Friday, November 26, 2004


yipee! its a friday already and we have a long weekend ahead of us! yehey!
hay, its tiring to go to work, to school and to have a part-time job. not that i'm complaining because i actually love all three (i love to work, not necessarily that i love my work, hehehe...
tabs' birthday is nine days away... still haven't decided what to give him. oh no!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

i did it!

Eureka! I've been able to add a link page, a countdown counter and a tagboard! I'm so great! Hehehe.... I think I did a great job at this. I have a prospective career after procurement! hahaha....
Now finally, I can add this blog to files. Whew!
All I have to figure out now is how to insert pics in the sidebar...

date and delayed wedding preps

Went out with tabs last night. had a nice time just being with him... ewan ko ba, parang at the end of a really stressful day, its nice to be with someone you love. parang nawala pagod ko, tapos nakapag-MU pa ko pag-uwi. hihihi....
still haven't accomplished anything (2nd week ko na tong idle sa wedding preps!) i'm starting to get really anxious kasi di naman ako makapag-allot ng time for it, except weekends, e weekends i don't want to go to the office, and i don't have the modern bride software at home kasi ayaw nya mag-run. need to finish up the initial guest list already. I'm thinking 100 guests pero baka i would need to add more in the future, baka umabot ng 150 (i'm actually saying na 150 guests plan ko, given the budget na 60K)
tapos i need to make excel worksheets already - for cashflow, caterer comparison, photo-video comparison. What I've only done so far is the church comparison, pero since ok na ko sa 2 na church and i just need to finalize where talaga, no need na yun. mas madugo yung caterer and photo-video comparisons kasi i have to check out each detail para malaman ko which is better.
hay... hope i have a little time today to deal with it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Photogs update

Today I got an e-mail from a photographer offering unlimited digital shots for 4,000. Tempting offer i should say. Hehe, asked him to give me a copy of a cd of one of his shoots. I'd like to check him out. Did the same thing with Frank of Imagineer, but I'll be meeting with him December pa.
Hay, I'm really in a dilemma as to what to do with this photo-video thing. And add to that my darling of a fiance won't hear me out on this till we have the budget to spend on it (no matter how much I tell him that you don't pay the suppliers in full but you have to book them!) My dilemma goes like this: I could choose to have a supplier who would only give me a labor only package, then later on I could just choose to have the the pictures printed and recopied when I see fit. I can buy my own albums later on. I can also get a videographer who will also provide a labor only package, then maybe (just maybe) I can ask jeff (my dear best friend) to do the editing, which I can trust he can do....This will save me around 10,000 at least I guess, but will give me added worries later on when I have to have the pics printed. But then again what I really, really need on the wedding is someone to take the pics, the rest I'm sure I can source out myself (this is what I do best).
Now, another option is just to get everything in one package. The lowest so far that I got is 33,000. That's pretty cheap already because others have quoted me for 45,000 and 55,000 for exactly the same specs. I'm meeting up with this guy next month to get a cd sampler of his work... For me that's a good deal already, considering that I have a budgeted 40,000 for that. But of course I first want to see his work. I guess, the best option would be to see if I like his work, if not, maybe the labor only becomes an option.
Hay, I wish sweetie can at least give me an opinion that's not financial in nature....
I'm way behind my schedules already. I had wanted to finish any templates and make initial guestlists and supplier comparisons, and also a cashflow worksheet, but with the amount of work i have right now I just can't squeeze it in. :-(

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Reality Check

More than a month into wedding preps and I realize that planning for a wedding really isn't that easy. For each and every item on the list there are so many choices. I thought before that choosing a church wouldn't be difficult, but after visiting more than 10 churches and inquiring on some more I realize that it is not that easy! Right now though I've narrowed it down to two and I'm just waiting for tabs to come with me to check it out. I'm leaving the final say to him (gotta practive this attitude. :-) ) Hopefully we can check it out soon and come up with a decision.
I really am learning so much from the experience. Before I had these preferences, and I'm looking at suppliers who "fit" the budget, and not how I get get more for less. But now I realize that essential to the planning and budgeting is tapping the somewhat "less popular" but still reliable suppliers. Its really a nice insight. And what's more, I appreciate the fact that tabs is very supportive of the plans we have, although I do the scouting and the inquiring, he does listen to me and my suggestions and he's very nice when it comes to my requests, teeheehee. :-) I love this guy so much! it just melts my heart to know he loves me! i'd say i'm the luckiest girl in the world because after 8 and a half years, i'm still so "kilig" with my boyfriend!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

to my honey

yesterday i was reading stuff in w@w about someone who wasn't sure about pushing through with their wedding because of her fears. it gave me a chance to ponder once more on our relationship.
yes, we've been through so much together. i remember all the arguments, all the painful words said, our reactions to each others "mistakes", even all the "tampo" incidents that would last a few days where i would usually end up crying.
someone said that instead of thinking if you could live with that person, you should decide if you can't live without him. and that's exactly how i feel.
i don't know how things will be when we're already married. for all we know, the fights could be worse, we may end up not speaking to each other for days, we may end up throwing plates all around the room. there will always be that possibility.
but on the other end, I think about not having you. I wonder how I would be living right now if I had made all the decisions on my own, without even consulting you. Would I be taking MBA right now? Who would I talk to about my fears, my anxieties, my dreams? Who would support me in the best and worst of times?
I may not say it all the time, but I thank you. I thank you for the 8 and a half years of friendship and love. You are not only my boyfriend, you're my best friend. I cannot thank you enough for all the stuff we've gone through and how we both worked for our relationship. I'm so glad you came when you did, otherwise I would not have experienced the ups and the downs of our relationship. Thank you for making me strong when I need to be, and for being there when I'm not.
I love you with my heart and soul. And yes, I will marry you, for there is nothing more important to me than to build a family with you.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

jennie and tabs in nagcarlan, laguna Posted by Hello


ay shy ako.. pwede bumati? hihihi..

Monday, November 08, 2004

My updates and shortlists and things to do

In an effort to bring order to my otherwise chaotic thoughts (since wedding preps have suddenly occupied 50% of my brain content, the other 30% work, 10% MBA, and the other 10% for other stuff. whew!) I will list down the stuff that is currently filling my thoughts.
1. Churches: My shortlist
- Twin Hearts
- Sta. Rita de Cascia
- San Sebastian (small chance though)
we really, really need to decide on the church already. i might devote another saturday (nov. 13) to scout a few more churches (to my mind, st. peter in commonwealth, dela strada in katipunan) and hopefully I can decide which to endorse to tabs by that weekend, will try to sked an ocular inspection (final 2 churches) on nov. 15 - schedule permitting of course.
target venue reservation is Nov. 27
2. Reception Venues:
- Bahay Kalinao, UP - small venue, but I guess the UP setting means a lot to me because tabs and i spent our first 5 years together in UP, sort of the foundation for our relationship and for our future.
- Batis Asul, Heroes Hill, QC - they can lend the place at a modest rate, I think, though I would have to check it first. Wasn't able to go there last satuday because they were busy.
I think the best option for me is to get a small place with a cheap rental fee and then if needed, hire an event stylist, that way we can make the venue a lot more beautiful.
3. Caterer
- Robert Camba - really cheap packages and he has a lot of inclusions. Am seriously considering him and I'm thinking we have to book for a caterer before the end of the year to avail of 2004 rates. He also lends on first come first serve tiffany chairs for all guests.
- Batis Asul - they have this premiere package that includes styling of the venue which to me is very appealing. I'm thinking it would be best if we get their reception venue as well.
- Auffrance - they also have cheap rates and I'm looking into it still. Might consider them also because they also have lots of freebies.
- ?? still looking
Target reservation date for caterer: end dec 2004 (hopefully I can avail 2004 rates)
4. Photo-Video
I'm at a loss as far as this is concerned. I'm thinking I should concentrate more on the photo rather than the video. But I want to get the really good photogs with the photojournalistic touch. I don't like standard shots that much, I want the pictures to capture the happiness and the love of that day. So far here are the top suppliers i'm eyeing:
- Little Dreams (Mel Cortez)
- Paragon (Jessica Lara)
- Folrana
Hopefully I can really shortlist and maybe visit a few suppliers soon. Target date of confirming with photo-video is January (maybe at the bridal fair?)
5. Gown - saw the magazine I bought last sunday. made me so excited to choose a gown already. For once in my life I want to look like a princess. It touches me so much whenever tabs mentions that he wants me to take care of the details and to let me choose a gown because its my day. he loves me so much! (i love you so much too honey!)
1. put post its on gowns and entourage gowns I'm eyeing on.
2. read on styles for my height and petite built
3. more mags to choose from.
6. Motif - uh-oh... well, this is a must also before end of the year
Other items on my list of to do's:
7. Flowers - definitely dangwa
8. Invites
9. Pamamanhinkan
10. Sponsors and entourage
11. Cake
12. Bridal Car
13. souvenirs
14. Programs, Emcee, DJ, Readers, Music
15. Accessories, shoes
16. Wedding rings
17. Guest sheets
So many to do! Once second term ends I'll at least have some more time to catch up on the most important items. Whew. Do hope I can accomplish much this December.

So many things to do

I have so many things to do for the wedding. I know its too soon to panic, I have more than a year ahead of me. But it seems like time is pasing by so quickly. Scary really.
Last saturday I went to visit some more churches: Sto. Domingo, Sta. Rita de Cascia and Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Twin Hearts). Sto. Domingo seems too big for me. It's as if I'm inviting 300 guests. Me thinks I'd rather walk a shorter aisle than go for one that looks empty. Kasi yung lakad naman e, 2 minutes lang ng buhay yun, diba? I'm sure the more important thing is standing next to tabs when we exchange vows. hay....
Sta. Rita de Cascia and Twin Hearts for me are ok. Hope tabs will come with me soon to see the church. We really need to decide already, at least before the end of the december. Coz I've set the church deadline to Dec. 3, and that's only a few days away!