Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A month or two ago I read the blog dedicated to DJ Montano, this socialite guy who was being accused by his ex-boyfriend of stealing his money. It was a very powerful guy going against the Gucci gang, this gang of socialites who does drugs and all that. The blog gets around a hundred thousand hits per day, and has gone to a point where people actually donate to his paypal account and it has reached 10,000 USD. Whew. Now one would think that after this the Gucci gang would go to drug treatment centers to stop their own addiction, which not only affects them but their families as well, but I guess they
haven't. To sum it up, even prominent, big shot families have skeletons in their own closets too.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

to feel secure or not secure

yesterday jessica's yaya went on her day-off with the yaya of Sophia, my previous co-tenant and MBA-classmate Doods' daughter. If friendship was a concept that applied to babies then I would say Sophia is jessica's first friend and playmate. They left last december and moved to a condo unit of their own. To cut the long story short, Che (jessica's yaya's friend) related a story of a murder within the condo premises. Specifically on the same building and on the third floor unit of their place (they live on the 2nd floor). Scary, well, not scary because of the ghosts that might live thereafter, but because of the lack of security in the premises. I was looking at security system in the net and this one made by ademco seems quite good. Of course, for our place, there might be a different system that would work also, but I'd probably take my time and settle for a dog first. hehe

Friday, April 18, 2008

lighting up the house

well, to be honest, despite the recent events that have been happening, I'm still excited and still planning for our moving out. One thing I am happy about is that the house is clean and neat (hopefully more so when we move in). I have a few things to change of course, one such thing is the lights. I noticed that the lights were quite dim around the house, considering we were going there at different times, during daytime and at night, but the lighting was quite that dim the whole time. So its one of the things I plan to change when we are staying there.

venting out.

i'm a bit scared with the recent exchange of text messages I've been having with the owner of the house we are planning to buy. just this morning he told me might stay till end-june. i firmly said it was not possible since, to put it bluntly, we will be homeless by end-May. Scary but true. I think it was a matter of negotiation on our end, and we might have handled it better, but then again these are things that come to light a bit too late. in my end I really think that if they handle the transfer the soonest possible time they would have no problems at all and they will get the loan release by the second week of May. And for me this is really essential to the deal, and it should be honesty now, because the second we hand them the payment, then it really is ours. they cannot simply say they intend to stay till june, because we cannot simply give out our own plans to see to theirs.
just venting out....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patek watches

To show off your money, you can dress up in the most elegant attire and wear the best designer names there is, or you can go low profile and own a nice gold swiss watch, such as a Patek Phillipe watch. The watches are of the best quality and exudes such fine elegance that probably, only swiss watches can match. And it never goes out of style. If in the next ten years you find you don't want to wear your watch anymore, you can resell it, or better, give it as an heirloom to your family to keep for many, many years.

Mattress Toppers

I just learned about how a mattress topper works today. I actually didn't realized that these things actually existed. They cushion the body and allows for a more comfortable and supported sleep. There are even two types of foam mattresses:
  • The thicker memory foam mattress toppers offer increased cushioning, and the higher density memory foam toppers provide firmer support.
  • Featherbeds and fiberbeds add an extra layer of softness between you and your mattress to cradle you gently as you sleep soundly.
So next time you go shopping for mattresses, and about nothing seems to satisfy your needs, then foam mattresses might be able to do the trick.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jessica's Nursery

We got the Letter of Guarantee from the bank last night. Needless to say, after I send out the docs later to the sellers of the house, the next step would already be up to them. They need to transfer the title to us, and only then can we process the loan release, and finally the house and lot is ours. I'm just so excited to move it, and more so, to make Jessica's nursery a reality. I've already studied the room in my mind, and I've prepared what it would look like in my dreams, with the rubber mats in the whole room, and the toys on one side of the bedroom that she can simply grab whenever, and a hideaway gate so she won't be going out without supervision, and the bed mattress on one end so she can sleep there when she wants to. I'm just so full of ideas. and I really can't wait to implement them!

best buys

I think when it comes to women, they will always, always be after the best buy in whatever they shop for, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, or simply things they need at home. Which is why women sooo love SALE items from stores. It gives them a sense of accomplishment in that they were able to save on the costs of the items they bought, regardless if they actually NEED the items they bought. It's like, "I got a good deal!" and not, "I bought what I need". hehe.... Women will always be like that.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

missing digiscrapping

since my laptop is busted now, am unable to download digikits and do some LO's. huhu.... such sadness, just when there is a long weekend and I'm on leave on tuesday too! I just wish they can repair the laptop and get the data there! I have no backup of my layouts! its so sayang! waaaah!!! of course I can probably download the new ones again but then the photoshop files are all there!
I'm now using the laptop I borrowed from the office, and its a good thing i can access the net from home, at least. the sites aren't restricted so its ok to access everything, but then I love firefox more because I can put all my bookmarks on one page and its so much easier to browse. huhuhu. things have got to get better for my laptop. at this point its hard to contemplate buying a new laptop because I might still be issued a permanent one at the office, in that case I don't need it, except I have to have IT install me a photoshop CS. hehehe.... i wish!!!! I would love getting me a MAC, but it doesn't make sense and especially so that we are buying a house. hayyy..... i am ok with working with a PC, but a Mac has always been a dream. Maybe I should ask someone who's going to singapore to buy me a Mac... I wonder how much more it would cost....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bic Pens

Bic pens are probably one of the more common ballpen names of our time. Sort of like Xerox for photocopying machines. Some of us were exposed to this brand while we were young, and we have since regarded it as a trusted brand name. Now I realize that bic pens have actually gone from their initial simple yellow pens to different and funky designs for the youth, some of the designs are actually funky and cool! I'd better get one for myself the next time I go to the bookstore.

Wellness program

In the office we have this Internal Wellness Program wherein the employees have a 6-month personal goal for them to accomplish. This can either be weight loss, gain or maintain. Of course, given that most of the people in our office live quite a sedentary lifestyle (myself included), a lot of the employees have a weight loss program put into place for them. The program runs April-November, and everyone is required to join at least 4 activities every month, and are required to keep up with the target set for them. For me, fortunately, the target was to maintain my weight, but I need to do some strength training since I could not even finish 1 curl-up. Hahahahaha.... I always argued that I love my sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately I'm quite forced to live a more active life. We will see.... Wish me luck!

Dressing her up

The cutest thing about having a baby girl is that its so much more fun dressing them up! There are so many more designs and styles of clothes to choose from, from cute onesies down to personalized baby clothes that you can mix and match to your heart's content! I love dressing up Jessica, and till now she has a whole lot of clothes just waiting for her to grow to size. Its simply amazing and wonderful to see her all dressed up, my pretty little princess!

Friday, April 04, 2008

laptop batteries?

Waaah!!! Oh noh! My laptop went nuts on me! It won't turn on. I'm soooo doomed! All my files are in there, and I so wish that the files can still be recovered, otherwise I will cry for sure!!! Even all my digikits are there! huhuhu.... I wanna die.....

I hope its just on vacation mode, and I hope everything will be all right tomorrow....

Guarding your health

These days people live very busy lives. Unlike a few years ago when people could enjoy leisurely lives, now people seems to be running around trying to get from place to place and always trying to do so many things at the same time. This has somewhat of an effect to our health. Now more than ever, lifestyle diseases are taking its toll, diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, allergies, and the like. This makes the use of a medical id bracelet useful to a person because wherever he or she, when an emergency should happen, the medical personnel can easily be informed of any medical information that can spell the difference between life and death.