Monday, September 17, 2007

long way from over

whew, i've been spending such busy days at work that i don't get the chance to blog as much even at home. Well, mostly because I spend my evenings with the baby and the husband, who, at this minute, are both sleeping like logs. Hubby is not feeling very well lately, been bugging him to see a doctor but to no avail, apparently he says he saw one but only for the colds he's been feeling in the mornings, not the asthma attacks or the eyes. it worries me so much but i know him to well to bug him just so much.
work is so hectic. i'd like to think i've been making pretty serious accomplishments for myself lately but there's never time to stop and look at them. everyday there are new to do's coming in, so there's no time to look back. i always said i would welcome any new opportunity that comes my way, and i still think i would. though i'm ok where i am now, it doesn't stop me from thinking that i can do more. but right now, since i get good benefits nevertheless, i'dsay its ok to stay till something better comes along.
jessica's turning to be as cute as we expected. today she's exactly four months old. and as advised by my supplier-friend, its good to cook misua for birthdays, so that's what i cooked today. i can't say its my favorite food, but its a change from the spaghetti-carbonara-spaghetti ritual of the past birthdays of jessica. anyhow, she's learning a lot, and i'm so proud! she can now hold some stuff: spoons, teether, her hair... my hair... yaya's hair... she already puts her hand on my face, and she babbles a lot already. its like chatting with a kid, only she's babbling. hehe... she likes to stand up always. and she's started tasting solid foods! yey! i only started her on cerelac and its more of a taste test. but its an understatement when they say babies are cute when they eat solids. its pure happiness seeing her face all covered up in cerelac! hahaha....
hmmm what else? i'm getting quite sleepy so pardon me if i continue posting another time. there are a lot of things i've been wanting to blog about but for now i just wanted to update.
hope to see you (very) soon!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

school is harder than ever

over the past few months since having a baby, I've been more attuned to listening to stories of parents about kids and anything related to parenting. One example is schooling. I've heard quite a few times that school isn't as easy as it was before... more for parents than for kids. Well, at least this must be the case mostly in private schools, where kids are expected to perform better or do projects well. So a lot of parents need an Innovative Tutor to help them along the way. And well, if it was me, and I'm still a career woman, I'd probably consider it to. Not to help my kids catch up with homework, hopefully, but to make them excel.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


miss me? been so busy with stuff that I haven't had much time to blog. hay. kinda sad really, i don't even have time to do paid posts. geez. whenever i get home the first priority is to really make time for jessica, and some time for hubby as well. whatever small time is left i get to sleep, and this weekend has also been busy. Saturday was my MIL's birthday so we spent the morning with hubby's family. In the evening I attended the wedding of my MBA friend, Mai, at Fernwood. At least I got the chance to meet up with my MBA girlfriends and have a laugh and chat and simply catch up on stuff. Sunday it was my niece's 7th birthday and we attended her Mcdonalds birthday party. So whew! it was a really busy weekend. I don't think I've had much rest during the weekend, which is kinda sad because I'm expecting an even busier weekend ahead of me. Hay. Here are some pics of Jessica with her MamaLa and PapaLo:

Jessica at 3 months!