Sunday, July 03, 2011

Week end ends.

Ok, so its 7:30 pm Sunday and there goes the weekend.  We've just had dinner. Stayed at home the whole day, and yesterday too.  Well, yesterday after work the yaya asked to go out, and the other one went to school, so we just stayed at home and rested.  Like I said in my previous post, saturday is not such a good time to go out. Come sunday, we initially planned to go out in the afternoon.  I just went out to go to the wet market in the morning and did some cooking too. Planned my menu for the week.  I might be out next weekend.  Poor Jess won't be seeing the mall for 2 weeks at least.  I'm sure she'll get over it though. hahaha....
Will just make it up to her the following week, as am not quite sure if I will be in Cebu this weekend.  :-)

In other news though, our weekend was spend eating.  This week I was in a "cooking" mode so I was able to do a lot of cooking.  Pancit, crispy pata, champorado, dinuguan (not so good since the blood seemed old and had a bad smell) and calamares.  It was good to be back on the groove.  I am still hoping that one day I can still be in "experimental" cooking mode and mix up something I saw on TV.  I like watching all those cooking shows: Iron Chef, Top chef, Masterchef Australia, Barefoot Contessa, and Everyday Italian.  I really like their recipes.  If I did not have Saturday classes I might even have enrolled in some cooking classes.  Howell. Someday.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Good night and have a productive week ahead!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Weekend mode: Mall review

We finished our management meeting early today, started at 7:45 and ended at 9:30.  So I'm now spending the last one hour in the office alternating between doing this price monitoring worksheet, checking FB, and blogging. I rather like that this is a no-pressure day, and it will be a no-pressure weekend as well.  No commitments this weekend, though I am contemplating going to the mall, but really wondering which mall it would be with not too many people, and no traffic to deal with.
Saturdays are hell days in terms of traffic in our area these days.  Marcos Highway, which will lead us to Quezon City, Manila, and all other areas in the north, is really heavy on saturdays, what with all that drainage construction ongoing, there's only one or two lanes open and the volume is big on this day (don't know why, it seems people from the East (Rizal) simply like to travel on saturdays.
I also don't like overcrowded malls on Saturdays and Sundays. Harder to park.  Lots of people walking around, especially in my favorite mall which happens to be Megamall.  Somehow, the other big malls don't appeal as much to me (Eastwood, Galleria, The Block, Trinoma and MOA).  It's just not my type of format.  I like that Megamall is one simple mall, only two sides and not many sidestores/hallways you can get lost in.  Plus it has all the amenities you need: grocery, hardware, cinema, department store (large selection too!). Fave stores: Payless, Toy Kingdom.  Its a no-brainer mall.  And its middle class.
If I wanted the ambiance of a high end store though, I think the place to be is Rockwell.  Hubby and I share the view the Rockwell is a nice place to be to see lots of "beautiful" people, models, artists, rich classy businessmen.  Its the only place where you see the old rich ladies all dressed up in the grocery. :-)
We also have several malls nearby, but they don't really satisfy my taste and preferences all too much.  IMHO, they are malls to frequent only when you need something and are either too lazy to go to a bigger mall, or in such a hurry that you buy one thing only.  Like last week, it took me 10mins in and out of Toys R Us in Robinsons Metroeast just so I can buy a gift for a party we're already running late to.  Imagine that.  No time to search for an ultra cool gift. I got the most educational thing I can find and bought a card and paperbag. I call it cramming! LOL
Well, now I'm about to start my weekend and I'm wondering if I want to go to the mall later.  The little girl hasn't been out the whole week (Hubby and I went to Megamall thursday to watch transformers).  And next week she may also be stuck at home IF my out of town trip is cancelled.  So now I wonder if I want to go out. Hmmmmm...