Thursday, June 28, 2007

motherhood kwento

oops. haven't visited for a while, not that busy as in not so many house chores BUT the baby takes up quite a lot of time. there are quite a number of days when she wants to be carried a lot. and i mean a lot. like hours at a time. today she's pretty quiet though. hehe... and look at how much she's grown already!

pretty jessica

my bad mood face

isn't she cute in her matching headband? hehehe...
still no yaya though, and believe me its really hard having to handle both the household chores and the baby at the same time. Kinda hoping we get a housekeeper soon, of course I need some time also to get to know her and how she handles the baby. hay....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seat Cushions with Style

When my husband and I moved to our apartment, we immediately bought a sofa for our living room. Unfortunately, the style we chose only had lime green fabric, the type that accumulates dirt over time. To prevent this we kept the plastic wrapping intact, and instead put a blanket and bedsheet as seat covers. I resolved to call a shop that personalizes seat cushions and cushion covers. That was 2.5 years ago and I still haven’t had the time to call. Not that I find the bedsheet and the blanket stylish enough for the sofa, but time constraits with work and other activities have prevented me from making that phonecall so someone will visit me at home to take the measurements.

Seat cushions are a great way of adding variety to your home. What more, it reflects your personality. Sunbrella Seat Cushions offers a wide range of styles for chair cushions, chaise lounge cushions, seat cushions, bench pads, ottoman cushions and throw pillows or create your own custom shaped cushions using their new Cushion Designer customization system. Simply follow the steps on the website and you'll be on your way to creating custom made cushions in the Sunbrella furniture fabric of your choice! Why not get yourself a matching patio umbrella or market umbrella? Your neighbors would certainly be envious of your stylish outdoor furniture.

Beach house dreams

A lot of Filipinos want to go to the US to work (and hopefully to live there). Personally I would only want to go to the United States for a vacation. And while I’m there, I also want to check out Mexico. Now, supposing I had a lot of extra cash (like when I win the lottery, perhaps?), then I’d be more than willing to invest in Baja Real Estate even if I don’t live there. I dunno if I’m allowed to buy any property there, but nevertheless, I’d really like to own a place there. What I’d really love, though, is to have a beach house. Yup, a beach house of my dreams. I get to watch those in the movies and I would like to experience always having a breeze whenever I walk in the beach, and the sound of the ocean to lull me to sleep at night. A romantic dinner by the beach with my husband every once in a while to rekindle romance. Taking a walk with the kids in the sand, and watching them make sandcastles while I sit under the sun with a good novel in hand. Hmmm… it may be too far-fetched right now, but who knows! I may just end up fulfilling these dreams (hopefully by the time I turn 50!).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

leaving my WP blog

ok, so I'm bad. I don't listen to those Terms of Service Stuff. I checked my blog this morning and found out it has been suspended for violation of the Terms of Service. Okie.... guilty as charged since I enrolled the blog in PayperPost and ReviewMe. Just when I was starting to earn.... Grrr... And right now I have no way of retrieving my previous posts. And now, before I can enroll in Payperpost, I'd have to have some 20 posts. Double drat. No I have to work double-time in posting. Add to that, I'm still not fully satisfied with the look of this blog. Hayyy... so sad. I guess I really need to work on this today. Like, make some 20 posts today so I can enrol the blog already. I badly, badly need some extra money, you see.
Ooops, my bad.... so, welcome BACK to my new blog (still under construction though).