Monday, January 30, 2006

i had the happiest day yesterday when my photographer texted me to say that they made a sample album of our wedding which they will exhibit in the bridal fair at Glorietta yesterday and today. Wow, I was really so proud of it! Had to ask my hubby to go to Glorietta even though it wasn't part of our original plans. Hay.... its just as nice as I wanted it to be. I still haven't finally decided which pics needed to be placed in the album, yesterday i think there was a little too much pics of me... heehee.
but then, oh well... i still don't know... i'm just happy its there, and its on display on bridal fairs they'll be going too. whoohoo!

I asked some of my friends to look at the album, as one of them are getting married next year and i want to recommend them. here's his feedback:

Yes, the album is really nice.

1) the colors are brilliant.
2) posing – very good J
3) Lighting – excellent.
4) Digital editing and layout – very nice.
5) Album material is ok. (buti hindi glossy, kundi ang hirap tingnan under a light source)
6) Album size – the wide ration really works!

Congrats jen! The album was wonderful.

Yehehey! Thanks so much alfie!

on hindsight... did i tell you that i'm currently running a Friends series marathon. Whew. Its like 10 seasons and I'm almost finished with the fourth season. Dear husband is on the last CD of season three. Really, its addicting. Some days I want to blurt words that are like the ones they say over there. whehehe....

oh well. still wishing i can do more digiscrapping.... drat.

Friday, January 27, 2006

new look for my blog


new look for my blog. :-p kinda like the new colors. hehehe.... really cool huh! i'd be crediting those whom i got the designs but for the lak of time, i'd do it next week. :-p

just want to welcome you all here. that's all!

enjoying the kitchen and some

i never realized till i got married that i liked to cook pala. before i was just eating what my mom cooks, though i know what sort of foods i liked, i never got enough courage to do the cooking myself. i guess, wanting to prove to myself and to my hubby that cooking is not one of my weaknesses, i strove to learn to cook stuff that i otherwise though were to difficult to attempt. This week I was able to cook sinigang na sugpo (expensive!), calamares, and yesterday night, steamed tilapia! yummy!!!!

oh, and again, i'm anxious to get started again on my digiscrapping. and to prove that point i already started my digi scrap blog gallery. i've made like less than 10 layouts so far, but i'm hoping that in my spare time i can work on it. its just so sad that i've no time to do REAL scrapbooking yet, since its expensive too! Right now, I'm downloading lots of kits from the nice people who share their wonderful talent of making digi art! hehehe....

Friday, January 20, 2006

miss ko na mag digiscrap

i miss digiscrapping! been bloghopping and a lot of the links of w@wies i see are into digiscrapping, ngayon na miss ko na sya. i wish i had more time to scrap! waaah talaga. with my busy sked at school, at the fact that there are lots of stuff to do at school, i barely have time to dwell on my other hobbies, inggit ako sa newlyweds who have the time to scrap pa.
hay... so ayan, just so i can catch up and at least add another LO to my portfolio... one of the wedding pics... the most important part of the ceremony (according to our pre-cana seminar). :-p
Credits: Kelly Miller Elegance Kit. Photo by E-photo gallery.
Wow!!! I learned something new in photoshop!!! hehehehe.... I got from here:
to here:

ain't that cool? spot the difference!

Friday, January 13, 2006

i miss blogging. i haven't been blogging lately but i sure wish i had more time to do so, since i always check on my blog anyway. but then whenever i would blog all i want to do is post some more pics of the wedding. hehe...i must admit, i'm really so in love with our pictures. and i mean soooo in love. i could go on raving about how good my photog really is, but then you'd all just get tired of it. but really, i'm just so blessed to have them as our photographers. i believe that they really did justice to all my hard work. and it will leave good memories for me once the wedding "high" has passed. of course i cannot yet dream of getting the album, after all i haven't submitted my chosen pics. nyahahaha....

on to other things. :-) lately i think tabs and i are in relatively better places when it comes to adjustment. I've noticed that we have not had a "tampuhan" this week. Which is really good as i was already wondering if we were normal newlyweds because we always had small misunderstandings. Although as many would say, its all part of the adjustment stage in marriage. So now all is well, and I hope it continues to be so. I really love it when we don't fight. We can be very sweet to each other at these times. And that's when I feel that I'm really floating on air. Heaven!!!!

and i'm now back to school. happy and sad. happy to see my friends, but sad because there is now a backlog of stuff to do at home (gulp!) I know its a matter of good scheduling and i can be good at that if i really wanted to anyway, so i guess i just need to learn to adjust to the new skeds. And hopefully i'll get the courage to really be able to send out our stuff to the laundry. hahahaha.... i dunno, i'm just panicky that they'll do something to our clothes and they'd get destroyed or something. i have classes four times a week and its really a difficult sked, but at least i have saturdays and sundays to rest.

haaaay.... last day of work for the week and i'm tinatamad all over again... :-p just like i feel the whole week!!! :-(

lastly, i'm choosing between these 2 pics which one to have as our framed portrait. Please vote which one you think would make for a good wedding portait: