Sunday, November 25, 2007

she's growing up too fast

here are jessica's pics at six months old. she's as adorable as ever. need i say more?

here she is in her new activity playmat. I got her this one night I went to Baby and Co. It was sooo cute and I realize now its also east to assemble/disassemble and wash. She likes reaching out for objects already so its really being used.
Here she is in a rocking bear (something like that) at Child's Play in Greenhills when I had my creative shot taken. I wasn't going too much for a creative shot, rather I was making a statement that I want to show the world how pretty my little princess is. Anyway all my friends are telling me she is so cute and she smiles a lot, so everyone really adores her.
Oohhh... another ride at childs play. See, told ya she smiles a lot!
A shot while we're on our way to Grimis house for late lunch/early dinner after the pictorial. She looks kinda fat here, not like the 6-month old baby that she really is. :-)

A costume I got from Helen (thanks girl!), all spanky and flirty. hahaha.... i let her use it for the 6months old pictorial. Cute, eh!

Now if you had a cute baby like my princess, would you also be thanking the heavens above for the blessings?

i'm back

Ok so I haven't been posting the past week or so. Not that nothing has happened at all, but I guess I've been pretty occupied the past week with a lot of stuff in my mind. but so far it was an ok week for me, busy but not too tense. I've learned to survive the week ahead of me and put it all behind. And I have this deja vu that I swear by myself that I will be good at work but I will have a balance life and career. Looking at my baby and my husband, I realize that I want to be with them more than anything, so I will make sure that my life will stay focused at them. I will learn to take things as they come at work, but at the end of the day, I will come home to my family and spend the rest of the evening, and weekends with them. that's my promise to myself. A promise I intend to keep.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I almost got promoted today.... duh... almost, that it seems to sad, and I tend to wish that I had not known about it, then I wouldn't have felt so disappointed.
well... one of my officemates who told me about it at least told me that they knew it would have been well-deserved, had it not been blocked by the department head, who seemed to think she needed more time to observe. duh... i felt really bad earlier, and right now I just need to vent. when she (officemate) told me we didn't make it, my first reaction was that I didn't need the company to get to where I want to be. By the time I reach the age of 30, I will be a manager. And I will hold to that promise to myself.

Monday, November 12, 2007

owning a garage

One of our frustrations with the apartment we live in right now is that we don't have a garage. Because there are several tenants on the compound, there is a constant struggle to get a slot in the street sidewalk. Since we got the car, my husband and I have been telling ourselves that the next time we get a new apartment or our own home, the garage is something we should have. Non-negotiable. And I'd like the garage flooring to be something smooth, since hubby is a big hobbyist of remote control cars. This way, we will have a clean garage, and at the same time, hubby play with his toys whenever he wants to.


I so have to vent my frustrations at work!!! i know its not healthy at all to be harboring this much negative energy, but the day's events have really taken a toll on my stress levels.
today at work my boss told me that I'm supposed to handle another set of workload at the office. I was, to say the least, shocked! Just last friday, I accepted around 40-50% more work to enable my co-worker to absorb some more work. And then this afternoon someone tells me like "hey, this is your work!" OMG! I couldn't stop myself from airing my concern with my boss. But I stopped there. But then I had to tell anyone who would listen how really pissed off with the situation. Irregardless of him saying I'm efficient and that he is impressed with my capabilities, I feel soooo pissed off because of their assumption that because a person is efficient, its ok to add to them more work, and that they will wholeheartedly accept the new assignment. Not me. I've just had it with the additional workload. For one thing, I know my priorities. And I believe that I perform well in my work, I know that much. But I am not willing to sacrifice my time for the sake of pleasing my boss, or anyone else for that matter. And I also do not want to sacrifice my efficiencies and leave my internal customers with a bad impression of me.
And so I had to tell my boss. After ranting on the way home to my hubby, I texted my boss that i cannot accept any more additional workload after they added the ones they added last week. I cited that the new work entails hours and hours of meetings with clients and suppliers alike, and I don't want to sacrifice the quality of my work.
Hay, I still don't think I can sleep tonight because I still feel pissed off. Which is why I've got to vent some first.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

To get or not to get compre insurance

That is the question. To my mind, the safest route is to go get one for the car, considering that we are still paying for the car and there is always that risk that the car might be stolen (knock on wood). But when asked to compare car insurance, I'd say a TPL insurance wins, hands-down. Its required by LTO regardless of compre insurance. Car Insurance really is a large expense relating to owning a car, just as home insurance is an essential expense of owning one's house. In terms of cost though, getting TPL is surely cheaper, but highly unsafe. I'd personally like to get comprehensive insurance for the car, but that would depend highly on our budget.... :-(

Aftermath of Glorietta

This morning hubby and I visited Glorietta to look for possible good buys, since I heard there are a lot of sales going on there because of the aftermath of Glorietta. Indeed, I found nice blouses as giftd for my sisters. That's 2 people off my gift list. Unfortunately I didn't find anything nice enough to give to my brothers-in-law (all three of them!). Huhu.... But it was sad going to Glorietta. There weren't a lot of people, and there were really a lot of sales in there, but somehow the atmosphere is different, and really quite sad. We happened to go out the entrance near where the bombing was and there was sort of an altar there where the victims names were written in ribbons. It gave me goosebumps.
I hope we will continue to relive the memories of those who were unfortunate enough to be in that tragedy. I really pray for their families that they may find peace in their hearts.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Police gear for sale

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