Friday, February 25, 2005

blogging is so addicting!

gosh. here i am early in the morning, right before breakfast, checking on my blog and seeing what needs to be added to it. i've been waiting for photobucket to load my pics, for the last 20 mins! gosh! i dunno if its my connection or what. my golly! i want to add some of our prenups pics to the sidebar, hope i can get it done today.
after lunch i'll be meeting with my friend, murs, over her little dilemma, uhh.. problem? uhh... huge problem. i can't tell because i don't want to publisize her life (did i get that spelling right???) but anyhow, i asked her to accompany me with preps. want to go to star paper today, and then hopefully to papermart to buy that small puncher thingie. i'm going to start a collection of punchers! bwahahaha! I have now a regular puncher, a one-hole puncher, a floral design puncher. now i want the puncher that the bus drivers use for the tickets. hehehe....

Thursday, February 24, 2005

on wedding updates

whew! exams are over! midterms lang pala. Bwahahaha.... i can rest for a few days before i go back to the wonderful albeit tiring MBA tasks. dami pang projects and stuff to do for school pero i want to take time out muna at least till the end of this week. at syempre pa and inasikaso ko... ay wedding preps! haha!
yesterday was finished with my suppliers list. I'll just add on any new suppliers as we go along. at least for me, it would be easier to turn it over to my coordinator come october. also i was able to do my guest list. i got the template from the
w@w files, downloaded it and used it to list my guests, in shortcut form na. galing because it has pivot table already. so cool! hehehe.... and i'm happy i was able to again downsize my list to 113 people (including us 2). wawa naman tinanggal ko. nyahahaha.... but like i said to hubby-to-be, its either i invite all or none at all. e di none at all na lang! no, actually kasi i'll just add them later on when budget will permit pero for now, wag na muna.
tomorrow, i plan to go to star paper and quiapo. canvass for swarovski beads and crystals na pwede gawing cord. then murs and i (and hopefully tabs, na mega drinamahan ko kagabi!) will go to intramuros and baywalk (at last!!!!)
gusto ko na magbakasyaon!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunday together

Tabs visited me at home today. I'm so happy. Well, basically because sabi nya di naman daw nya ko matitiis lalo na kapag nagtatampo na ko. hehehe... ayan tuloy naguilty na ko na nagtatampo ako at nagseselos sa gaming nya. hehe.

he saw the pics of the gown, ang taba ko daw tignan. ehehehe... pano naman di ako mataba tignan e 2 sizes above mine yung top na yun. just he wait pag nakuha ko na gown ko! hahaha.... at least di nya kita yung design so may element of surprise pa rin.

anyway, we just talked and hung-out. its nice to just be with him. sobrang hapi ng pakiramdam. again, i feel like i want december to go so much faster para i can spend na my life with him!

gotta review for my tuesday exam! wish me luck!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

wedding updates

so happy yesterday! got to 2 wedding details and I guess I can now rest a bit because these were all major wedding details.

My MOH, Karen, and I met at MRT Que Ave around 9 am. We then went to Market! Market! (first timers. :-) ) Plan of Action: READY-TO-WED store. True enough, since we are running around on limited time because Karen had to work at around 2 pm, we went there directly. The saleslady there (or manager. since she was alone) was letting us look around, which was nice because we could even discuss without her asking us anything (i don't like it when they follow you around). We didn't find any new designs for the MOH, although I really liked the gowns there for moms.

We were almost through when i saw this pretty, pretty skirt-gown. hehehe.... how do you call that? it still wasn't displayed on a mannequin however they were gonna do that soon. So I asked the lady if I could fit it and she said yes. Lo and behold! The skirt fit me! Its as if it was made for me!!!! I then put on the halter top (which was way too big for me). My MOH and me and the saleslady were all discussing for the longest time about the gown, how to reserve it, etc. etc. I ended up buying the gown and having to order a new top, but i asked them to make it spaghetti-strap with the same beading as the halter. I really liked the beading of the gown. It was simple and yet the execution was great. Heres the pic of me wearing the gown (kinda blurred) but then again at least you won't see how big the top is to me, hehe.

Here's the shop of Ready to Wed in Market! Market!

I also got the long veil because its always been my dream to wear one. teeheehee.

After eating at Tokyo Tokyo Karen and I went around for a while after which we left Market! Market! for Windmills and Rainforest, where I was supposed to pay for my reception venue (the 50% down). The owner, Mrs. Rieza, seemed in a really good mood and was giving us a lot of stories. By the way, she waived the electricity charges already for the LCD Projector. Yipeee! I'm so confident with my venue because the owner seems to be really in touch with everything happening at the affair. I'm so happy with her.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I just wish December is just around the corner!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

just love it! Posted by Hello

tabs gave this to me. its so beautiful! Posted by Hello

fantastic valentine's day

what can i say? i had the best of the best valentines' day there ever could be! giddy is the word!!!!

feb 13 (as in my previous post) tabs asked me out for dinner (oist, this is not an illusion ha, he really did ask me out!!!!) and i was so happy because i really wasn't expecting v-day date because i had classes till 9:30 and i had tons of homework but hey, its my fiance asking me out! I would definitely go!!!

so this morning i told my mom na we had plans to eat dinner after school. and i decided to ask tabs if we could eat at yellow cab katips so we won't be too far from home because he needs to make me hatid. hehehe....

i spent the day at the office preparing for my report and attending the MOR meeting after lunch, which btw, for me is a real good training ground to understand the operations of the beer division. hmmm.... career, career... one day i can get to be an Ariba consultant, i think if they were to ask who was the expert in Ariba in the Beer Division they wouldn't think of anyone else but me! :-P kidded tabs that he should get out of the office and play na lang somewhere in philcoa so he can buy me a gift and not be late. i was really joking, i really don't expect him to buy me a gift or flowers.

had to attend class. Org Behavior is getting more and more interesting, since our prof finally gave up being so stiff and righteous and now she lets the class speak more than she does. Really appreciate these discussions. My classmates have such invaluable insights i never would learn had i not gone to MBA. Marketing was pretty great too because Mon, Ging and Gelo had to report on their Insight papers. Its only then that i realized that all of us had to actually report. Uh-oh..... i don't have any insights on anything, marketing wise.... can we not talk about anything else?? huhuhu.... i'm due to report on the 14th of march. pretty far pa naman, but have to think about it nevertheless....

while in class i realized that tabs' text about "madaming bombahan" was actually true, there was a bus bombing in makati and i was really worried because gette showed me her mom's text message that a lot died, gosh... tabs had to take the bus home and that gets me doubly worried... i felt i had to cancel but part of me wants to still go out (sayang make-up and japorms!). around past 9 he was telling me it was traffic. i didn't really press coz he might get mad and i didn't want to start an argument on v-day.

after class i chatted a while with my classmates at the BA lobby. chicka-chika. grimi and company were just about leaving when i saw tabs walking towards BA, carrying a huge (yes, huge! i'm not exagg) bouquet of flowers. awwww, i was gushing to my classmates because i was so kilig! its fun pala if you really don't expect and something comes along, rather than to expect it. i was so kilig i kissed tabs in front of my classmates. hehehe... so what if they saw it? :-)

off we went to yellow cab. we missed the darn place because there was no sign. good thing it wasn't too far off, and had dinner. i really felt like i was a moviestar! you know how they give these real big bouquets to them after interviews? well i had THAT bouquet! i felt so Sikat! hahaha... gosh i love my fiance! we had dinner and chatted. i love these times when we can just have dinner and talk. no wedding preps this time, just time out to talk about stuff and life. i guess that's the best part about having a your boyfriend as your best friend, you can talk about anything and everything!

we went home afterwards and watched a little tv. both of my parents were sleeping already so we cuddled while watching Ok fine. We were supposed to wait for the news but tabs had to go home already as it was 11:30 pm. so he left, of course our goodbye kiss was really so nice, if i had the time to sleep i would definitely dream about it!

so there, bouquet is in the dining table under a mug of water (no vase that can accomodate its size). i'll stare at it after tonight's requirements are done. huh. for me it really was a perfect valentine's!!! thanks so much honey! love you!!!

hay.... i'm thinking of going on leave on thursday to catch up for the midterms in OB. our boss is in the Natl MOR, hopefully out of town so i can go on leave. if not, oh well. i'll study during office hours. sana! day one of hellweek is over. 4 days to go. its now 2:41 am and i have not started any of my two problem sets and case! waaaah!!!! i'll tell tabs tomorrow that he'll have the rest of the week to himself, he can play mu all he wants! i still have to think about whether we will meet on saturday though, part of me wants to sleep the whole weekend, hay, but we have exams on tuesday next week. so that does it for sleeping time.

Monday, February 14, 2005

seeking inspiration - a whirlwind of thoughts

its already valentines day! whew!

and again, as in all occasions, naisip ko na last v-day ko na 'to na di pa ko misis! hehehe.... funny how it is that while i'm all excited for my upcoming wedding a part of me thinks that i might miss on some things only single women do. yup, there are times that i think it would be fun to be spending time with friends or officemates, but then i've made plans to be with tabs, or spend the day with his family. but looking back i don't think i would ever regret those decisions i made. its been almost 9 years since we exchanged our first i love you's and suffice it to say, its still said with the same emotions and kilig as it was the first time. Well, now it means so much more than just the i love you. but the thing is that, we all choose the path in life that we take, and this path i chose, i know, will make me happiest. i think the 9 year relationship itself was filled, to some extent, of what-ifs. Even tabs would sometimes comment how he wishes he went out on dates, had other girlfriends... stuff like that. but still the choice he made was to stick to me (i'm so glad he did!).

everone thinks its time for us to get married already. they are probably right. it's been a long time to "get to know each other". and while there will always be uncertainties as to the life we will live after december 3, i know that its something we've worked hard for and something we can get through together. there are fears, i have them too, fears such as: what if i don't make a good life? what if we can't get by financially? what if he doesn't come home at night because he wants to play the pc at the office?, what if? see, my fears are not that bad, don't you think, i don't fear that our marriage won't work, because i know it will, not about loyalty, not about trust, definitely no doubts about love. hay.... sometimes i get to think of these things because of all the excitement of preparing. ;-)

was thrilled nga pala when tabs called this afternoon asking me about dinner tonight. kakakilig! i was actually (really!!!) not expecting a date na kasi its a really hectic week for me and i have class till 9:30. so imagine how happy i was when he asked me what we'll do tomorrow. Unfortunately i can't NOT attend the marketing class tomorrow because i've missed so much already with all my absences there. i do hope tabs will agree to just have dinner at katipunan and take me hope so we don't need to go too far.

i'm seeking inspiration right now before i finish my marketing paper. i think i'll be like this for the rest of the week. sleepless nights. waaah!!! I actually just slept around 10-12 (i wake up every 20 min though) and i don't really plan to sleep anymore till morning. i want to finish up on the paper and after that the two chapter summaries i've been working on yesterday. so i don't have to bring my OB Book tomorrow, hehehe.... its not cool to be out with your boyfriend in a really nice attire and carrying a book. hahaha.... its not cool to use a folder too, but hey, i don't have a choice. studies can really ruin social life! hahaha... i wonder though if i should buy tabs a valentine's gift? I actually bought him the excelsior spa discount card, i wanted him to try it out too, but now i'm thinking that it would be nice to give him something tomorrow. well of course, i'm not expecting anything from him! really, is this maturity? i've actually accepted the fact that he's not the unpredictable, "ill give you roses today" type of guy. he's just the practical, down-to-earth, intelligent man that i love so much! in our 9 years of being together he has given me flowers for a total of 3 times: (1) JS prom, 4th year - actually it was a corsage; (2) First valentines together, 1997; (3) that one time he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. this was the best of course, shock of my life! hahaha! imagine, someone who does not give flowers giving you one for no occasion at all. hahaha.... i imagine how i must have looked that day, good thing i don't have a weak heart! i might have suffered a heart attack right then and there!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

only 10 months to go

barely 10 months na lang....

school is really becoming pressing these days I guess i need to take time out for wedding preps. i have an insight paper on monday, two problem sets and a case on tuesday (for 1 class) and midterms for another class on thursday. kainis kasi i just stopped coffee for 5 days and then now i have to start drinking again becomes i;m bound to have sleepless nights. unfortunately i can't take a leave from work din kasi for sure MOR is next week na. haaay... so sad.... next week I'll really leave all wed preps at home na until i finish hell week, ahuhuhu....

valentines day coming up.... no plans pa kami.... have class din and syempre hell week so unlikely we'd be going out... kalunglot naman.... la lang...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

chatting with my sweetie

hay, my poor baby is stuck in the office working, not that he likes to but he has to. so here i am, chatting with him on the other end so he won't be feeling too bad.
tomorrow is going to be one long preps day. well, basically not preps day, its more of a going around day pala. although invites and rings are definitely a part of the preps.
1. go to qp
2. go to binondo/ongpin area to canvass rings. papasukat ko na rin ring finger ni tabs para alam na namin.
3. go to Manila Hearing Aid - patest si tabs
4. go to Sanctuario de san Antonio bridal fair - get prenups cd.
5. go to Market! market! to look at gowns.

that will be one long day, whew.
i badly, badly need a massage. tabs has actually promised to give me one and i'm eagerly awaiting it.