Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, well, whadaya know, my boss is out for the day again. I'm declaring today as a work holiday. For one, I actually accomplished a lot yesterday my boss was surprised I left him 43 new approvables, hahahaha. He suddenly had 100+ and mine went down to 18. hehehe....

i was also finished with my logistics paper and also helped ara with the formatting so all she has to do is put in her part. i'm missing class again tonight which doesn't matter that much anyway. i'm going home to do the laundry instead. also emailed our paper in HRM to our professor for her comments, I suppose its only then that I can finalize the powerpoint. Tomorrow I'll be in UP the whole day, we have to work on our marketing research paper. whew.

luckily, this week there's been a temporary rest on the movies we watch at home. Hubby is still complaining about the PC, but he plays on it anyway, so i get to sleep earlier, I usually try to study and then fall asleep. He wakes me up when he comes to bed (sometimes at 1am, last night at 11pm) so we can cuddle *wink*. So in the morning I wake up fresh and he wakes up tired. hahahahaha....

last night though, I couldn'y help but feel touched. When I was reviewing my notes I was using the iPod to take out the noise from the PC he was playing (though I must have heard the songs here sooo many times), and when I got sleepy i put away my notes but kept on listening to music. When he was about to go to bed he took away the ipod and put it aside. I dunno, its the random act of making sure I don't destroy the thing I guess, but I feel touched just the same. Some days I still realize how fortunate we are to have gone this far into the relationship and to be married and to be sharing a life together.

oh! and before I forget! I was able to cook 3 dishes this week and it makes me feel sooo proud! Wednesday I cooked giniling na baboy (the one with the potatoes and carrots) and I also prepared some tapa (recipe care of Maya Kitchen cookbook No. 1). Tabs liked both. I'm actually more proud of the tapa because buying that is too expensive when its already marinated. I think I did quite well. Then yesterday, out of tabs' request, I made menudo. This time I made it from scratch, almost. the meat seller sliced the pork and liver already so that's one less thing to do, but I was able to do the dish without using the recipe sauce I used to put in, this time its just salt, pepper, soy sauce and tomatoes. natural. and my hubby liked it! makes me feel so proud!!!! i suppose during the summer I could try out more complex dishes, but that'll take a lot more guts i guess. hehehe... and not to mention expense. :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

busy as a bee

things are getting really, really hectic these days, at school, at home, at work. I've so many things to do that is sometimes becomes tiresome just listing them down. Drat. But then, i look at my blog and I realize how much I want to redo its layout again. Problem is that I don't have good-enough-after-wedding pics. Most of my nicer pics were taken during the wedding that I think I'll have a hard time meeting up to those standards. huhuhu.... add to the fact that I don't really have time to re-do my blog, with the load of schoolwork I have to do. And I mean loads. There's a paper for two classes, one due in april 6 and another due this thursday. I found out I have a finals exam this saturday, which will take out another day in the calendar we have for the paper that's due that april 6. Another finals in April 6, which is scary because I don't know ANYTHING there.... and yet another finals april 10. The good news is that I'll be on vacation after that, and that's only 4 more subjects (2x a week for the next sem!). I'm almost done!!! Wooohoohoo.

i don't think i wrote it down, but i had another interview with company X last friday, and it finished at around 7pm already. This morning they called again and scheduled me for pre-employement medical exam, that's like 80% chance of getting the job, and they will send me the Salary Analysis form, which is another 10% to my 80% chance. I might get the job offer this week(if the tests will be finished by this week). What bothers me is that now I feel rather sad about the situation. Yes. I'd like to move out to a better company with better benefits and better compensation. But it saddens me soooo much to realize that I'd be leaving something so important to me behind: the friends I've made in the office. Well, there are actually 2 sets. The ones from E-procurement I'll miss because they're the ones I enjoyed being with for some time, and I still enjoy the times we had together -- 2 outings, several dinners, lots of laughter. The next set are my officemates in the beer division logistics. They're an older bunch, but nevertheless they were like home. You can discuss with them anything and everything, they give lots of good advice, they are supportive. They're like mothers and friends rolled into one. It really saddens me to go. But on one hand, I need to move on for my career. I really do. But deep inside, its killing me to have to say goodbye to these groups who've been so much a part of my life. And I learn that's its really hard to let go with something you've already learned to love.

Monday, March 20, 2006

tomorrow i turn 20-ish.... its been one roller coaster ride the past year, that i find this event in my life to be one for the books, or in this case, one for the blog. the past year has just been full of adventure, new things learned, new lessons, new life. i can never be grateful enough to HIM who has given me this much in my life. For the past year, I've been closest to my family the most, they have offered me support in the decisions I made, and in the new life I was to enter into. My fiance, now my husband, has been the most wonderful, most supportive man. i never thought I could be this happy. I actually thought that what we had for the past 9 years couldn't be better, but golly, it was. Nothing like the past years we shared could compare to the joy of seeing the one you love most wake up to your voice in the morning. Nothing could be happier that lying next to him at night, nothing could spell contentment more than just watching him go about his ways. and nothing could inspire me more than the thought that this man will be the father of my kids and that we will raise them up the way our parents raised us up.
i know, i'm full of mush today. but hey, its my birthday and i'm allowed to think about the past year, before i turn the page and look forward to the future.
i know the people who mean the most to me don't usually read my blog, but this post is still dedicated to then, and in particular, i'd like to thank these people who have made my life the best there can be:
- my parents, who remain supportive and loving. before i got married i love you's were better left to greeting cards and special occassions, and kisses were given when vacations were due. but when i got married, i realized just how much i love them and how, in the years that i've grown up, they have done nothing else but support me, and give me their unending love. we may not have the best of everything, but for me i have the best parents God could ever give to his children, and I'm thankful for that. Now that i'm all grown up and married, i'd say i love you to them on the phone, and kiss them goodbye when we meet.
- to my family, sisters, nieces, nephew, in-laws, when i thought i could handle everything else on my own, there they were offering me support and much needed help. i probably don't say to them how much i love them, but i do, and they're the world's best treasures.
- to my husband, we practically grew up together and we shared so much - pain, happiness, anger, adventure. when we got married i felt i was leaving a life behind to be with a man i knew and loved with all my heart, and that i was giving up myself to serve this man, not because i had to, but because i wanted to. but now i find that it's not about who does what for whom, its not about who gets more out of the marriage or who does what. happiness is really not in being loved, but in loving and admiring each other for what they are, not just their good sides, but even their bad, hidden habits. everyday when i thank God I would always thank Him for you, for my family, and for my life.
- to my friends. i wouldn't say i've had so many friends in my lifetime. in highschool i only have 5 or 6 closest friends, in college a few more, in MBA a few others. but these friends are the ones who have made a difference in my life. but they've been a real source of joy and friendship and companionship. and i love you all.
- to anyone reading this blog, thanks for your time.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

this weekend is sooo cool!!! pardon me that i haven't been able to blog at all, but that's sure to change soon enough because..... tadaaan!!! we have broadband connection!!! they (globe) installed it Saturday, and it was immediately activated too! so now we have a really good internet connection, and tabs himself is soo happy he can already use the PC. what's more, we re-installed Windows last night because my PC was really sooo slow, even though its specs were high enough. So what we did was to reinstall it and now it really improved! tabs could even play DOTA already. But of course there's more! as a birthday gift, tabs bought me an 80GB harddrive and 512MB of RAM! Yehey!!! Now i can download the movies I want. whew!!!! tv series downloads, here i come!

---> sidenote: its 2 days till my birthday!

Friday, March 10, 2006

whew! work has been really hectic this past week, i barely have time to do some surfing, and studying of course! we have this really big volume-generating promo that's supposed to start by april 1, but they only started planning for the collaterals tuesday! how am i supposed to make that happen, when production of the collaterals take AT LEAST 1 month!!! geez.... its really a challenging project, really big volume (a good accomplishment if i make it through with my sanity intact)... and hopefully one that will be finished pretty soon... though quite unlikely.

i've also been given a really nice gift yesterday, it was an iPod shuffle!!! yey! i'm not really a big music fan, and i can't tell titles of songs most of the time, and i don't usually know what are the top rated music at any given time, but hey, the iPod is really cool!!! its so small and the sound is really of good quality. I'm quite enjoying the experience!

oh, and another thing. yesterday as i was strolling aroung megamall lunchtime, i happened to drop by a globelines promo, and they were offering broadband service for only Php 995! And the best part is that we don't need to get a phoneline! Perfect! I've always wanted to have internet at home, but the options weren't good. Primarily because we didn't want to shell out 700 every month for monthly phone bills. So that takes out PLDT's DSL because I have to have a phoneline for that. Smart's Wi-fi wasn't too good for hubby because he thinks its not good for his games. hehe... so its broadband or nothing and luckily comes the promo. I'm excited. I can finally download songs and movies and tv series more easily! Yey!!!!

Its friday!!! Whoopee!!! An end to a tiresome week at last.... Its Day 5 of the waiting period and still no feedback... I'm starting to think that the other job may not be for me....

Monday, March 06, 2006

it seems i wasn't able to post for quite a long time. I was partly busy from school, at home, and at work, though i can't seem to grasp how busy "busy" really has become. i don't find myself cramming for everything i do and having to stick it all on one day. well, last week I wasn't able to access the internet the whole week because of a server problem in the office, and it didn't work much for me to go on writing my thoughts on my husband's sister's new laptop. so now i'll do some catching up.
this week, i'm hopeful that i would get some feedback from the company i'm applying with... hopeful, really really hopeful. IF all goes well, I'd want to be there by April. I dunno my chances yet though, as I don't really want to expect too much because it might just leave me devastated.... for now, I'll be on the wait.
on to more positive things... hmmm... last weekend were completely opposite points of view between me and my husband. He felt it was he's worst weekend, I felt it was one of the best. It started friday night when we went to my in-laws to spend the night, and tabs was expecting to play his DOTA (Warcraft, battlenet thingie) there but unfortunately the PC there had a problem, and so did the darn Cable TV, becasue there were no good movies or shows that night! darn.... ended up watching some documentaries while trying to sleep. Sat am was no better, his sister brought a laptop but he couldn't play anyway, so we went home kinda late and he was kinda depressed. hehe... we watched two movies in the evening: The Maid which was a Singaporean Suspense movie starred by our very own Alessandra de Rossi, and the other one was Venom, which was also a Suspense-Horror movie. Both were nice enough movies, good enough to spend a few hours over. Sunday AM tabs watched New World, which raised his standard for ULTRA-BORING LONG MOVIES! :-) we had lunch at Astoria Plaza (where we had our hotel preps) and were forced to listen to a 3hour chitchat on the life we wanted to have (read: vacations galore). I won't even narrate the gory details of such an experience, suffice it to say we experienced eye-openers on what our priorities are at the moment. nyahaha.... lunch was the best part of the day, actually! We then went to Megamall where tabs bought the Masterfit homegym, and I find I'm excited as he is to know that we can both use the machine, since it takes a pin only to change the weights of the thing. I could certainly use a little more muscle in my otherwise sexy profile. :-p anyhow, tabs went to the office after that, cherishing his few remaining hours of DOTA playtime, secretly cursing the vacation talk we attended for taking up sooo much of our time. I headed home to eat dinner and do some ironing, while finishing season 2 of Sex and the City and the 2nd CD of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which is by the way a good movie considering i'm not a fan of asian movies (except for little bride and sassy girl). Tabs went home around 10:30.
to sum it up, I thought we had a fantastic weekend because we shared a lot of time together. he thought is was the worst. hehehehe.... i find it funny, actually how he's misery is my delight. i've learned to let go of the fact that my husband, in as much as he tries his very, very best to be with me most of time, that little boy inside of him still cries for attention (and some game time). clearly the only solution is to upgrade the PC and get DSL connection, which at the moment is still a bit out of the question with my meager salary. as i always tell myself, I'll get there somehow. And I know I will.