of our prenup pics. There are only three, since our photog wants to surprise us with the photo exhibit and the AVP. Hayyy... wish i could see more, but despite that, the ones I did see, I really fell in love with! sobrang ganda diba? :-) seems all the work we did that day at tagaytay paid off. as in!

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34 days to go. wow.... can't even begin to imagine marital bliss. :-) But we first have to go through the hard part... the wedding. The expenses. But hopefully, everything will pay off. :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

48 days and counting

oh my gosh!!!! 48 days!!! we've reached the 50-day mark and its becoming scary!

not in the sense that i'll regret everything of course. part of me is thrilled because we only have less than two months to be man and wife, but part of me will also miss being the daughter. and i realize i will be waking up to early to do house chores, waaah!!!!

namiss ko na magblog, nakalimutan ko na ata magsulat. huhuhu.... note to self: try to convince tabs to get a phone line so i can access the net at home whilst waiting for my husband. darn the internet at the office has blocked blogspot. Kainis!!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

missed blogging! haven't blog for quite some time. particularly because blogs have been blocked from our servers in the office. grrr.... hay.... nothing i can do about that i guess. anyway, been busy at school and at work also. I've already started with my new work assignment, which is buying promo and advertising materials for San Miguel Beer. Its really a challenging job (mostly about the part on dealing with the marketing peeps... hehe. Talking with suppliers and discussing stuff with them have been fun too. :-)

on the homefront, well, been going to apartment mornings when i have to start work at 9am. i really can't go at night after work because tabs finishes work quite late these days (minimum of 12 hours work.), though sometimes i do drop by with groceries and some cleaning, since in the mornings i don't have enough time (tabs would rather we sleep for another 30mins together. :-). so i haven't been doing any cooking as well. i'd probably just do that when we already live together. which by the way, is only 56 DAYS TO GO!!!!! and today is our 9 and a half years anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY!!!! Whew, no celebrations planned yet, but then i guess the fact that we see each other more often these days is reason enough to be happy. :-) like they say, its the little things that do count!

on the wedding preps, went to Rustans thursday lunch time and we've been scheduled for the bridal registry picking on November 2. Its getting more and more difficult to make schedules these past few weeks, even wihout looking at my calendars i know i'll be bidding all my weekends at home goodbye, its just too hectic. I intend to start giving out the invites soon, but as to how soon is still a question. :-( Oh, and I've already scheduled the turnover of wedding stuff to my Coords (Impromptu), so I guess after that I don't need so many more things to do, though listing down the guest list still require some time, which i lately don't have. :-p

i do hope i can blog a bit more. hay. next post hope i can list down my last to do's till dec 3.