Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Career change?

How does one go about a career change? For the past 6 years, I've work in procurement/purchasing. I finished my MBA. And now I've finally decided na I have very limited growth if I stay pa in purchasing. The opportunities are limited already. I've already been to the two biggest food businesses. worked up my knowledge in those two companies, if i'm to take on a managerial post in purchasing, it will most likely be in a smaller company. hence, my dilemma.
I'm hoping my MBA can help me with my career change plans. Right now I'm looking at sales or marketing as my next best alternatives.

2 months and two weeks old

yup, she's getting older and cuter everyday. and whenever i look at her age, it gets back to me just how soon I'd be going back to work. haaay.... will be back to work in two weeks na lang. I'd like to think, though, that I was able to give her naman my full attention for the past 3 months. There were things I though I'd be able to do while on leave but I was unable to do because I spent my time with jessica. No regrets there. I'm very happy that I was on leave for 3 months. I'd probably be missing a few of her other milestones, but then again we can't afford to be a one-income family at this point.
This morning I decided to fit her into some of the clothes that are yet unused so I can check whether she can use some of the clothes already. One is the gift of my former boss in Nestle, a blouse and pants pair from Gingersnaps. Isn't it cute?

The other one is a onesie I bought when I was still pregnant, hence I never realized that onesies were kinda useless in a tropical country like ours, esp if its long sleeved and covered the whole body. I didn't fit it till now, and I'm glad I did because it fits her just fine now. A few more weeks and it'd probably be useless already.

Hay, she grows up too fast....
Am also excited na for her baptism this coming sunday. give-aways are done na, so is the candle. I decided to settle for the off-white dress I bought since sayang naman if i still buy a white one for the symbolism. The candle I just bought a big one and put ribbons and the teddy bling-bling on it. Will post the pics tom siguro. I plan to light the candle every birthday nya so we can give thanks. :-)

Monday, July 30, 2007

baptism dress rehearsal

the stage mom in me can't help but play dress-up with Jessica, especially now that her baptism is drawing near. Look at her, isn't she such an angel?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jessica's ride

Hubby's dad is back in the Philippines. Came home last monday. Hubby and I have been joking that jessica should say "stroller" when he comes to visit. We've been wanting to buy her one but we're waiting for someone to give it as a gift or something... Well, when his parents came last monday they gave her $100. Hubby and I decided to buy a stroller with the money, its something she can use naman e.
Goody, she likes it. See, my little girl likes staying outdoors. Sometimes when she cries a lot the only solution is to take her outside the house so she can see a different view. That usually makes her stop crying. The stroller saves us a half-hour or so of not carrying her. And now she can sleep in it too so its all good so far. I'm really hoping to get our money's worth with it, because I always read that some parents say they regret having a stroller because its bulky and it wasn't used. Well, I hope I won't say that, although its partly the reason why I don't want to buy an expensive one. The one we bought, baby1st, is ok. It has the basic functions anyway: reclining backrest, food table, reversible handlebars, seatbelts.... hehehe... its simple but useful for us so I'm quite happy with the buy.
This afternoon I took her out on the street and she seemed to have enjoyed the walk (well, for her its ride).


Been meaning to blog with this title for weeks now. Its always been in my head, but I haven't had the inspiration to really blog about it.
Every time my daughter, Jessica, cries and nothing seems to appease her, and I'm not feeling mad or irritated at all, I realize just how much motherhood has changed me. Apart from the time when I was in postpartum depression, I've realized that being a mom changes even the hardest attitudes to change. For me, its patience. See, I'm a self-confessed impatient person. I always, always want things fast, decisions made fast, I work fast. In other words, I'm a fast paced person. Aside from that, I want others to act in the same tune. I hate it when things are done slowly, when decisions take a long time to make.
Being a mom changed me in a way I think is best for me. I never realized that I can have an endless amount of patience when dealing with the needs of my daughter. Now, its okay when she cries hard when she's trying to sleep but can't quite catch it yet. I can hold her for hours, or talk to her about nothing and everything. I used to live my life trying to do too many things at the same time. She changed that. Now I can spend some days relaxing, (though I don't sleep still) and not feel guilty of the things I didn't do. My maternity leave also gave me opportunities to be a wife to my husband again, something I rarely did since I got pregnant. It makes me feel good that I can again attend to his needs.
Has motherhood changed me? Yes it did, but in most aspects, for the better.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Before I gave birth i wasn't really the type that takes a lot of pictures. Sure, I love good pics, and I've had my share of great pics, especially those taken from the prenups and the weddings, and pics of our trips together (me and hubby). I have pics grabbed from friends whenever there are special occasions. Graduation pictures I paid for (of course). When I was 9 months preggy, though, I bought a digicam because I was thinking that I wanted to record Jessica's moments. True enough, its been very useful, taking pictures of her almost everyday. I realize I also wanted to pose with her. hehehe... more to see who she looks like as she grows older. hehehe...

At 2 months and 5 days old, this is Jessica:

And this is Jessica with her daddy:

So, does she look like her dad?


awake... at 4:32am... waiting for jessica to fall into deep sleep so i can put her down.... haaay.... no complaints though.... i love watching her sleep din e.

Friday, July 20, 2007

20 posts

ever since my wordpress site has closed down i haven't really blogged as much as i'd like. been wanting to start blogging for pay already but I need to make 20 posts pa pala. howell. have to work on that first, as I only have 8. hehe...

anyways, things are doing better at home and i feel less stressed. i can now leave the house more often with the yaya already here. buti naman talaga. right now i can still feel the stress from the past month, something that i hope would go away when i get myself a massage next week. sana... sana...

and now that i get the chance to leave the house, i get to test how much time i can spend time away from my baby. just thinking about being gone for the whole day makes me so sad. its as if i still can't take it. especially now that she's a bit more interactive. she can now make sounds as if talking to me and smile and shout. of course no one understands what it means but then again its so nice to be talking to her just the same. hay....

also i'm slowly finding out that my yaya is a bit on the chismosa side pala.... well, she does tell me naman where she's been, but i guess it comes with the curiosity of the new environment, because when i introduced her this morning to the yaya of my friend here in the apartment, and then left for a while with hubby to have the car repaired, she made friends with the yaya pala and went there with jessica. i just hope she stays within the apartment compound lang.

like i said, hubby and i had the car repaired. funny because its our first time to bring the car to a shop. hubby panicked kasi whenever we pass humps on the road there's this clanking sound of metal. me, i think its just something "sumasayad", while hubby and his brother is soo panicking na. especially his brother. geez. turns out its just some sort of muffler bracket that's sira already. so we had them replaced already, cost us 300bucks. and hubby withdrew pa 5000. bwahahahaha.... so funny tlaga.

will go to the office (actually lunch at rockwell with officemates pala) for michelle's despedida. hay. will miss that girl!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

less stressed

with the coming of our yaya, Marites, I'm hoping I'd be having less stressed these days. So far so good. They are not up to (my) speed when it comes to housework, pero aren't we all unsatisfied at some point? Syempre we can't impose too much on them, di sila kasing palaisip kesa sa tin. and they definitely don't have that sense of time that we people in the metro have.

I am thankful of having her though, so fas she's been good with Jessica and that matters the most. So long as she's honest, does her share of the housework, and more importantly takes good care of my daughter, then that's fine with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


after exactly a month with no yaya, we now have one. its really a big relief for me, everyday, i feel my energy level is going down with each passing day. yeah, i get more things done lately than i did before and i still manage to be a doting, loving mom to jessica, but other things get ignored. i constantly feel sleepy and then my husband is always feeling left out. and he is a bit jealous that i have no time and energy for him. and i constantly have lower back pains, which i promise myself a spa treatment and at least 30 minutes in a hot sauna to relieve me of all the "lamig", which i am feeling constantly in my arms and back. so yes.... the yaya/housekeeper is a relief. i am hoping that jessica will take to her though, so far all is well.
i left jessica to her this morning because i need to go out lunchtime and i need to see that she can at least handle it. and everything seems fine. she's yet to get jessica's moodswings though, my baby gets all suplada when she's sleepy, she only wants to be held upright so she can see things. she wants to stay outside sometimes, well, at least just outside the front door.
jessica celebrated her 2nd month yesterday. i just cooked some fettucine carbonara (for long life). she's grown so much healthier now and i'm happy for that. seems the milk makes her grow big. teehee... she has some habits now and some are good, some are bad. she's awake longer during the day. at night its alternating between so-good-doesn't-cry-at-all and tantrums when she can't fall asleep easily. hubby is actually claiming that's he's awake whenever we are. yeah, right! LOL
makes me kinda sad though, when i realize we only have a month left till i'm due back to the office. and then my days will be spent again working, and i'll miss my little girl and all the milestones she would have whilst i'm working.... that makes me sad. very sad.... haaay... but of course it comes with the realization that i am not ready to give up my career (whatever it is right now...) and my independence, well, not really financial independence, but knowing i have worth professionally.
howell... seems i can now post more frequently since i get some spare time for me now. and i 'm yet to spend it on sleep!
am leaving you with some 2-month old pics of jessica. hope you like it!

relaxing in her sling-turned-duyan (look at the pata!)

bonding moments with mommy

Saturday, July 14, 2007

baby's first fever

my poor baby. jessica's been having tantrums the whole day. we came home from the clinic in UST after giving her vaccine shots for DPT and HiB and we kinda anticipated already that she'll be having fevers. Bought calpol already. Ayun na nga, she wasn't feeling well the whole day probably because of the pain in her thighs. Then come late afternoon her temp was up already. she cries differently pala when she's not feeling well. kakaawa. If only you can get na lang her pain so she'll be ok. Hope she feels better na by tonight....

Friday, July 13, 2007

financial woes

a few days ago there was this news article on the cost of living of Filipinos. It said there that a Filipino family of five members can be sustained with a monthly income of Php 8,200+. That includes food and the other basic needs. To that I can only say, good luck doing that. I mean, even if the family is just surviving on basic needs, its nearly impossible to live with that income in a month especially with children around.

Just a while ago, I called up the clinic of Jessica's pedia to inquire on how much the vaccine for DPT/P/HIB will cost. It turns out it was a whopping 2,900! My gosh!!!! It made me think twice again on shifting Jessica's pedia to another. My MIL was mentioning this well-baby clinic in UST and frankly, I'm quite convinced that we go there instead. The vaccines there are supposed to be free. Thing is, while we can come up with the money for her vaccines tomorrow, i'm thinking these next months it would be harder and harder to come out with that budget, e vaccines are scheduled every month.

We still haven't fully recovered from our financial burdens these past few months, with hubby not getting any salary from the business they started (since January), we've had an accumulation of credit card payables the past few months. Suffice it to say that right now, I am sooo very highly leveraged. It's going to take some time to pay off, and I haven't quite made out another payment plan for it for the next few months, last i did it in January, hoping to pay off all my debts in 2 years, well, it got worse because of our situation. haaayyy... Admittedly, the past few months there were really a lot of things going that required cash: car insurance (comprehensive), my final semesters' tuition fees, baby stuff, graduation, and then my hospital bill. Its been really rough. Hubby is now paying off his own payables from his mom and sister, so the next few months he'll have some extra for himself at least, while me, am not expecting any extras at all, I have to many credit card bills to pay, and it's going to be a while before I can pay it off. Howell...

Which reminds me, Jessica's baptism is coming up in a few weeks, and I do intend for it to be a meaningful celebration. Not grand, since I'm only inviting a couple of really close friends who are going to be Jessica's godparents, closest family, and some of our godparents in the wedding. And its going to be a simple celebration too, just the ceremony at Edsa Shrine and merienda at shakeys galleria. Like I said, simple does it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

long delayed post

been meaning to blog for so many days now. but whenever i'm just about ready to do so, something comes up, like a new chore or the baby calling, or some other reason. like yesterday just when i was about to blog, the internet connection was gone, because of the landline was repaired. stupid bundle, if you ask me.

so now i'm hoping i can finish this post without any more distractions... :-)

anyways, to update. well, there are so many updates I don't quite know where to start.

first, the HOUSEKEEPER....
i don't remember if i posted here that the nanny we got for jessica left us after three weeks. she said she wanted to join her cousins in this laundry shop where they work. and since i can't stop her anyway, i let her go. this is not my fourth week alone without the nanny. Its hard, though the bonding with jessica is more than what I had expected. I feel I really used my maternity leave wisely to have spent this much time with her. Its only the stress sometimes of still having to do the housework, and I end up so tired by nighttime, though lately i've also been able to adjust, i guess. but now, we really need to have that nanny, since its just over a month till I get back to work and I need for the nanny to be used to jessica, otherwise we'll have a problem. See, my daughter does not look kindly at everyone. she sometimes wants someone in particular to hold her: namely, me or her dad. I need the one month left to work up an attachment to my daughter and the nanny. So i'm really hoping, by next week, she (nanny) will be with us already.

second, JESSICA...
Well, she's grown quite healthy already. though i'm not exclusively bfeeding her I make sure I still get some milk for her, at least to work up her antibodies a bit. it still puzzles me though that sometimes she wakes up with a cold-like sound, though by midday its gone. she won't also sleep without the A/C since its too hot for her... will ask about this on the next pedia visit. Anyways, here's some itsy bitsy trivia on her now:

- she's learning the art of Tantrums... yikes! sometimes she gets all cranky and cries and cries and cries with her super loud voice. I call it the Tiyanak mode, since her voice is soooo LOUD sometimes it can scare you (like is she sick, feeling pain, or something) with the way she cries.after she settles down though, she just sleeps.
- she's already starting to see.... she can follow a person with her eyes. I don't think she can focus that much yet, but she does know how to follow me with her eyes. can't wait till i'm much more sure that she can already see.
- she already smiles. though its still one in a few hours, seeing her smile can take out all the stress i have in me....
- We now spend less on nappy's and baby wipes. Ever since she got through the phase of using like 15 nappies in a day, its been a breather for us financially. she used to use up so much diapers and baby wipes with all her poop (like 4-5 times a day), but its now normalized to only about 2-3 times. and the baby wipes we can use around 1 in a week now, whereas before we use up 2-3 packs in a week. whew. milk consumption has gone up though, with a 900-g can being used up in a 6 days. good thing that one is free.

Just this morning I had to run out for 5 minutes and left her at home (bad mommy)... because I got a call from hubby that the caravan (the ones usually pulled by a carabao) was nearby and I might get a "duyan" there. so i ran out (but ran back immediately after too). I got her a "duyan" already, the one made from rope (quite sosy if you ask me) for 500 pesos (from 560...) its nice though its quite expensive, but the rattan ones were quite crude and I keep thinking she could get scratches there. Also got her a "Banig" for the crib, for 60 pesos.

Ok... what else. Oh, am already working on her upcoming baptism on August 5. So far, the venue for the reception and the ceremony are reserved, already have her outfit, and the guestlist is on the works. I just need to work on the souvenirs if ever I'd still have any. here's her invite, which is just DIY. its better to have it like this though since I can just email it to those I won't be able to give a hard copy to.

everyone's saying she's soo cute here. hehehe... complete with headband to. she is too cute to be true, right??? :-)

oki, guess this is all for now, hope I can get around to making more posts in the coming days.