Monday, April 24, 2006

changes in my life

at age 27 one realizes that its time to think of your future plans more seriously. Gone are the days when we say, "at age x, i should be doing this". We look back at the things we haven't been able to do and make it a point to say that next year, I'll be doing this and that.
And so with my career. After my 2 and half year stint here in my current employer, I realize my career was going nowhere. Not that I'm bragging but I do feel that I deserve more. I graduated from the best high school and university in the Philippines, and yet after 4 and a half years of experience, I'm a rank-and-file employee spending so much more than she earns. I had to wait for the bond of my employment contract to lapse though, and the timing was just right. In January I had my friend send out my resume to this big(ger) company and waited. February they gave me a call. 3 months, 3 interviews, 1 exam, 1 medical test and my new job was for the taking. And I'm finally, after so many years (since my first job, actually) proud again at my accomplishment.
Yup, so I'm moving out of my job, finally got the job offer on monday, and immediately after I tendered my resignation. All in good faith, really. I'll be doing the same job at a new environment, and though there are some recent "not so good news" lately I think I should be able to adjust soon. Of course not after a few sad moments missing my officemates here who have been so much a part of my life, they've been so happy for me ever since I can remember. :-) Anyways, hopefully, this will be a start of the new era of ME.
On the home front, not much to tell except that I'm really happy there are no "big" issues. We don't really fight, we have a lot of fun times, and its generally the "dream life" I've longed for. I don't think blogging about the death (murder/parricide) of cockroaches would make a good story, so I'll leave it at that. On a scale of 1 to 10, my married life is definitely a 100!!!
While the holy week holidays were spent with my in-laws, this Sunday had us out of the house and into a family gathering for my side of the clan. Tabs of course was there, the first gathering outside of home he spent with us, and its good that he seems to be adjusting well too. We went to Luntiang Paraiso in Guiguinto, Bulacan and spent the day eating, sleeping, dipping in the pool, and generally chatting with my family. I have to admit, I really miss being with my family. Everything seems different when you move out, fun, but different. I still find it easy to carry on conversations with everyone, but when it comes to goodbyes, its still pretty sad. Anyways, its nice to have spent the day with my sisters and parents and the kids. It gets me to thinking though, if my babies will ever get to be as close to my nieces and nephews as they are to each other now...
Oh well, till my next post! still have so more stories to tell, but hopefully i'll be able to blog about it soon.

Friday, April 07, 2006

good news

i received some good news today. its about the job application i'm eyeing. it seemed too good to be true but i suppose it is. its not 100% yet but so far its there for the taking. i got some inside news from my friend that some people there already know its me who's gonna get the job. isn't that good news? I still have to work on the last leg of the medical thing, but I'm confident I can clear that up soon. I'll probably just take a test Sunday or Monday to check how I'm doing and if its good, I'll send over the results to Company N. I just have to stick to the lots of fluid and the medication I'm taking.
I really am thankful for the good news. I just realized though, right about now, that I shouldn't be in too much rush anymore that I'm at least assured of the post. I'd wait for the formal job offer of course, but so far, my worst fears are over. :-p Thanks, God.
I'm also glad that despite the little spats I have with hubby, there are still lots of moments of fun. This morning we were teasing each other about our weight problems (mine being concentrated on my chin and his on his waist), and I find it funny that now we can tease each other without seriously getting on each others nerves. The little arguments we have are also more easily discussed. Its a blessing I have a husband who believes in me and in my abilities and is able to understand what I'm going through. Its not so easy being in a career swing sometimes. I'm in a rut in my current job, not finding anything to do, primarily because I did a good job at it and left myself nothing to do. hmph. now I'm surfing the net, answering calls and chatting with officemates. I'm as unproductive as ever! I guess I'm already resting because next month I'm gonna be busy already when I leave my job. Its so much busier at Company N. I call it new challenges. :-)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

nice things

one of the nicer things about being newlywed is when you hear your husband gushing over the small things in your life. last night when he got home and saw me frying tilapia, he said he liked what would be our dinner. The meal was rice, tilapia and ginisang pechay. I appreciate that he appreciates my cooking. and lately i find out that its easier and cheaper and more appreciated if i cook the food from scratch rather than to rely on the mixes that come in supermarkets.
and last night in bed before we drifted off to sleep, my husband told me that he finds the tapa delicious and that he wanted to have that for his lunch the following day. Of course I'm thrilled. The tapa was a new discovery of mine. Got the recipe of the marinade off the cookbook and voila! he liked it. so that's what i cooked for him for his lunch (we both bring lunch to the office as much as possible, its cheaper and healthier too). This afternoon he texted me again that it was really delicious. Awwww.... he rarely compliments, which is why I appreciate that he does that once in a while.
I'm getting pimples. drat. i think its hormones+summer heat+stress. I have two more exams (one today and another on Monday) before I can call it a sem (end of sem, that is). After that its only 2 more subjects and then I'm done with my MBA. Time flies so fast. Last I remember I got married, then christmas, then new years, then valentines, then my birthday and now its almost holy week. after the summer days are over its another two trimesters to go. We are also considering making a baby but I figure, deep inside, that while I want to have a baby already, I also want to become financially stable by myself. Right now I'm depending too much on my husband despite having my own work. And I think that's not good. Like my officemates and I were discussing, its important for a woman (and a wife) to have her own savings as well, just to ensure that whatever happens, she can live on her own. That's good food for thought. I'll have to start planning for my life too. but that said, it means FIND YOURSELF A NEW JOB or FIND ANOTHER JOB. Now that's a challenge. And something to think about during the summer break (from school).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Every once in a while we look back at years passed, not to really dwell on what we did or did not do, but really just to benchmark on what are plans were and if we ever actually got there. I'm guilty of doing that all the time. Well, not on all the things in my life, I'm particularly like this when it comes to my career. Why? Because my career represents my own dreams and aspirations. Its something I decide for with myself almost all the time. Hmmm... I actually decide for myself in most aspects of my life anyway, but then again, my career represents a part of me that I did for myself. And its a part of me I'm particularly proud of.
Sadly, while I feel that I have had a good career behind me, the NOW of my career is really not something I look forward to everyday. Not that I don't enjoy what I do, but more because I feel that I am not reaping the fruits of my career for too long a time now. Yes, I enjoy being in Purchasing, its a fun job for me and something I know I'm particularly good at. But the downside of it is that I'm in a good company (lots of people think so, at least), but with a VERY LITTLE chance of moving up ANYTIME SOON.... and that for me, is the saddest, most demotivating thing that can happen to a person's career. And that to me, means: MOVE ON. Of course, it comes with sadnes that when I do decide to move on I'd be leaving officemates who were a part of my life for the past two years, and officemates I've grown to love as a family. I guess my work environment, if we define it as the people in my department and not including any prospects of career growth and dimunition of benefits, is really homey and worth staying for. If I were a typical human being who is not easily downed by sloooow career growth, I might have considered staying. But I'm not. Even my officemates think that I deserve more.
Hay.... it really gets me down these days - this career-financial worry thing. I could only hope there are better days ahead of me....