Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost November!

The days are going by so fast nowadays.  Ever since we started the -ber months the days have been going on fast forward all of a sudden.  Not that I mind though.  I'm happy.  In two weeks we are already off to HK. Yey! Its a dream to see the excitement of my little girl on seeing the Disney characters, on seeing her happiness with the rides, stuff like that.  Last time we were there she was too young to know the characters except for Pooh, now that she's 4 years old she knows all the characters and I soooo look forward to her enjoying Disneyland.
They also declared two consecutive Mondays as holidays: October 31 and November 7. Yey for that. Time for rest and for me to fully prepare for my bazaar.
Then the bazaar weekend, Right now, at a little less than a month to go, I am down to only 17 more booths open for November and 20 for December.  Its the fastest so far, I expect bookings to flood in on the last two weeks of November, but at this point, I'm kinda hoping next week we can fill in the slots, or at least till we leave for HK.  Its not that far off anyway.  So happy.  December bazaar comes after, but I'm pretty confident about that too.
So the weekend will be spent packing up the bazaar flyers, ready for mailing by next week for most participants who did send in their address, and retrieving the addresses of those who didn't?
Overall its a happy time now.  The only downside I see right now is that unlike the past years, I'm not too keen on the halloween parties.  I guess this is mainly because we have something much more exciting to look forward to.  I don't have a costume yet for Jess.  And well, I'm not too excited about it at all.