Saturday, September 10, 2011

Car Maintenance

Ok, so today I had the new car scheduled for maintenance, its actually the third maintenance schedule for the 10,000km or 6months PMS (whichever comes first).  The sad thing about it is the mileage is only at 3,000 km. But since this is something we have to deal with because of the warranty, then it has to be done at the dealership.  Good thing about it is that hubby told the service advisor to use mineral oil instead of synthetic oil.  I mean, who needs expensive oil for 3 months use and like another 1000 km?  We barely use the car, I use it daily for a 4km trip to and from the office, so really, by how much can you really tire the car out, right.  So anyway, from the initial quotation of P 8,960, the actual bill came out at P5,894.47.  Whew, that's a whopping P2,000 off by just using mineral oil instead of synthetic oil.  The joys of having a husband who knows he's way around cars.  Now what I have to prepare for next is the next PMS, which comes around December. Whew another 5000 I think. :-(  Looking on the positive side, at least I am not paying for any amortization.  So this is enough I guess. :-)  Count your blessings, right?